Important Information in the Fight to Save Canada from Mass Immigration

Multiply Maryam-monsef’s fraud by hundreds of thousands of fraud cases by people from the Punjab, Mainland China, Muslim countries and other world centres of cheating and corruption.


This is an earlier news item. It answers the question : Why is Canada taking so many immigrants? The answer : More seats in Parliament for the Liberals in particular and a continuation of Canada’s immigration disaster.


More gross stupidity from the House of Commons Standing Committee on Immigration and the Somali Minister of Immigration


Canada is having problems getting other countries to take back “refugees” from those countries

Terrific !! Once in a blue moon, CBC is on our side. This information used to be found only on IWC and a few other sites. Canada should penalize those countries that refuse to take back their citizens. One good way to penalize them : sever ties with them.

I wonder if CBC is starting to have a change of heart in the face of negative public opinion on the corporation. Whatever the motivation is, it is to be celebrated.


Senator Ratna Omidvar Is Playing “The Rat”—AGAIN !!

She will support anything that contributes to the demise of White Canada. And Trudeau was the PM who made her a senator. Amongst those 30,000,how many belong to the Mara Salvatrucha murderous gang? And how much will those 30,000 cost Canadian taxpayers?


And Now Gays Want to Sue Canada and Get Preferred Hiring


While Canada Aggressively Persecutes Christians Who Preach What The Bible Teaches About Homosexuality, Canadian MP Declares ‘All Homosexuals Need To Be Given Reparations From The Government And Preferential Treatment In Society’




Ex-Guantanamo captive set to sue Canadian government for $50-million

“For many years, I had the idea of suing the Canadian government but didn’t know how and honestly didn’t know it was possible until I read the news about the settlement of Omar Khadr, who was my fellow inmate in Guantanamo Bay,” Ameziane said. “The action I am taking may also make (Canadian officials) think twice before acting against the interests of Canada and Canada’s human values.” (From ACT FOR CANADA Newsletter)


One month later, no terrorism charges in Edmonton attack

The attack started when a man driving a white Chevrolet Malibu careened through a police checkpoint outside a Saturday night football game, knocking a police constable to the ground and attacking him with a flurry of blows with a knife. It ended a few hours later, when police flipped a U-Haul truck used by the same suspect to crash through pedestrians along Jasper Avenue. One woman remains in hospital, but remarkably, no one was killed. Legal and terrorism experts say the gap between the public perception of the attack and the lack of terrorism-related charges highlights the difficult task investigators and prosecutors face in proving why someone did something. (From ACT FOR CANADA Newsletter)


Toronto funding Muslim-only youth fellowship internship positions in city government offices

Where is the program for Jews? Christians? Hindus? Government internships for Muslims and Muslims only. This is the very definition of sharia law, special superior rights for a “superior” class. The city of Toronto will be funding a Muslim youth fellowship internship program in city councillors’ offices. Canada is sinking fast under Trudeau. (From ACT FOR CANADA Newsletter)


Diversity Is Destroying The Cohesion And Social Capital Of Western Nations by Ricardo Duchesne

What we have seen in SwedenGermanyItaly, Britain, France, and  Ireland are injections of unskilled immigrants costing billions of dollars in welfare expenses, continuous terrorist acts by Muslims, and persistent incidents of sexual assaults and gang rapes against white women. Portes does not even bring these issues but assumes that it is the fault of the host white population for not integrating immigrants properly. In any case, we know that Japan and South Korea, and every other non-Western nation facing an aging population, are finding better solutions, such as automation, late retirement, and policies encouraging families to have more children.


Academics are notorious for supporting Trudeau’s immigration ideas. Now, they are

panicking over Professor Jordan Peterson’s success in opposing them.


The name of the game is to have no shame. Every Canadian knows that our cities are full of homeless people. We have other people with jobs and paying taxes, but  living in filthy shelters and others living out of their vehicle. It is truly surreal that a government  can disrespect its own population so much and get away with it by giving preferential treatment to people breaking our border laws.

We have cases like a 79 year- old woman living in a car in Vancouver, left to rot by this illegitimate and very corrupt govt. which  scrambles to help citizens of other countries. Let’s hope this madness will be a wake up call for Canadians.


Trudeau should read the following item from the Center for Immigration Studies in the U.S.  The Center is supporting a law that would end the U.S. Diversity Lottery which allowed the Uzbekistani to get into the U.S.  That was the person who used a rented truck to kill 6 or 7 people in New York early this week.


Proposed welfare reform plan includes 22% boost to payments | Toronto Star

This is a sure way to break the bank.  As Milton Friedman declared,you cannot have open borders and the welfare state at the same time.

Worse still, it is predicted that 80% of the jobs are going to disappear in the next 10 years. If Trudeau’s immigration intake plan goes ahead, a million immigrants will enter the country in the next three years,with a great number of them on welfare,and those finding jobs throwing a great number of our own on welfare.

A side effect of this will be a boom in the “under the table economy” where many welfare recipients already work for cash. In turn, businesses employing those workers will elbow out businesses declaring their employees because honest  businesses won’t be able to compete.

A boom in single mothers will probably also happen, as an increasing number of young women will be lured by this increased free money. So who will raise future failed citizens.

Increased unnecessary immigration, sanctuary cities luring illegals into Canada, welfare instead of job creation : our gov’ts leave no stone unturned in their quest to destroy the country.


This excellent video (The Great Replacement) by Black Pigeon warns that uncontrolled immigration from non-Western countries to Canada and the rest of the West will necessarily result in the destruction of Western civilization.

Demographics is destiny.


Immigration and refugee judges granting Asylum / refugee status to Illegal border crossers at higher rates than to other refugee claimants

This is disturbing. Immigration and refugee judges are actually believing the stories these illegals are telling them. Here are a few quotes from an article :

“Of the 592 claims from border crossers finalized between March and September, 69 percent – or 408 in total – were accepted, according to Immigration and Refugee Board figures. An additional 92 appeals of rejected claims are pending.

“That 69 percent acceptance rate is higher than the acceptance rate for all refugee claims from people who came to Canada through any method last year.

“In a January asylum hearing whose transcript was seen by Reuters, a tribunal member told a Syrian refugee claimant and her daughter who had crossed near Lacolle, Quebec, that their explanation for not staying in the United States was “reasonable,” citing the woman’s worries about the new U.S. government.

“Certainly, that seems to be playing out as you have feared, and today on the news I know that President Trump has suspended the Syrian refugee program,” the member is quoted as saying. “You have provided, in my view, a reasonable explanation of your failure to claim in the U.S.” (OUR QUESTION :WHAT “NEWS” IS THE JUDGE REFERRING TO? IF IT IS THE CBC, IT IS DEFINITELY VERY BIASED NEWS.)

“A second refugee decision reviewed by Reuters, issued in May, cites an Iraqi woman’s detention in a U.S. airport and subsequent racist incidents she said she experienced at school as credible reasons for her leaving the United States.


Edmonton Terrorist’s Movements Highlight Threat to U.S. Southern Border

Fears about a terrorist using the U.S.-Mexican border as a gateway for an attack have been realized. Evidence shows that Somali Edmonton terrorist Abdulahi Hasan Sharif crossed the U.S.-Mexican border from Tijuana into San Diego at the San Ysidro border crossing on July 12, 2011. Sharif’s penetration of the U.S.-Mexican border isn’t unique, Bensman wrote. He notes that others with ties to Al-Shabaab have also been identified but were apprehended before they could do anything.(FROM ACT ! FOR CANADA NEWSLETTER, OCT. 21, 2017)


A brown Muslim woman at Dalhousie University in Halifax uses the usual key words. She says reverse racism cannot exist. The system oppresses marginalized people. Colonialism has been evil.

Let’s face it. She couldn’t care less about indigenous people. She just uses them as part of a Muslim strategy.

She has the usual ingratitude. The truth is that if it weren’t for White people, she probably would be living in a slum in Karachi, unable to pursue any studies. Actually, even if she could,it would be probably to study the Quran, because without White people there wouldn’t even be all these disciplines in which to pursue studies.

Furthermore, thanks to White people, she can hop in a car to go to a nice heated university with all the amenities, after having had a hot shower in a nice house with central heating.

Put her in a Canada that hadn’t been colonised by White people, and she would have to live in a wood shack—-if she and her family had been spared by the then aboriginals.

Let’s get involved in this dispute and support the History Department Graduate Student who filed a complaint about her. She likes to say, “The university has no right to regulate her free speech”. Yeah right. Imagine what her views would be on University speech regulation if someone had expressed anti- Muslim feelings.

And talking about colonialism, what about the hundreds of years of brutal, plundering colonialism by Muslim Arabs and the Ottomans?


Justin Trudeau is far more dangerous than Donald Trump

This article is long, but well worth reading.


Quebec set to pass law banning face coverings


Most Important Issue of the Week: The Toronto District School Board Publishes a Guidebook To Islam

The guidebook, which seems to have been released in late September, appears to be heavily influenced by the National Council of Canadian Muslims, an activist organization based out of Ottawa. Back in 2014, the RCMP pulled its support from a booklet published by the NCCM on extremism due to their (RCMP’s) problem with its “adversarial tone.” The Toronto District School Board doesn’t have a heritage month for Christians, but does for Jews and Sikhs. However, there is nowhere near the same effort put into these endeavours as the Islamic one and while a Sikh guidebook is in the works, there isn’t a Jewish one.

This is an example of “Stealth Jihad”

“Stealth jihad is the incremental spread of Islamic law in a society by means of activism, propaganda and lawfare, and by the gradual co-option of schools, courts, and media.”

Toronto public school board guide pushes Muslim greetings during morning announcements and other intrusions. (“From Act for Canada!” Newsletter)


And here’s more on the subject of “Stealth Jihad”. Alberta Schools will be offering an Arabic language bilingual program in 2018. Question for the naive and gullible : Muslim organizations have obviously pressured government to do this. The next question is this : What else are these Muslim organizations planning?

Alberta schools to offer Arabic-language bilingual program in 2018


Two items on the RCMP’s work with all the illegal border crossers.

Note that immigration lawyers want to stop the RCMP and the CBSA from doing anything other than watching the illegals walk into Canada. The RCMP were actually asking the illegals questions that might reveal something crucial about the illegals. In response to the lawyers, Trudeau has ordered an end to the questioning !!!


Here’s news of a new tax. This one is aimed at benefits that low-wage workers get.

This tax is directed at retail workers. Someone has to pay for all the cost of refugees.Just as a French comic Alphonse Allais said decades ago: ”You gotta take money where it is : in the pockets of the poor. Okay they have little of it , but there are many of them”.


Jagmeet Singh believes in a Sikh homeland for Sikhs, but not in a Homeland for Canada’s majority population.

Here we go again : Independence,sovereignty and Self determination for Sikhs. A Sikh state for them to live amongst themselves, but the Sikh man who wants to become PM of Canada wants open borders and multiculturalism in Canada—-mostly because that will mean more Sikhs in Canada.

It doesn’t get more double standard, corrupt, hypocritical and ruthless than that.

The Sikhs demand that Canadians change our society to a multicultural one and welcome the world, but they certainly do not want that for their own potential state in India.

if Canadians ever talked about a White Canadian homeland, well,I don’t have to paint a picture of the uproar that would erupt if Canadians ever advocated that.

I have known forever that most members of minorities living in Canada would fight tooth and nail to prevent their country of origin from taking the same path that Canada is following.

Again, let me repeat the multiculturalists’ slogan : Senegal for Senegalese. China for Chinese. A Sikh homeland for Sikhs. BUT WHITE COUNTRIES LIKE CANADA FOR EVERYONE !!!

That’s what Trudeau’s “Diversity” amounts to.

COMMENTARY: Jagmeet Singh needs to brush up on basic communications strategy


The Toronto Star is a rag which pretends to be an objective newspaper.

This editorial goes even further to demonstrate that it is a rag. It tells outright lies. The first lie is that Canada needs more workers. In the past few years, Parliament’s Budget Office and two of Canada’s big banks have shown that that Canada does not have a shortage of workers. The second lie is that High immigration will lower Canada’s average age. Years ago, Ottawa asked Health and Welfare Canada to evaluate that claim. Health and Welfare contradicted that claim. The Toronto Star doesn’t have the courage to admit that it is a liar, that it is really the propaganda arm for the immigration lobby and that it sees nothing wrong with betraying Canada and its majority population.


Trudeau’s welcome mat for all asylum seekers has been heard by the world’s cheats, including illegal Mexicans who recognize a dope (Trudeau) when they see one.

Number of Mexican asylum claims spikes to nearly 1,000 so far this year


Many of Canada’s immigration consultants are recent immigrants who quickly realized that it was much more profitable as well as easier to make a living to get people from their home countries to pay them to come to Canada.  Here is an article about some equally crude  recent immigrants to Quebec getting caught while hiding 11 illegal  immigrants in their truck.


Just in case you have not heard any of the speeches that were made at a M–103 Conference  in Toronto on September 10, below is a link to all of them :


Here’s an article about a little-known loan program for refugees. The total owed to Canada stands at around $125 million. Of course, that’s only a tiny part of the total bill.


Even a hockey player is speaking out about the Muslim attack in Edmonton. He’s advocating more careful screening. Help out our cause by sending an e-mail to Trudeau’s office . Just ask him to read this article.  Here’s his e-mail address :

NHL Player Calls For Tighter Immigration Controls After Terror Attack By Somali Refugee


The Muslims are at it again, this time in both Canada (Edmonton–many injured) and France (Marseilles—two women stabbed to death)


Liberals Planning to Issue Another Apology

Here we go again. Trudeau plans to issue another apology, this time  to Canada’s Jews for the incident in which Canada refused to accept about 500 Jewish refugees aboard a ship called the St. Louis near the outbreak of World War 2.

Trudeau is an ignoramus of history as well as a complete fool. From 1929 to 1939,  Canada had hundreds of thousands of its  own economic refugees unable to find work. Many traveled across the country looking for jobs, but Ottawa failed to do much to help them.  The lives of these Canadian jobless were damaged severely, if not destroyed. It is quite likely that all Hell would have broken loose if Ottawa had helped the 500 Jews at the same time it said  Canada could not help its own.

Liberals preparing apology for 1939 decision to turn away ship carrying 900 Jewish refugees


Chelsea Manning Denied Entry to Canada

Chelsea Manning is the man who gave secret U.S. government information to Wikileaks.  Chelsea the man was sentenced to a long prison term for treason and has since been paroled. Chelsea the man is now a woman. A day ago, Chelsea the woman was refused entry to Canada because she had been convicted of treason. That is extremely  interesting because Canada is saying that it actually acknowledges that treason is a crime !!!

Since Trudeau has clearly committed many acts of treason, how about Canadians calling for Trudeau to be similarly charged?


Taking Many Temporary Foreign Workers = Contempt For Canada’s Unemployed

Canada continues to take large numbers of Temporary Foreign Workers.  If this law suit succeeds it may make many employers who have contempt for the plight of jobless Canadian workers think twice about bringing foreigners to work here.

BC Supreme Court certifies temporary foreign workers’ class-action lawsuit


RCMP reveals seriousness of Trudeau’s bungling of Refugee Issue   : 5,530 illegals intercepted crossing into Quebec in August

The number of people seeking asylum in Canada is now the highest it has been since 2009, driven in part by a surge in asylum seekers showing up at the Canada-U.S. border. New statistics released Tuesday (SEPTEMBER 19, 2017 by Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada show that as of THE END OF AUGUST OF THIS YEAR, 27,440 claims for of asylum have been filed in Canada IN THE PERIOD JANUARY 1, 2017 TO AUGUST 31, 2017. a peak since record highs of between 36,000 and 33,000 in 2008 and 2009.

And the numbers are expected to continue to rise. During a briefing Monday with immigration organizations in New York City, Immigration Minister Ahmed Hussen said based on current trends, Canada could see 40,000 claimants by the end of the year. At current levels, the federal and provincial governments are looking at a bill of at least $353.9 million to $548.8 million to process claims and provide the required services – the cost per claim ranges from $12,900 to $20,000, according to the Immigration Department. As of August, 13,211 people have been intercepted (IN AUGUST ALONE) trying to make a similar journey INTO ALL OF CANADA. While the numbers are highest in Quebec, British Columbia registered a spike of its own last month. There, 102 people were stopped, up from 51 the month before.

A dedicated Immigration and Refugee Board team has been seconded to deal with large groups of arrivals claiming asylum from the same countries. The vast majority in Quebec are of Haitian descent; in Manitoba this year, most were Somalian.


Immigration Consultants = Immigration Criminals

Immigration Consultants are often new immigrants who have discovered that they can make a fortune by bringing other new immigrants to Canada. To these people, committing fraud is not a  problem because fraud is rampant in the countries they come from and  that’s the way these people have lived all their lives. As this article points out, some  immigration consultants got caught recently. All are Chinese, probably all from Mainland China. Consultants from other countries like India are just as corrupt.

Please keep this next figure in mind : For the past couple of years, Canada has issued about 300,000 visas to Chinese each year !!!

We’ll say that again.  For the past couple of years, Canada has issued about 300,000 visas to Chinese each year. !!! Here’s the big question : What are these people doing in Canada?


Vancouver Sun Columnist Douglas Todd a Hero

Vancouver Sun columnist Douglas Todd has done more than anyone else in the media to expose the  corruption in the immigration industry and the negligence of Canada’s politicians.  Here is his latest :


Google Is The World’s Biggest Censor


Muslims celebrate Eid al-Adha at London Catholic school

Up to 4,000 people from London’s Muslim community are celebrating the start of Eid al-Adha, an Islamic holiday practiced amid a holy pilgrimage, at Saint Andre Bessette Catholic Secondary School on Friday morning. The Catholic school has more than 50 Muslim students enrolled among its 900 student body. “If through this, some … members of our community now take the time to learn more about the Catholic faith traditions along with the Muslim faith traditions, then we’re in great shape.”  (From Act For Canada” Newsletter, Sept. 8, 2017)

What is going on? Don’t these Catholics know that the Muslim Brotherhood has vowed to infiltrate and destroy Canada? We’ll  be looking forward to the Muslims celebrating Christmas and Hannukah with them!!!


Flyers asking people to keep dogs away from Muslims have popped up in an off-leash park in Pitt Meadows, B.C.

“Please be courteous to your Muslim neighbors, many Muslims live in this area and dogs are considered filthy in Islam. Please keep your dogs on a leash and away from the Muslims who live in this community,” read the flyers, which were posted in Hoffman Park and feature the logos for the City of Pitt Meadows and the U.S.-based Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR).  (FRom “ACT! For Canada” newsletter, Sept. 8, 2017)


The person who wrote the letter below is not an average Canadian, but he has considerable sympathy for average Canadians who are suffering from the effects of unnecessary immigration and idiotic asylum-seeker  declarations made by Trudeau.

Homelessness versus migrants in Canada


New Study Finds Muslims & Leftists Responsible For Vast Majority of Anti-Semitic Hate Crime

While one could argue that concerns about an near-epidemic of “Islamophobia” are being stoked in Canada (with Motion M-103 and speakers at educational institutions such as schools, colleges and universities, for example), the actual data indicate that only a minority of hate crimes target Muslims, and that Jews (although a much smaller part of the overall population of Western countries than Muslims) are the primary target. Figures bust myth that “right-wingers” are the biggest hate crime threat.  (From “ACT FOR CANADA!” newsletter, Sept. 1, 2017)


Canada: Church vandalized with Islamic State graffiti

The Prime Minister of Canada, Justin Trudeau, spoke out after a mosque fire in Ontario last year, and that is good. Unfortunately, no such statement has come from Trudeau or his government regarding the church fire or the Islamic State graffiti. The silence is deafening and sends a loud message. Intolerance apparently is recognized only in one direction. (From “ACT FOR CANADA!” newsletter, Sept. 1, 2017)


St. John’s mosque gets $46K in federal funds for security against hate crimes

The Muslim Association of Newfoundland and Labrador (MANAL) is receiving federal funding for a new security program meant to protect the St. John’s mosque against hate crimes. The Canadian government will spend $10 million over the next five years through a Communities at Risk: Security Infrastructure Program (SIP), designed to help groups who could be the target of hate crimes. Will this include churches and synagogues as well – or just Mosques? (From “ACT for CANADA! newsletter, Sept. 1, 2017)

$10 million !!! More evidence that Trudeau is down on his knees to Muslims !!!


It’s time we really took a look at Trudeau’s political philosophy by Anthony Furey

“Canada is an open and welcoming country, but let me be clear — we are also a country of laws,” Trudeau said in Montreal recently. These were his toughest words so far yet they never actually stated the basics: That these crossings are illegal and should not be happening. Michelle Rempel, the Conservative critic on the file, recommended a number of social media postings Trudeau could make to set the record straight, like: “If you illegally enter Canada, you will be arrested and detained by the RCMP” and “I apologize for my #WelcomeToCanada tweet which may have made you think otherwise.” (From “ACT For Canada!” Newsletter—Sept. 1, 2017)


According to the CBC, Canada has given refuge to 31 gay men from Chechnya. When does this “charity” end? Until all the gays in Chechnya are here? How many gay men are being abused in the world? Is this another of Trudeau’s half-witted ideas—-like his idea of giving refuge to failed Haitian asylum-seekers now living in the U.S?


This is a very good column on the current issue of removing John  A. Macdonald’s name from the front of Ontario schools.  Believe it or not, it was originally published in The Toronto Star !!!



This article examines the Pandora’s box that Ontario Elementary Teachers have opened by calling for the removal of John A. Macdonald’s name from Ontario schools. Stand up for the immense contribution that Macdonald made to Canada. Give the Elementary Teachers Federation of Ontario  a call and tell them they have made a serious mistake : Phone: 416-962-3836

Everything is offensive: Here are Canada’s other politically incorrect place names


Most  Canadians know that Trudeau caused the mess at the Quebec–New York border by proclaiming last winter that all refugees from the U.S. were welcome in Canada.

He’s now feeling the heat and embarrassment , but he’s just made another serious mistake : He’s  saying that he will expedite the issuing of work permits to these refugees. This man has no idea of the effects of what he is now doing on Canada’s own unemployed who will now be competing with these refugees for jobs. Is there an end to his stupidity?  Please help out by sending a blunt  message to his office :


Here is a good expose of China’s sinister and under-handed moves in Canada (mostly by Chinese-Canadian politicians whose loyalty is primarily to China, not Canada). White  Canadian politicians have  colluded with them. Most of the damage is being done by representatives of China’s People’s Liberation Army  under the guise of “cultural” initiatives such as art gallery exhibitions. The aim is take-over with the help of gullible politicians like Trudeau.

How a murky company with ties to the People's Liberation Army set up shop in B.C.


If you thought multicultural zaniness could not get worse, read the latest from the Ontario Elementary Teachers’ Federation. They want to remove John A. Macdonald’s name from the names of schools.


Here’s an excellent column by Lorne Gunter about Edmonton City Council’s  discussion of making Edmonton a sanctuary city. Toronto,  Hamilton and Vancouver  have previously made such declarations.

Here is one of his revealing lines : “Supporters of AWF want cities to command their employees never to ask about the immigration status of anyone applying for city services such as subsidized housing, transit passes, rec centre passes and library cards.”


A PhD candidate at SFU  gives new meaning to “PhD= Piled Higher and Deeper”

If Simon Fraser University gives PhD candidate Ryan Scrivens a degree, all the organizations thar rank universities should immediately lower Simon Fraser’s rating. Ryan Scrivens thinks that no Canadian should be allowed to criticize Canada’s  immigration intake or its immigration policies.  His words mimic CBC doctrine. They also describe what he and the CBC would recommend if they were assigned the job of defending Canada’s border : get down on your belly, set your tongue in rapid motion and lick the boots of all invaders. If you have a strong  stomach, read what this idiot has to say :


A Punjabi restaurant owner cheats a Filipino TFW —The Judge Convicts the Punjabi and Canada pays the court costs of a trial


Internet Censorship

Here’s a great commentary on Internet Censorship. It was written by  Mark Krikorian of the U.S. Center for Immigration Studies


From Charlottesville to Barcelona

It’s clear now: the left  hates only certain kinds of neo-fascism. Rarely has the hypocrisy of the West’s ostensible liberals and leftists been as violently exposed as it has been this week.

Between Charlottesville and Barcelona, between their fury over the former and their embarrassment at the latter, we have gained a glimpse into today’s extraordinary double standards over extremists who loathe liberty, democracy and swathes of mankind. If the extremists are white and fond of the swastika, they’ll be roundly condemned, organised against, transformed into a focal point for the activities of a flagging left. But if they’re Muslims, if it’s a misogynistic, homophobic caliphate they want to build, if their targets are ‘kuffars’ rather than pinkos or black people, they will be frowned upon, of course, but never raged against. Never organised against. They will be treated more forgivingly, and explicitly so. It’s clear now: leftists dislike only certain kinds of neo-fascism. (From the August 18 newsletter of “ACT! FOR CANADA)


The Invasion of Canada

The Syrians, or anyone claiming to be, are coming. So are the Sudanese, Somalis and Haitians. This is an informal border crossing and so the rules that might protect Canada from this horde don’t apply. Quebec has become the weakest link in the Canadian border with the vast majority of border migrants invading the “True North” through vulnerable points like the dead end of Roxham Road. Who stands on guard for Saint-Bernard-de-Lacolle, for Hemmingford and Emerson? And for Canada? In days gone by, armies kept invaders out of a country instead of accommodating them. But under Prime Minister Trudeau, the Canadian military is there to facilitate the invasion of Canada. (From the August 18 newsletter of “ACT! FOR CANADA)


The Haitian illegal  refugee situation

The Haitian illegal  refugee situation gets more and more bizarre.  And the Haitians  are getting more and more brazen.  They want free housing and even free cell phones. Send a note to Trudeau’s office :  Tell him what you think of him.

The Mainstream Media Have Been Manipulated—AGAIN
As Faith Goldy  of REBEL MEDIA says, Chatlottesville and other situations are always a setup. The right gets a permit. The left brings ten times more people. The police don’t keep the two groups separate. At one point, the police  “stand down,” that is,  move away, at the critical moment. The left moves in with the weapons. The police declare an unlawful assembly. The right gets beat up or arrested. Game over.

Dina Habib Powell:  McMaster’s Huma Abedin

The swamp is deeper than most understand or imagine. When you come to the city of government buildings and lobbyists, it’s all around you. And if you take a wrong step, it sucks you in. The real power doesn’t belong to the politicians you elect, but to bureaucrats and staffers, to the people who, like Huma Abedin or Dina Habib Powell, are talented at knowing the right people.  When we talk about the swamp, it’s not an organization. It’s a way of life. If you’re not fighting the swamp all the time, if you don’t wake up resisting it and go to bed fighting free of it, you will drown in it.


Massive Influx Of Asylum Seekers Now In Quebec – What You Need To Know!

George Soros and Justin Trudeau’s plan for Canada is now coming to fruition! A massive influx of asylum seekers are arriving to Canada via Quebec’s southern border with 250 to 300 immigrants (some illegals from Somalia) crossing over each day! In this video Dan Dicks of “Press For Truth” questions Canada’s immigration policy as well as the mantra “Diversity Is Our Strength”.  (From ACT ! FOR CANADA, August, 2017)


Sharia Canada: Ryerson University cancels speech by “moderate” Tarek Fatah, refuses to explain why

Fatah speculates that Ryerson cancelled the CIF event because of pressure from various groups who would protest his speech, such as AntiFa Toronto or the school’s Muslim Students’ Association. Freedom of speech issues are taking a drubbing on many North American campuses, with scheduled speakers getting cancelled more frequently, often due to threats of violence from groups who present themselves as occupying the high moral ground. (From ACT ! For Canada—August, 2017)


They Paved Canada and Put Up a Parking Lot

Trudeau promised real change, the same vague promise made by then-candidate President Obama in 2008.  To reflect his multiculturalism, Trudeau chose a cabinet of thirty, based not on competence, but on gender, ethnicity, and disabilities, yet there appears to be not one observant Jew among them to handle the antisemitism in schools and media and to represent the one percent Jewish population most victimized by hate crimes in an increasingly dangerous Canada. He pledged to legalize recreational marijuana, and to change the electoral system, except that he finds this to be unnecessary now that the very process got him elected. (From ACT ! For Canada, August, 2017)


Canada’s media has cheerled Trudeau’s foolish and reckless Syrian refugee intake.

So you won’t see the media (particularly the CBC) paying much attention to the following story about young Syrian girls making prank calls to the Winnipeg 911 line. But it shows a tiny bit about the  major adjustment issues Syrians are having here. They have a very high unemployment rate and their chances of reducing that rate, compared with the chances of other unemployed, are slim.


OUTRAGEOUS: Trudeau’s ‘Canada’ 150 Research Chair Program EXCLUDES CANADIANS

It’s a total insult to Canadians that our scholars are blocked from accessing a program funded by Canadian tax dollars, and it’s disturbing to see that once again our money is being taken from us and being given to foreigners. Our government is supposed to serve Canadian citizens, but that seems to be last on the list for Trudeau. He never misses a chance to give our money to non-Canadians. His globalist elitism is a total disgrace to this country, and it must be stopped. (From Act For Canada–Latest Bulletin)


Our CBC is a shameless advocate of Canada’s senseless intake of 300,000 immigrants per year.

Recently, the CBC has been claiming that Trump’s moves to deport illegals and to cut legal immigration in half betray the Statue of Liberty’s intent.

As the link below shows, the truth is that the Statue of Liberty was intended to proclaim that the U.S. should be a beacon of freedom to the rest of the world. The Statue had nothing to do with immigration.


The Toronto Star is usually Canada’s version of the U.K.’s Guardian or the U.S.’s Washington Post.

Believe it or not, here is  a Toronto Star column which is sympathetic to Trump’s immigration policies !!


Warring Immigrant Gangs

The pictures in this Vancouver Sun article show which ethnic groups and recent immigrant groups are disproportionately represented in drug dealing and other criminal activity in Metro Vancouver. Look at the faces and the names.


Not long ago, a woman in the Toronto area went into a medical clinic and asked to see a White doctor. The media seized upon the incident and created a huge uproar.

Now, in Edmonton, Filipinos have demanded to be treated by Filipino doctors !! The provincial government is probably completely financing this demand and the media (particularly the CBC) are cheer-leading the building of the clinic!! Canada is truly upside down.