The Muslim Manchester Bombing : “Dangerous Woman” Meets Dangerous Man

“Dangerous Woman” Meets Dangerous Man by Mark Steyn May 23, 2017 The pop star Ariana Grande has canceled the remaining dates of her “Dangerous Woman” tour following the murder of 22 fans (at the time of writing) and the … Continue reading

Refugee Claimants Receive VIP Version of Canadian Healthcare Services

Refugee Claimants Receive VIP Version of Canadian Healthcare Services Louise McNeil According to the Safe Third Country Agreement between Canada and United States, “refugee claimants are required to request refugee protection in the first safe country they arrive in, unless … Continue reading

Refugees Top 10 Source Countries 2011-2016

Iqra Khalid’s Threat to Canadian Freedom of Speech

Iqra Khalid’s Threat to Canadian Freedom of Speech by Gerry T. Neal Originally published on Council of European Canadians web site Antonia Blumberg, the Associate Religion Editor for the progressive liberal disinformation site that some consider to be the online … Continue reading

Social Assistance Receipt Among Refugee Claimants in Canada

by Yuqian Lu, Marc Frenette and Grant Schellenberg Social Analysis and Modelling Division Introduction Refugee claimants are people who request refugee protection upon or after arriving in Canada. They receive Canada’s protection if they are found to be Convention refugees … Continue reading


THE CBC IS CANADA’S BIGGEST HATE SPEECH PROMOTER / HUCKSTER Let’s look at how our CBC has accelerated its “HATE CANADA” campaign in the past two weeks. (1) For years, the CBC has given free broadcast time to a large … Continue reading


Treasonous Kerry Jang needs to be removed from city council. Replacement of Canada’s founding peoples is bad enough — now, this man seems like he wants to hand over Vancouver to his Chinese masters. We won’t stand for it! Please … Continue reading

An Open Letter to the Faith and Spirituality Centre at the University of Calgary

by Rev. Russell Haynes With respect to the recent anti-Muslim/anti-Islam posters being placed at the University of Calgary, and within its immediate vicinity, what I am noticing from virtually every news-media outlet, including the “Faith and Spirituality Centre” at the … Continue reading


Strongly Condemning Unauthorized Use of Immigration Watch Canada’s website domain This flyer, titled, “F#*K YOUR TURBAN,” was recently circulated at the University of Alberta campus, with our URL address printed at the bottom. We wish to inform our supporters that … Continue reading

Birth Citizenship Makes No Sense

By: Martin Collacott, (former Canadian ambassador in Asia and the Middle East) The issue of “birth tourism,” whereby foreign mothers arrange to give birth in Canada so their newborns can automatically acquire citizenship, continues to reverberate. Last month, a Freedom … Continue reading


Please help us stop the practice of birthright citizenship, wherein pregnant mothers come to Canada expressly for the purpose of having their babies in Canada. This costly practice is dishonest, and possibly illegal. Please sign the petition to eliminate birthright … Continue reading

Source Countries of Immigrants to Canada from 2004 to 2013

Facts and figures 2013 – Immigration overview: Permanent residents Canada – Permanent residents by source country Source country 2004 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012 2013 India 28,235 36,210 33,847 28,742 28,261 29,457 34,235 27,509 30,932 33,085 Pakistan … Continue reading

Immigration Minister “Know Nothing” Speaks

In a recent speech to the Halifax Chamber of Commerce, Canada’s Minister of Immigration (John McCallum) boasted about the economic effects of immigration. Once again, he showed that he does not know what he is talking about. His government has … Continue reading

People Have Twisted in The Wind For Much Less

People Have Twisted in The Wind For Much Less —-Syrian Refugees Displacing Canadian Homeless The TABLE below contains a sample of Canadian cities that are accepting Syrian refugees. The TABLE indicates the number of Syrian refugees that each of the … Continue reading

The Thoughtful Immigration Views Of St. Thomas Vs. The Open-Borders Immigration Views of Churches Today

Saint Thomas Aquinas is regarded as one of the greatest interpreters of the teaching of Jesus the Christ. Yet his carefully-weighed views on the immigration issue differ considerably from those of Christian leaders today. In the name of Jesus and … Continue reading

Exploiting Canada All The Way To The Bank

Exploiting Canada All The Way To The Bank Immigration Lobby /Helper Groups Parasitize Canada Listed below are the names of 25 organizations to which Citizenship and Immigration has given grants or contributions in the name of multiculturalism. A list of … Continue reading

In 2011, Visible Minorities Were the Majority In 31+ Canadian Ridings

Statistics Canada’s National Household Survey shows that in 2011, in Ontario, Quebec, and B.C.,  31 federal Canadian ridings (22 in Ontario, 1 in Quebec and 8 in British Columbia) had populations in which Visible Minorities were the majority. Another 15 … Continue reading

Mama Merkel Should Read ‘Camp of The Saints’

National Suicide Jean Raspail foretold the breakdown three decades ago. by James P. Pinkerton December 5, 2005 We were warned. Three decades ago, Jean Raspail published a novel, The Camp of the Saints, which served as a worst-case-scenario warning about … Continue reading

Ten Matters That Should Be Election Issues

Ten Matters That Should Be Election Issues (1) A significant number of recent immigrants have grossly abused Canada’s income tax system, have regarded Canada as an easy dupe, and have to be held to a severe accounting. A recent Vancouver … Continue reading

Immigration Levels for 2015

2015 Levels Plan – (260K-285K) Plan Type Low High Economic Federal Skilled Workers (including Federal Skilled Trades) 47,000 51,000 Canadian Experience Class 21,000 23,000 CaregiversFootnote 1 26,000 30,000 Federal Business 1,000 1,700 Quebec Business 5,000 5,500 Quebec Skilled Worker 26,000 … Continue reading

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