Mama Merkel Should Read ‘Camp of The Saints’

National Suicide Jean Raspail foretold the breakdown three decades ago. by James P. Pinkerton December 5, 2005 We were warned. Three decades ago, Jean Raspail published a novel, The Camp of the Saints, which served as a worst-case-scenario warning about … Continue reading

Ten Matters That Should Be Election Issues

Ten Matters That Should Be Election Issues (1) A significant number of recent immigrants have grossly abused Canada’s income tax system, have regarded Canada as an easy dupe, and have to be held to a severe accounting. A recent Vancouver … Continue reading

Immigration Levels for 2015

2015 Levels Plan – (260K-285K) Plan Type Low High Economic Federal Skilled Workers (including Federal Skilled Trades) 47,000 51,000 Canadian Experience Class 21,000 23,000 CaregiversFootnote 1 26,000 30,000 Federal Business 1,000 1,700 Quebec Business 5,000 5,500 Quebec Skilled Worker 26,000 … Continue reading

International and Interprovincial Migration to and from Quebec, 1986--2012

Interprovincial Mobility of Immigrants In Canada, 1991--2006

Immigrants found in destination province vs. those found outside destination province (1991 to 2006 landing years). Province Tax filers found in province of original destination in 2006 tax year Tax filers found outside province of original destination in 2006 tax … Continue reading

Patriots Don’t “Adapt” To Cultural Suicide

Elizabeth Jones Executive Director, North Shore Multicultural Society North Vancouver, B.C. Ms. Jones, In the North Shore News, you were quoted as saying—in response to Chinese signage in your area—that: “We all grow up within a certain culture and community … Continue reading

Letter to Kenney Challenges His Attack on Suzuki

Note that Jason Kenney was Canada’s Immigration Minister for a record-long 5 years. In a Cabinet shuffle early this week, he became the Minister of Employment and Social Development—while still responsible for ethnic outreach. His replacement in Immigration is Chris … Continue reading

Earth Day Founder : Dramatically Cut Immigration and Stabilize Population

Earth Day Founder Advocated That U.S. Dramatically Cut Immigration and Stabilize Its Population We make eight key points about Earth Day, 2013 : (1) Earth Day was founded by the late Gaylord Nelson in 1970. Nelson was a U.S. Democratic … Continue reading

An Aboriginal Speaks : Cut Immigration Until Aboriginal Unemployment Falls Dramatically

An Aboriginal Speaks : Cut Immigration Until Aboriginal Unemployment Falls Dramatically By Curtis Dekoning (Edited by Christy Anderson, MA student, University of Manitoba, Winnipeg) I am an Aboriginal. Here in Canada, Aboriginal People are given only nominal historical and cultural … Continue reading

Australian Expert Speaks on Immigration, Population Growth, Carrying Capacity,Etc.

The author of this bulletin is Mark O’Connor, co-author of “Overloading Australia”.  His comments in this bulletin are part of another book , “Environmental Policy Failure: The Australian Story” just published by Tilde University Press in Melbourne. ================================================================================================== Australian Expert … Continue reading

A Mosque for the Simple-Minded Peter Goodchild From January 2007 to April 2012, the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC) aired a television comedy series entitled “Little Mosque on the Prairie.” Its underlying message seemed to be that Muslims who immigrate to … Continue reading

How To Improve the World’s Worst-Controlled Immigration System

How To Improve the World’s Worst-Controlled Immigration System Our federal government should be very cautious about the immigration changes it has recently proposed. A number of these changes would open Canada’s immigration doors even more widely and make the world’s … Continue reading

Does Immigration Cause Youth Unemployment?

Does Immigration Cause Youth Unemployment? Most Canadians are aware that Canada’s youth (secondary as well as post-secondary graduates) are finding it very difficult to find jobs. Officially, youth unemployment in Canada stands at above 14%. Unofficially, it is probably around  … Continue reading

No Rooms At That Inn : Supply And Demand In Old Bethlehem And Today’s Canada

No Rooms At That Inn : Supply And Demand  In Old Bethlehem And Today’s Canada The story of Joseph and Mary looking for a place to stay in Bethlehem is an example in Classical Economics of demand exceeding supply. So … Continue reading

May 15, 2011: The Myth of Canada’s Underpopulation: Lay it to rest

The Myth of Canada’s Underpopulation: Lay it to rest by Dr. Madeline Weld President, Population Institute of Canada Every so often, policy wonks or talking heads hyperventilate about Canada’s need for more people. The growth boosters take the crude … Continue reading

Canada’s human rights industry shows its bigoted soul

Ezra Levant on November 8, 2010 9:47 PM My new Sun column: The Alberta Human Rights Commission is at it again. The latest embarrassment from this out-of-control government agency is their gift of tax dollars to a group called “Racism … Continue reading

Anti-Immigrant Ad Draws Fire

Anti-immigrant ad draws fire By Joseph Chin Mississauga, November 11, 2010–anti-immigrant-ad-draws-fire Ruffling feathers. This campaign ad was bought by mayoral candidate Paul Fromm during the recent municipal election. It has been denounced by residents. The election is over, but … Continue reading

Canadian support for immigration has limits

‘Somewhat conflicted’ views. Government-commissioned research has Ottawa holding line on 2011 targets By NORMA GREENAWAY Postmedia News November 12, 2010 Canadians’ enthusiasm for accepting more immigrants has marked limits, according to research commissioned by the Harper government before it announced … Continue reading

Human smuggling tops PM’s agenda on Japan trip

By DAVID AKIN, Parliamentary Bureau Chief The Toronto Sun Last Updated: November 12, 2010 10:53am TOKYO–Prime Minister Stephen Harper will meet with the leaders of Malaysia and the Phillipines Saturday. They are the first of nearly a dozen one-on-one meetings … Continue reading

Deported cocaine smuggler wanted again

He returned to B.C. after a name change then fled once more. Now he’s in a U.S. jail awaiting extradition on new charges By Kim Bolan Vancouver Sun November 11, 2010 A Mexican national charged last month with smuggling almost … Continue reading

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