Let’s talk frankly about immigration

Let's talk frankly about immigration Randall Denley, The Ottawa Citizen Friday, January 24, 2003 Canadians are sleepwalking through what's likely the most profound change of our times. Statistics Canada confirmed this week what we can see every day on the … Continue reading

Fixing the Refugee Mess

Fixing the refugee mess (Macleans, Dec 16, 2002) Daniel Stoffman The best way to understand what is wrong with Canada's refugee policy is to compare it with a truly compassionate one. Norway's program is all about helping the poorest refugees … Continue reading

A Welcome Mat For Murderers

A welcome mat for murderers A new Canada-U.S. agreement on refugees threatens the safety of Canadians, says James Bissett. Citizen Special, Thursday, December 05, 2002 by James Bissett Picture caption: Keeping the Taps Running: The agreement with the U.S. will … Continue reading

A Defence Of The Safe Third Country Concept for Refugees

Published in Policy Options September, 2002 A DEFENSE OF THE SAFE COUNTRY CONCEPT FOR REFUGEES In late June of this year Canadas Deputy Prime Minister John Manley and United States Homeland Security Director Tom Ridge, announced a thirty point smart … Continue reading

Canada’s Asylum System A Threat To American Security

Canada's Asylum System, A Threat to American Security? May 2002 By James Bissett Download the .pdf version Canada has the most generous asylum system of any country in the world. Any individual who arrives in Canada or who reaches Canadian … Continue reading

Streamlining Refugees Is Sure To Backfire

National Post, January 28, 2002 Streamlining refugees is sure to backfire by James Bissett, Immigration lawyers welcome the news that the Immigration Refugee Board (IRB) is considering a streamlined system for dealing with refugee claimants. This was to be expected, … Continue reading

Time To Cap The Refugee Industry

Time To Cap The Refugee Industry The town around the United Nations' Kakuma refugee camp in Kenya staging ground for the current controversial importation of Somali Bantu into Middle Americagrew from 5,000 in 1990 to 40,000 in 2000. Kenyans from … Continue reading

Troubled Borders–Canada, the U.S.A. and Mexico

Presentation by James Bissett to the Trilateral Commission New York, November 14, 2003 TROUBLED BORDERS-CANADA, THE UNITED STATES AND MEXICO INTRODUCTION Throughout the twentieth century Canadians and Americans have boasted about sharing the longest undefended border in the world. It … Continue reading

Better A Flow Than A Flood

Better a flow than a flood By MARTIN COLLACOTT Globe and Mail Wednesday, Sep. 17, 2003 Some Canadians seem to think that a preference for moderate immigration levels reflects hostility toward immigrants. This is absurd. Many immigrants themselves would prefer … Continue reading

Response to ‘A Reflection of Canada’s Pluralism

National Post August 21, 2003 Recruiting Grits by race is a bad idea by Des Verma, Lenn Chow, Martin Collacott, Stephen Kaufmann In Vancouver On August 13 the National Post published an open letter to the Liberal Party of Canada … Continue reading

Why Immigration Isn’t The Best Way To Solve A Labour Shortage

September 6, 2004: Why Immigration Isn't The Best Way To Solve A Labour Shortage September 6, 2004: Why Immigration Isn't The Best Way To Solve A Labour Shortage Martin Collacott Special to the Sun Monday, September 06, 2004 Tom Kent, … Continue reading

What We Believe

What We Believe En franais Immigration Watch Canada believes that Canada should do the following : (1) DRAMATICALLY REDUCE IMMIGRATION LEVELS We believe in major reductions to Canada's present immigration levels. As we noted in the section “Who We Are”, … Continue reading

Harper’s Immigration Folly

June 29, 2004: Harper's Immigration Folly Harper's Immigration Folly June 29, 2004 By Kevin Michael Grace [Previously by Kevin Michael Grace: Canadian Conservative Leader No Immigration Extremist. Too Bad.] Canada's federal Liberal Party won its fourth consecutive election Mondaythe … Continue reading

Subsidizing Illegal Immigration

Alameda Times-Star Subsidizing illegal immigration Friday, May 14, 2004 – THIS year, nearly 7,500 qualified California residents — who would otherwise be entering California state universities as incoming freshmen — are likely to be turned away for lack of funds. … Continue reading

The Miracle On Southwest Border: Illegal Immigration Smashed

April 8, 2005: The Miracle On The Southwest Border: Illegal Immigration Smashed April 8, 2005 The Miracle on the Southwest Border: Illegal Immigration Smashed A Direct Field Report on the Arizona-Mexico No-Mans Land The Arizona border with Sonora outside Naco … Continue reading

Immigration Policy Costing American Workers $2600 A Year (Edwin Rubenstein–VDARE Archive)

October 21, 2003: Immigration Policy Costing American Workers $2600 A Year (Edwin Rubenstein–VDARE Archive) National Data, By Edwin S. Rubenstein Immigration Policy Costing American Workers $2,600 A Year A reader recently wrote us: “Imagine my tremendous consternation at being caught, … Continue reading

The Roots Of Gang Warfare (B.C. Sikhs Must Look Hard At Themselves)

December 23, 2002: The Roots Of Gang Warfare (B.C. Sikhs Must Look Hard At Themselves) December 23, 2002 THE ROOTS OF GANG WARFARE B.C.'s Sikhs must look hard at themselves RENU BAKSHI HE LEFT THE nightclub in his usual fashion … Continue reading

‘We Are Still At War,’ Immigration Chief Says.

'We are still at war,' immigration chief says Victor Manuel Ramos Sentinel Staff Writer From Orlando Sentinel September 12, 2007 Speaking to Orlando law students on the anniversary of 9-11, U.S. immigration chief Emilio Gonzalez said the processing of immigrants … Continue reading

Barroso : Confident Italy Is In Line With Immigration Principles

Barroso: Confident Italy is in line with EU immigration principles M&C Jul 15, 2008, 14:15 GMT Rome – European Commission President Jose Manuel Barroso expressed confidence Tuesday that Italy's immigration polices would be in line with the European Union's principles … Continue reading

Controversy Over Bilingual Election Campaign

Controversy over bilingual election campaign The Radio Netherlands News, February 23, 2010 While the tax department is allowed to send information in Turkish, politicians may only use Dutch. Can you distribute brochures in Turkish asking voters to elect a … Continue reading