Brewer : Feds ‘After’ Arizona

Brewer: Feds 'after' Arizona

By Andy Barr
Politico (Washington, D.C.), September 8, 2010

Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer says the Obama administration is 'after' her state in an attempt to dodge criticism for its handling of the immigration issue.

'The bottom line is that we're all believing that the federal government is after Arizona and they are going after everybody,' the Republican governor said Tuesday night during an interview with Fox Newss Sean Hannity.

Lawsuits against Arizonas immigration law and a sheriff accused of racial profiling. against are simply efforts for the administration to shift the blame, Brewer said.

'They don't want to do their job. So they just start filing lawsuits and attacking people,' she said. 'Why don't they attack our border and get it secured? A lot of these issues would go away.'

A federal judge in July blocked the implementation of a law signed by Brewer that would have required police to check the immigration status of anyone they stop or detain. And last week, the Justice Department sued Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio for alleged non-cooperation with an investigation into his sweeps of Hispanic neighborhoods for illegal immigrants.

Brewer said she finds the federal actions against her state 'offensive' and 'aggravating,' arguing that there are other state legislatures looking to implement similar laws. 'I'm tired of fighting the feds. I'm tired of their tactics,' she said. 'But I won't give up. Arizona won't give up.'