When a Billion Chinese Jump-2


For the past 25 years, Mainland Chinese immigrants have comprised one of the largest groups of immigrants Canada has taken. They have already created several colonies in Canada.

Their large numbers have also affected the environment of Canada negatively.

Economically, the Chinese along with a relentless flood of other immigrants have been major contributors to the largest social catastrophe that Canada has experienced since Confederation : The Unaffordable Housing Crisis (UBC Professor David Ley has documented this event in great detail in his book “Millionaire Migrants”.)

How did the author, U.K. journalist Jonathan Watts, choose the attention-catching title “WHEN A BILLION CHINESE JUMP”? When the author, Jonathan Watts, was a child, he was fascinated by numbers, especially big ones like 1 billion. That was the population of China at the time. When he asked an adult to explain it, he got this answer : “If everyone in China jumps at the same time, it will shake the earth off its axis and kill us all” !!!

This bulletin is a review and summary of the book “When A Billion Chinese Jump” by UK environmental journalist Jonathan Watts.

A major objective of this review and summary is to provide detailed background on the catastrophic environmental condition of China.

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