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Contact your MP, MLA / MPP or Mayor / Councillors and School Board.

They all make immigration-related decisions and are usually poorly informed.

Report Immigration Fraud

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IWC Memes

IWC has a growing number of Memes:

  1. High Resolution Memes Suitable for Printing as Full-Page Flyers, and
  2. Ordinary Memes That Can Be Emailed And Posted On Websites

We do not take ownership of the memes, and visitors may freely distribute them as they deem appropriate.

Distribute IWC Flyers in Your Community

The plundering of Canada Continues
If you live in Metro Vancouver, copy this flyer, “The plundering of Canada Continues,” and stick it into mail slots in your neighbourhood.
Unnecessary Immigration is destroying Canada
If you live anywhere in Canada, copy this flyer, “Unnecessary Immigration is destroying Canada,” and stick it into mail slots in your neighbourhood.


IWC endorses a large number of petitions. Please check out our petition page regularly and sign each of these important petitions. Recent petitions include:

  1. End the Abusive scam of Birth ‘Tourism’
  2. Let’s Ban Antifa in Canada!
  3. Stop Islamic Call To Prayer in Mississauga!
  4. Make China pay [for their Deceit regarding the Coronavirus]!
  5. Let’s have a Moratorium on Immigration
  6. FIRE Canada’s Chief Public Health Officer DR. THERESA TAM!
  7. Shutdown Illegal Border Crossing Now!