The following is a sample of the large amount of material that has been written on the immigration issue in Canada.

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The following is a tiny sample of the very large amount of material that has been written on the immigration issue in the U.S.:

1. Abernethy, Virginia Dr. “Population Politics:The Choices That Shape Our Future”. Insight Books. New York. 1993

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The German-Jewish Kulturkampf in the Weimar Republic


The following is a sample of a large amount of material written on the immigration issue in the U.K.

1. Browne, Anthony (Environment Critic-The London Times). Do We Really Need Mass Immigration? (2002). (Civitas)

2. Browne, Anthony. The Retreat of Reason (Political Correctness and the corruption of public debate in modern Britain) ISBN-10 1-903386-50-0

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(See the web site for a very detailed list of other British publications on the immigration issue. There is a wealth of material on this site. It provides an important comparison and contrast with what is occurring on the immigration front in Canada and the U.S.)


The following are two excellent books on Australian immigration policy. The first deals primarily with the social/cultural consequences of immigration, but it also touches on environmental and economic issues. It was written by Geoffrey Blainey, Professor of History, University of Melbourne. The emphasis in the second book is on the environment.

1. Blainey, Geoffrey. All For Australia. Methuen Haynes. (1984)ISBN number: 0 454 00828 7

2. O’Connor, Mark and William J. Lines. Overloading Australia. 2008 ISBN number : 9780858812246



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