Canada’s police should charge our media with criminal incitement

Police need to arrest Media for inciting Burning of Churches in Canada

A CHRISTIAN CHURCH RECENTLY SET ON FIRE IN Morinville, Alberta, Canada. Police need to Charge Media for Inciting Burning of Churches in Canada

Canada’s mainstream media (the CBC especially) have suppressed the news that 46 Canadian Christian churches have been burned or vandalized in the past two months. It is no exaggeration to say that the Mainstream Media’s extremely biased and uninformed reporting about Indian residential schools has incited the burning and vandalism.

For what they have done, all our mainstream media should be charged, at the very least, with criminal incitement. Here is what they should pay at a bare minimum in damages.


Terminate funding to the private media and demand repayment (hundreds of millions of dollars) that the private media have already received.


End the up to $2 Billion per year subsidy that Canada gives to the CBC (our national QUISLING and PARASITE) which betrays Canada daily and disgracefully.


Our cowardly politicians who recently grovelled on all fours for a Muslim family in London, Ontario should be leading the charge for criminal incitement. However, almost all of them have been silent !!. Let’s be blunt : Where are those politicians now when Canada’s Christian community needs much more deserved attention?? Shamefully, Trudeau’s close friend in the PMO, Gerard Butts, has even said that the burnings are “understandable”. Has Butts lost it? Why has Trudeau not distanced himself by miles from this outrageous/stupid comment? Are Canadians not justified in concluding that Trudeau thinks the same thing as Butts?

Trudeau is the last person in Canada to comprehend that Christianity has been a major builder of Canada. He seems to know nothing about Canada’s history. As Trudeau has proved many times before, Trudeau will fawn for Muslims at the snapping of Muslim fingers. As most Canadians know, Muslims have contributed nothing to the building of Canada. In fact, the Muslim Brotherhood, which has a significant number of supporters among Muslims in Canada, is incompatible with Canadian values (See the research of Tom Quiggin. Muslim Brotherhood activities need to be probed in Canada, report says | CBC News) . Even worse, the Muslim Brotherhood has shamelessly decreed that their purpose in Canada is to destroy this country !!! FBI Captured Muslim Brotherhood’s Strategic Plan (

We repeat : The point is that almost all of our politicians have been disgracefully silent in the past month about the crimes committed against Christians and Christianity!! To most Canadians, the silence of politicians means that the politicians agree with the burnings and vandalism against Christians and Christianity. Those politicians should get their just desserts (a steel-toed, well-aimed boot) ASAP.


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Hospital in Kamloops

Photo of Royal Inland Hospital in Kamloops in 1918 (Above)