Weekly Letters 2002

Sept. 12, 2002 Almanac Programme on GVRD/Lower Mainland Growth (Dealing With An Effect Without Dealing With The Cause of The Effect Doesn’t Work)

October 16, 2002 The World At Six, News Item About Minister of Immigration (CBC Reporters Have To Challenge The Minister of Immigration When He Doesn’t Tell The Truth)

October 20, 2002 The CBC Condemns The Destruction Of The World Trade Centre But It Actively Participates In The Destruction Of Toronto, Vancouver and Montreal By Promoting Overpopulation In The Forms Of Immigration And Multiculturalism

Week of Nov. 11-15
CBC Coverage of Greater Vancouver Municipal Election Issues (Stabilizing The Area’s Population By Reducing Immigration Would Solve Many Municipal Problems)

Week of Nov. 18-22, 2002
Kyoto and Immigration–One Step Forward and Four Steps Back (High Immigration Levels Will, In A Very Short Time, Negate Any Environmental Gains Achieved By Having Canadians Reduce Their CO2 Emissions)

Week of Dec. 2-6, 2002
CBC Multiculturalism Promoters Vs. Eating Canadian-Man’s Best Friend (Canadians Will Never Accept The Cultural Practices Of Some Immigrant Groups–Chinese Eating Dogs In Canada, For Example–If Those Practices Conflict With Canadian Practices)

Week of Dec. 9-13, 2002
Are CBC “Journalistic” Practices Turning the CBC Into A National Embarrassment? (By Ignoring The Effects Of Immigration and Merely Cheerleading It, The CBC Has Demeaned Itself And Become A Propaganda Arm For Canada’s Immigration Industry)

Week of December 23-27, 2002
CBC’s “Sounds Like Canada” Allows Novelist Rohinton Mistry To Complain About Negative Effects Of Immigration Officials On Him, But Refuses To Permit Canadians To Complain About Negative Effects Of Immigration On Them

Christmas Message, 2002
How The CBC Can Redeem Itself From Its Policies Against Its Own People