Much has been written about Canada’s extensively-abused refugee system. Here are seven important items on the issue. We provide links to all seven. The first, fifth, sixth and seventh are long. The other three are short.

(1) Canada’s Dysfunctional Refugee Determination System (By Stephen Gallagher)

(2) A Defence of The Safe Country Concept (2002) By James Bissett

(3) Stop Bogus Refugees Before They Get In (2007) By James Bissett

(4) Fixing The Refugee Mess (2002) By Daniel Stoffman

(5) Abusing Canada’s Generosity And Ignoring Genuine Refugees by James Bissett (2010)—An Analysis of Current and Still-needed Reforms to Canada’s Refugee and Immigration System 

(6) Reforming the Canadian Refugee Determination System by Martin Collacott (2011)

(7) The Problem With The 1951 Refugee Convention  (2000)  Adrienne Millbank (Australia)


(1) Canada’s Dysfunctional Refugee Determination System
Canadian Asylum Policy from a Comparative Perspective (Dr. Stephen Gallagher, Professor Of Political Science, Concordia University, Montreal)

Executive Summary

Long Paper