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Edmonton’s first Filipino-owned health clinic set to open


Canadian Senate Passes C-16 Bill, Heads Down Slippery Slope


Canada Detains 425 refugees


Douglas Todd : Does China’s Money Affect Canada’s Sovereignty?


Canada’s Other Politically Incorrect Place Names


Canadian values? We don’t mutilate women


China’s Sinister “Soft Power” Offensive in Canada


We must stop the mass influx of migrants now


“Dreamers” unlikely to claim asylum in Canada


If Trudeau is the free world’s last hope, the free world is doomed


Homelessness Versus Migrants in Canada


Salvadorans, Hondurans Could Form Next Wave of Asylum Seekers


Muslim Flyers Ask Dog Owners to Keep Dogs Away From Muslims


5,530 illegals intercepted crossing into Quebec in August : RCMP


Detention of Mexican Nationals spikes


Chelsea Manning Says She was denied entry to Canada


Liberals preparing apology for turning away ship carrying 900 Jews


Edmonton police investigate “acts of terrorism”


Canada Has Deported Hundreds back to war-torn countries


Google is the world’s biggest censor


Foreign Student Says immigrants leaving Nfld because too hard to find job


Tax avoidance behind disconnect between housing and income


8 sentenced in immigration fraud case affecting over 1,600 clients


AG Sessions Set to Block Millions in Funding to Sanctuary Cities


Deportation vs. the Cost of Letting Illegal Immigrants Stay


Warring Gangs and Public Shootings


When Sharia Favours Canadian Fathers Having Custody of Children


Trump Aide Dismisses “Huddled Masses” Poem


Far-Right Groups Face Off With Protestors at Canada-U.S. Border


B.C. NDP To Reinstate Human Rights Commission After 15 Years


Donald Trump is right. He doesn’t always get a square deal: Walkom


Trudeau’s lost all control of our border crisis


Migrants are being misled about Canada’s immigration policy


Canada To Set Up Border Camp As Number of Asylum Seekers Swells


Trump Crafting Plan On Legal Immigration


Canada’s open borders and sanctuary cities defy common sense


Canada struggling to ‘absorb’ immigrants: report


Illegal Aliens in Canada Complaining About Lack of Free Housing, Cell Phones


International adoptions decline dramatically in Canada


Douglas Todd: Global seniors flock to Canada’s ‘super visa’


Douglas Todd : 10-Year Visas Stoke Housing Booms in Vancouver, T.O.


More Internet Censorship


Edmonton being swept up in Access without Fear trend


Protests in Canada shaped by more than just U.S. events: experts


Many Ontario teachers want John A. Macdonald’s name stripped from public schools


Trudeau Will Give Work Permits To All Haitians


WALKOM: Can any past PMs pass muster today?


Quebec’s niqab ban is progressive. The NDP apparently isn’t


Toronto-Based Charity Says It Helped 31 LGBT Chechens Get to Canada