Weekly Letters 2003

Week of Jan 6-10, 2003
There Is A Strong Connection Between Environmental Degradation And High Immigration Numbers

Week of Jan 12-17, 2003
CBC Reporters Should Have Learned By Now Not To Accept (As Gospel) Statements By Canada’s Immigration Minister

Week of Jan 20-25, 2003
CBC Report Cheerleads New High Levels Of Multiculturalism But Says Nothing About The Costs Of These Levels

Week of Jan 27-31, 2003
Canadians Are Sleepwalking Through The Most Profound Demographic Change In Their Country’s History (And The CBC Is Doing As Much As It Can To Make Sure Canadians Don’t Wake Up)

Week of Feb 3-9, 2003
Representatives Of Canada’s Chinese and East Indian Immigrant Groups Get Free CBC Time To Promote Even Laxer Controls On Immigration

Week of Feb 9-14, 2003
The CBC Makes No Connection Between Two Unemployment Stories: Unemployed Older Male Workers Demonstrate At Prime Minister’s Constituency Office; Immigration Minister Claims It Needs More Foreign Workers

Feb 25, 2003
The Environment Critic For The London Times Presents The Evidence For Zero Net Immigration To Britain; The Evidence In Canada Is Even Stronger and Clearer For Major Immigration Reductions; The CBC Ignores Both

March 20, 2003:
Comments of A Former Executive Director Of The Canadian Immigration Service On Canada’s Refugee System Conflict Dramatically With CBC Series On Refugee Detention

April 2, 2003:
U.S. Congressman Tom Tancredo Introduces An Immigration Moratorium Bill; The CBC News Does Not Report It; The CBC Sees No Connection Between The Cultural Impact Of Immigration Events In The U.S. and Canada

April 10, 2003
CBC Reports On The Possible Deportation Of Two East Indian Youths Convicted Of Killing Irene Thorp; CBC Allows Immigration Lawyer To Complain About Refugee Board Members Wearing Face Masks At Refugee Hearings.

April 23, 2003
Canada Clones China’s Petri-Dish Conditions In Toronto, Vancouver and Montreal.

April 30, 2003
Isn’t It Strange That The Ethnicity That The CBC Cheerleads, Suddenly Disappears When The Ethnic Groups Bring SARS To Canada?

May 11, 2003
The CBC Condones Immigrants/Ethnic Minorities Jumping To The Front Of The Employment Line At The Mother Corp and Elsewhere In Canada.

May 26, 2003 For Environmental Reasons, The CBC Condemns The Construction Of An American Power Plant Near The Washington–B.C. Border But Ignores the Environmental Effects Of Continued High Immigration Levels