While 57 Christian Churches were burned or vandalized, Trudeau drafted new Islamophobia laws !!

While 57 Christian Churches were burned or vandalized, Trudeau drafted new Islamophobia laws !!

If Canadians ever had any doubt that their government is led by complete morons, that doubt was dispelled this past week.
Canada’s Prime Moron Trudeau, who should have intensified investigations into the perpetrators of the arsons and vandalizing of 57 churches has once again said that the crimes are “understandable”.
For a those who have not seen a list of the locations and names of all 57 churches that have been burned or vandalized or won’t believe evidence, click on this link and have your eyes opened :
And believe it or not, the situation gets worse. His government is currently down on its knees licking Muslim boots and performing even more degraded human acts on Muslims as it drafts new Islamophobic laws !!  :  Yes, it’s true : Trudeau is creating more so-called “Islamophobic” laws to favour not just “average, non-observing Muslims”,  but also dedicated Muslim Brotherhood members and supporters. These Muslim Brotherhood members and supporters obviously do not deserve any protection because they have clearly declared their intention to destroy Canada. In fact, the Muslim Brotherhood has declared Canada to be a  “miserable house”.  That’s quite a statement when it comes from people who claw and scratch and grasp to get into Canada. And after they have managed to get in, they claw and scratch and grasp to take as much as they can get —as quickly as they can get it. And Trudeau and his supporters enthusiastically give them what they demand.
All Canadians have to ask the obvious question : Does Trudeau actually live here or is he governing from the blackest holes of India (the Punjab in particular) or Mainland China.
All Canadians know Trudeau is a quisling / collaborator in the highest degree.  He announced that when he was first elected. At that time, he declared that Canada would be the first post-national country in the world. For those gullible Canadians who still believe Trudeau deserves a hearing, here is what he was saying : “The interests of Canada’s majority population would become the last that our federal government would consider. The interests of Canada’s minorities were to be given first consideration–especially in immigration intake.
His collaboration with Muslim Brotherhood members and Muslim Brotherhood supporters at a time when such brazen arsons and assaults are increasing daily against Christians and Christian churches is unforgivable. Trudeau really seems to see no disconnect between what is happening to Christian churches and his shameless grovelling to Muslims.  Many Canadians have asked the following question : If one Muslim mosque had been torched, what would Trudeau and his fellow clueless MP’s have done? The answer to that was played out a month ago when a Muslim family was driven over in London, Ontario. That incident will be remembered for years as the the most disgusting example of grovelling by politicians that Canadians have ever seen.  In other words, if one mosque had been burned, Trudeau would have introduced a long list of measures to prosecute anyone who even thought of burning a mosque. Where are these disgraceful grovellers now when far more serious and far more numerous acts have been committed against Christians? The disgraceful truth is that we’ve hardly heard a “Squeak, Squeak” from any of them.
A hailstorm of bullets would be much too quick an end for all of them!!
Snail-paced torture would be much more fitting !!
Where should the torture happen? How about a tented location in Canada’s Arctic for the next 5 years. Yes, we said “tented” !!  If Canada’s grovellers were to freeze their asses off, wonderful !!  When they start whining, throw each of them of them an extra T-Shirt. Several million unnecessary immigrants have received gold-standard treatment over the past 25 years. Canada’s homeless and much more deserving people were told to go to hell. The next 5 years should be payback time !!
When this scenario happens, Canada will have finally reached a state of poetic justice. The next thing we should do is force Trudeau to end his plan to call an election. That is completely unnecessary. To hell with it !!
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