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England will become an Islamic Republic if we don't act fast! A sneak preview at what a Sky Train Station may look like in Surrey, British Columbia in 2035
She hates Canadians, so why do the Greens, Liberals and NDP want to recruit such a woman as a candidate? Is Andrew Scheer selling out to radical Islam?
Warning to the West about Muslim 'wars' Clash of Civilizations: Islam vs the liberal West
British Muslims that have Never Worked, versus UK as a Whole There's nothing wrong with Christians supporting their religion by emphasizing the differences with Islam
Muslim Brotherhood has a Threatening Motto What Happens when Muslims become the majority
The Liberal Party spreads manure and BS Justin Trudeau is a Big Ass!
The path of Islamic Conquest ISIS headquarters in Canada is parliament hill under Justin Trudeau
Trudeau is selling [out] Canada We bring people from s-hole countries so they can turn Canada into a s-hole
Insanity happens when liberals hear the truth Justin Trudeau Lied About The Deficit, He Lied About Taxes, And He Concealed His Treasonous Globalist Intentions
Sikh heritage month is a disgusting bigoted political submission Sikh hockey kids don't have to obey rules
Your religion should not exempt Sikhs on motorcycles Sikhs upset at mandatory truck driver training
Burka's make it easier for sketch artists Militant Khalistani's hold Canadian Passports
Trudeau Screwing Up Immigration, but He Loves Colouring Justin Trudeau is a child pretending he is leading Canada
Blonde Girl Overwhelmed by Burka Women - Why Didn't You Stop Them GrandDad