Let’s trash Trudeau’s plan to take down 200+ monuments across Canada

Mass Immigrations produces huge increases in carbon emissions in Canada!


If Canadians thought that Trudeau’s latest move to seize money from the bank accounts of  Canadians was outrageous, new evidence  demonstrates that Trudeau plans to commit even greater treachery.
According to reliable sources, Trudeau has been preparing a list of over 200 monuments, plaques and other historical designations all across Canada that he will order to be taken down or re-written in the near future.  Reports say that his intention is “To decolonize  Canada”
For details, see this :
Here are some key points for all Canadians  to consider and to stick into the faces of our politicians:
Forget about “decolonizing Canada”.  The real issue is “re-colonizing Canada”.   Trudeau is overwhelming Canada’s population by allowing hundreds of thousands of  people from the bottomless pits of India and China and other places in the Third World to immigrate here. Let’s be blunt : For many years Canada had been the envy of the world because of what its European founders had  developed here.  If Trudeau is allowed to continue with his relentless, unjustified mass immigration policy, millions of immigrants from China, India, Africa, and every other region of the world, will transform Canada into a vastly different culture where Euro-Canadians will increasingly be pushed aside to make way for “diversity hiring” and “equity mandates”. Trudeau has already achieved part of  his treacherous goal to make Canada into “a post-national state”.  Parts of Canada are now majority Mainland Chinese or Punjabi or something else.  For political security alone against very aggressive China as well as for environmental and cultural reasons, it is insane to allow more of these people into Canada. China and India are tragic  and horrendous examples of what no country should ever  do to its environment. Yet the Chinese and East Indians wallow in that hell. And their distorted  psyches see nothing wrong with re-creating the same hell in Canada and in all the West.
  1. As most Canadians will agree, taking down 200 of Canada’s monuments and plaques is the latest in a long list of Trudeau’s brazen and shameless moves to  erase Canada’s highly developed self and to attack Canada’s majority population. This should be the last straw for all Canadians.  In fact, Trudeau’s existence should be at stake. If the past is any indication of the future, it is almost certain that all of the monuments, plaques and historical markers that are on Trudeau’s list will be of people and events that involve Canada’s European-based population.
  2. If Ottawa is to take anything down. the targets should be the monuments that grovel to immigrant groups. There was never a solid case for Canada to erect monuments for the  Chinese Head Taxes, for the East Indian Komagata Maru Incident or even the 1907 China-town and Japan-town riots. At points in the past, Chinese, East Indians and even Japanese were serious threats to the economic health and future of Canadians. As a result of  unjustified Employment Equity policies, people of colour are now getting preference to hundreds of thousands of jobs !! As a result, the threat to the economic futures of Canadians with a European background is enormous and ominous.
  3. Remember what Trudeau boasted about when he was first elected : Canada has no distinct culture.  At this point, many Canadians can see that unless Trudeau is stopped, Canada will have a distinctive culture. However, it will be Chinese, East Indian or something else. When were Canadians ever asked if they wanted this future?   Trudeau’s mass immigration  is clearly a suicidal path for Canada. The only  saving grace in this path is that the Chinese loathe the East Indians and the East Indians despise the Chinese. Should we have a contest for suggestions on ways to encourage them to finish one another off?
  4. If we want to remain  within the boundaries of the law, the sensible solution  is to charge Trudeau with treason. Canada has seldom used that  law.   But that law is still on our books. And, in fact, there is a precedent for charging an MP with treason.  Obviously, we have to provide evidence, but the evidence that Trudeau has betrayed Canada is enormous. In some countries, discrimination against minorities is an issue on which the United Nations has interceded.  How about getting the UN to prosecute Trudeau  for  plotting to make Canada’s majority into a minority?  Drowning Canada’s European-based population and its indigenous population  with unnecessary  immigrants is significant proof against Trudeau. Next, how about charging the human effluent at the CBC and mainstream media and many similar others with treason?  A long list of politicians should face the same fate. The evidence against them all is massive. Poetic justice is  truly within our grasp !!
Canada's Prime Quisling


But to begin, let’s trash Trudeau’s list of 200+ monuments, plaques or other historical designations. Let’s replace that list with our own list of  at least 200 of Canada’s greatest  quislings. That will be an easy task. And obviously,  Trudeau should be at the top of that list.
Let’s get on with it !!