New Westminster Council joins List Of Dolts Who Have Apologized for the Komagata Maru

The Komagata Maru was a huge ocean vesselHere are seven reasons why the City of New Westminster should retract its apology :

1. The Komagata Maru was the second of two battering rams that the Sikhs used to defy Canada’s right to defend itself in the early 1900’s. The first battering ram had been the ship called the Panama Maru which had arrived in Canada about a year earlier (1913) than the Komagata Maru (in 1914). A large number of the Panama Maru Sikhs had presented fraudulent documents. They were obvious fraudsters. Both ships and their passengers were brazenly saying that Canada had no right to defend itself against immigration fraud and sheer numbers of immigrants. This was an obvious threat to Canada. In 1914, China had a population of 441 million. According to UK Archives, India had 315 million. Both China and India’s population are now well over a billion and are an even greater threat than they were in the early 1900’s. Both China and India were then and still are bottom-less pits of cheap labourers who had and still have the potential to overwhelm the population of Canada economically and culturally. Before and after the Komagata Maru incident, both Chinese and East Indians had deservedly received the fury of the U.S. and many other countries who had had to deal with them. What country in the world would be so insane as to allow such people to enter its territory and overwhelm it? The key principle that New Westminster Council should have kept in mind in making a decision about whether to apologize is this : The Sikhs had no right to enter Canada; and Canada had no obligation to take them. Let’s say that again : The Sikhs had no right to enter Canada; Canada had no obligation to take them. The same principle applies today. We are making this point because NW’s City Council seems to think that the Sikhs did have a right and that Canada was obligated to take them. Lastly, keep in mind the overall purpose the Sikhs now have for demanding endless apologies : to batter down all remaining resistance to mass Sikh immigration to Canada and to continue the establishment of more Sikh colonies in Canada. When was Canada’s population ever asked if they wanted the mass immigration that its government has imposed upon it?

2. The Sikhs and other East Indians were confirmed litigants who were determined to use the courts to wear down Canada’s resistance. Gurdit Singh, the leader of the Komagata Maru group, had had some success with litigation in the UK-controlled colony of Singapore. Following that incident, Singh researched the immigration issue in Canada and had convinced himself he could succeed again. He did not pay much attention to two extremely important facts : (A) the fact that Canada had become independent from the UK in 1867 and had the right to set its own immigration laws. (B) A world-wide economic breakdown was in process in 1914. It had caused a significant amount of unemployment in all the world, let alone in British Columbia and the rest of Canada. Both Canada and B.C. had a sovereign duty to protect their unemployed workers from senseless economic competition. Protecting one’s own population should have been the most self-evident of the duties of a nation state like Canada in 1914. With about two million now unemployed, Canada should be proclaiming the same principle today. However, it has not done that because Trudeau is a quisling and a weakling against sinister Sikh and other immigrant infiltration of Canada.

No more Apologies for the Komagata Maru

3. Under the vote-hungry groveling of a series of Canadian Prime Ministers such as Pierre Trudeau, Mulroney, Chretien and Harper, Canada has given Chinese and Sikh immigration interests virtual priority over the interests of Canada’s majority Euoropean-based population. Justin Trudeau has enthusiastically followed the example of his predecessors. In fact, Justin Trudeau has become the most degraded of all of Canada’s prime ministers and probably all of the politicians that Canada has ever had. He is a quisling of immense and almost immeasurable magnitude. He demonstrated that shortly after getting first elected in 2015 when he announced that Canada was the world’s first post-national state !! At the very least, that treacherous announcement should have ignited a movement to create an impeachment law aimed at him. Since then, a host of treacherous Canadian politicians has imitated him. Like Trudeau, most of those politicians have probably never spent two minutes researching the Komagata Maru’s history.

4. Worse still, similar degradation has permeated Canada’s media. Long ago, Canada’s journalists should have exposed the truth about the Komagata Maru and other Sikh-related incidents. Instead, the media have merely parroted Sikh and other immigration nonsense. When the Sikhs demanded that New Westminster City Council apologize to them for the 1914 Komagata Maru incident, journalists should have immediately confronted the Sikhs and pointed out that the Sikhs had committed a much more serious sin (the bombing of Air India Flight #182, and the mass murder of 329 people). Journalists should have asked this question : Why have Sikh organizations not apologized for that? Furthermore, in demanding an apology, the Sikhs have justified their demand by saying that a number of relatives of the Komagata Maru Sikhs still live in New Westminster today. The problem with that argument is that an even greater number of the 329 Canadians the Sikhs murdered in their bombing of the Air India plane also probably live in New Westminster as well as in nearby municipalities. Furthermor, remember this especially : The Sikhs placed bombs on two Air India flights in 1985. In other words, the Sikhs clearly intended to murder over 600. It was only sheer luck that the bomb on a second flight exploded in the confines of the Tokyo airport, and not over Japan or some other country. If anyone should have precedence in getting an apology, the survivors of Air India Flight # 182 are the ones. In fact, why has New Westminster City Council not demanded that Sikhs not get down on their knees on the steps of New Westminster City Hall and beg forgiveness for the mass murder the Sikhs committed

Huge Invading Ship, the Komagata Maru

(5) Finally, the Sikhs love to play the role of “victim”. They contend that a number (20?) of their comrades died in a fight with British agents when the Komagata Maru returned to India in 1914. The Sikhs deliberately omit the fact that Sikhs who lived in the Vancouver area in 1914 traveled to Washington State and bought guns there. Shortly after, the Vancouver Sikhs smuggled the guns aboard the Komagata Maru. It is very probable that when the Komagata Maru arrived in India, the Sikhs were the ones who started the gunfight which resulted in the deaths of (20?+ Sikhs). In other words, those Sikhs who fired the Sikh guns bear just as much of the guilt for the Sikh deaths as the British agents who returned fire at the Sikhs.

(6) The perpetrators of the Air India bombings have still not paid for the mass murder they committed in 1985. Here is a key point : The Sikhs in Trudeau’s Cabinet as well as in other parties (such as Sikh NDP Leader Jagmeet Singh) probably know the names of the people who committed the largest mass murder in Canadian history. This is not a trivial issue. With-holding such serious evidence is a criminal offence. Did New Westminster City Council consider this when they groveled to the Sikhs ?

(7) Finally, as crazy and unflattering as Sikh history in Canada is, the Sikhs managed to get Canada’s boot-licking Parliament to designate every April as Sikh Heritage Month !! Here are two key questions : What heritage are the Sikhs referring to? Is it the Mass murder of 329 Canadians? After all, that is probably the only “heritage” event that most Canadians will think of when they hear the word “Sikh”. Are we Canadians missing something? Let’s repeat : What is the “heritage” the Sikhs want Canada to celebrate?

To summarize, What Canadian in his right mind will see any reason whatsoever for paying respect to the Sikhs when April 1, 2021 arrives? In fact, most Canadians will ask : When can we see the repeal of Sikh Heritage Month and the burning of any other documents containing apologies to the Sikhs? The recent apology that boot-licking New Westminster City Council made should be at the top of any New Westminster documents to be burned.


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