Canada’s National Manure Spreader re-Advocates for National Population Goal of 100 Million

In 2012, Canada’s Globe and Mail newspaper (which for years has boasted that it is  “Canada’s National Newspaper”)  advocated that Canada pursue a national goal of reaching a total population of 100 million.

To achieve its goal, it drafted most of its staff to wMass Immigrations produces huge increases in carbon emissions in Canada!rite articles over a two-week period that would support such a policy. The series began with a lengthy article by Joe Friesen (whom we re-named “Clueless Joe” for the poorly researched arguments he made). It ended with a column by Doug Saunders whom we re-named “Shameless Saunders” because his writing was also poorly researched and was obviously the work of a hack.

Here is what we published in response to Friesen, Saunders and the entire Globe and Mail at that time  :

In the past week, Globe and Mail Columnist John Ibbitson has re-advocated that Canada set a goal of having a population of 100 million. From the past behaviour of the Globe and Mail, we can conclude that The Globe and Mail editors support Ibbitson.

By getting past a pay wall, you can read what Ibbitson wrote by clicking this link :

It’s time for Canada to focus on expanding our population – The Globe and Mail

As you will see the hack writing that Friesen and Saunders assembled in 2012 has been repeated. And, if any Canadian had doubts, The Globe and Mail has re-established itself as Canada’s National Manure Spreader. Today it stands side by side in that role with Canada’s national disgrace, the CBC and a host of other media outlets such as CTV, Global  and others. Up until a few years ago, the CBC stood alone as Canada’s national  media parasite and media quisling. But as most Canadians now know, Trudeau gave all of Canada’s large media millions of dollars when they claimed they were having financial problems.  With that pay-off, all of these media outlets became instant parasites,  quislings and parrots. Canada now has almost no media who do honest reporting. It was bad enough to have the CBC turn completely putrid in spite of getting about $1.5 Billion from taxpayers. What a disgrace it has been to see all of our media reach the status of Canada’s National Manure Spreaders !!

If you can’t get by the Globe and Mail pay wall, try this link :

Global population to decline after peaking by 2050