Bill Maher on Canada

Bill Maher’s commentary on Canada is simply one of the most brilliant and accurate YouTube I have ever watched. Maher’s presentation has all of the ingredients of an effective message. Short, punchy, clever and funny, And most of all, it … Continue reading

Song: A Gulag of Crass Indoctrination

Dan Murray has put words to a song describing the dire situation of Canada’s immigration system… that is, a fraud perpetrated against the Canadian people against their will. Please listen to the song on this page and read the poignant … Continue reading


It seems that I have nothing left to live for. This morning I looked for Canadian news on you tube and discovered that there is rebellion and upheaval in the federal NDP caucus. Three of leader Jagmeet Singh’s loyalists have … Continue reading

Warning to America

By Tim Murray America, this is what happens to countries (like mine) which do not have the equivalent of a Second Amendment: Liberals’ “online hate” bill contains $70K fines for speech and life imprisonment for hate crimes, True North, 26 … Continue reading

Immigration Policy Costing American Workers $2600 A Year (Oct 2003)

October 21, 2003: Immigration Policy Costing American Workers $2600 A Year (Edwin Rubenstein–VDARE Archive) National Data, By Edwin S. Rubenstein Immigration Policy Costing American Workers $2,600 A Year A reader recently wrote us: “Imagine my tremendous consternation at being caught, … Continue reading

Controversy Over Bilingual Election Campaign (Feb 2010)

Originally Published on: Feb, 2010 Controversy over bilingual election campaign The Radio Netherlands News, February 23, 2010 While the tax department is allowed to send information in Turkish, politicians may only use Dutch. Can you distribute brochures in Turkish … Continue reading

Politicians Announce Plan to increase Immigration (Oct 1990)

Originally Published on: Oct 24, 1990 Politicians Announce Plan to increase immigration — Minister sees new source of voters for Conservatives HUGH WINSOR. The Globe and Mail. Toronto, Ont.: Oct 24, 1990. pg. A.1 Ottawa ONT — BY HUGH WINSOR … Continue reading


Trudeau continues to lie about the disastrous results of his mass immigration policy

Trudeau Continues to lie about the disastrous results of his mass immigration policy

Earth Day 2023: Earth Day Founder Wanted Significant Cut to Immigration And Total Population Stabilized

Gaylord Nelson, who founded Earth Day in 1970, was a Giant among environmentalists. His Earth Day was a watershed moment for environmental politics, kicking off what is now termed the “Environmental Decade” (1970’s) of radical legislative reforms. “After struggling to … Continue reading

Immigration: Striking a balance

Immigration: Striking a balance Daniel Stoffman Sep 24, 1992 CANADA IS a better place with immigration than it would be without it. Immigration makes our country more interesting, more diverse, more dynamic, and more connected to the rest of the … Continue reading

Fake Canadian papers a hot item in migrant market

Sep 23, 1992 Like a proud collector of stamps or butterflies, Rene Bersma, Canada’s immigration counsellor in Belgium, displays his specimen: an Ontario identity card with the photograph of an Asian man on it. It looks perfectly official, good enough … Continue reading

Immigration adds little to economy

Sep 22, 1992 IMMIGRATION doesn’t make you richer. It makes immigrants richer if they came here from a poor country. It makes a few Canadians, such as immigration lawyers, richer. It makes other Canadians, especially those who compete for unskilled … Continue reading

The high costs of our refugee system

The high costs of our refugee system Toronto magazine writer Daniel Stoffman, winner of the fourth annual Atkinson Fellowship in Public Policy, used his grant to study Canada’s immigration system. The fellowship is named for Joseph E. Atkinson, former publisher … Continue reading


First of a five-part series See related stories by Stoffman on pages B4 and B5 WHY CANADA MUST REASSESS ITS WIDE-OPEN IMMIGRATION POLICY Pounding at the gates Daniel Stoffman The world is on the move. By some estimates, as many … Continue reading

Canada’s Official Immigration Levels Plan 2020-2022

Overall Year 2019 2020 2021 2022 Overall Admissions 330,800 (310,000 – 350,000) 341,000 (320,000 – 370,000) 351,000 (330,000 – 380,000) 361,000 (340,000 – 390,000) Federal High Skilled 81,400 (76,000 – 86,000) 91,800 (88,500 – 100,000) 91,150 (89,300 – 100,000) 91,550 … Continue reading

Myths and Facts About Immigration in Canada… for Dummies

The Following is a Small Sample of Myths the Canadian Population is Fed on a Regular Basis. With no regard for the truth, Canada’s immigration ‘apologists’ abuse their positions as they poison the narrative. Our list is according to immigration … Continue reading

Canada’s CBC is a deadly and immoral, anti-Canadian broadcaster

Canada’s CBC is a deadly and immoral, anti-Canadian broadcaster. CBC = CANADA’S BROADCASTING CESSPOOL Once again this year, CBC Vancouver has held its annual FOODBANK DAY. This year, it collected over $2 million. Most of CBC’s other stations all across … Continue reading

When a Billion Chinese Jump-2

WHEN A BILLION CHINESE JUMP-2 For the past 25 years, Mainland Chinese immigrants have comprised one of the largest groups of immigrants Canada has taken. They have already created several colonies in Canada. Their large numbers have also affected the … Continue reading

Let’s have some sanity about the Kamloops Indian Residential School Story

Let’s have some sanity about the Kamloops Indian Residential School Story. Yes, it is tragic, but there is much more needed to fully understand what happened. Why? What is now happening is insane. The first thing to do is to … Continue reading