Contact Your MP, MLA and Municipal Councillors

Please write, phone or visit your MP, MLA (MPP), City Councillors or school trustees. A visit is the most effective. Take someone with you as a witness to what is said.

It is important that Canadians tell elected officials that Canada’s current immigration policies are in need of major reform. For example, present immigration levels have to be reduced dramatically. Immigration Watch Canada believes in a major reduction from the 300,000+ present level to approximately the 25,000 per year level. We are not advocating abolition of immigration.

Immigration is primarily a federal responsibility, so concerned Canadians should contact federal politicians first. However, provinces have a constitutional right to be involved in immigration, so provincial politicians are part of the problem too. When any politician (federal, provincial or municipal) preaches unsustainable growth or a provincial or municipal politician says immigration is a federal issue and beyond their jurisdiction, they have to be challenged. These people won’t hesitate to look for federal money or federal moral support for their pet projects, so remind them. Tell them this loud and clear. Tell them also that they know perfectly well that they can influence federal immigration policies and that it’s time for them to stop playing games such as pretending they are helpless.

If a municipal, provincial or federal politician seems to think that no critical comment can be made about immigration, tell them they are speaking absolute nonsense. Being able to say nothing critical today about Canada’s immigration policies is like being told you should say nothing critical, fifteen years ago, about Canada’s massive deficit spending. Canada’s spending had to be brought back to sanity. So do Canada’s present immigration policies. The latter are a formula for even greater disaster than unrestrained deficit spending.

If politicians are marveling about multiculturalism, diversity, inclusion, vibrancy, etc., you will know that they are in favour of present immigration levels and suffer from serious delusions.  You can also assume that they know very little about Canada’s present immigration policies and/ or that they have given very little thought to the immigration issue. Challenge them. Canadians have had enough of robotic immigration comments from people who are supposed to have the ability to think. Tell them that their primary responsibility is to the majority of Canadians and that this means that the economic, environmental and cultural well-being of the majority of Canadians has to take precedence over such cliched and vacuous ideas as multiculturalism, diversity, inclusion and vibrancy. It is important that you speak out. The economic, environmental and cultural well-being of Canada is at stake.

Send us a copy of your letters. We regularly publish a selected number of comments in the “WEEKLY BULLETINS” section of our web site. They are usually titled something like, “The People Speak Their Views On Immigration”.

One of the more effective ways to contact politicians is to write or type an old-fashioned letter on paper and to use Canada’s mail system. Such hard copy gets more attention than electronic copy. To send a hard copy letter to Canada’s Prime Minister or any other MP, just use the MP’s name and the following address: C/O Parliament Buildings, Ottawa, Ontario, K1A 0A6.

If you don’t know your MP’s name, you can find him or her by calling the Library of Parliament in Ottawa (1-866-599-4999). Here is their e-mail address :

Give the receptionist your postal code and address. That will help to locate the MP. If talking to someone in Ottawa sounds intimidating, you can always phone the constituency offices of these people in the place where you live. If you have the internet, check it for constituency office contact information. Your phone book should also have constituency contact information.

Paper letters to MP’s require no postage!

Please send a copy of your paper letter to your own MP and to 3 or 4 other related departments. MP’s will usually respond to letters, but will often ignore e-mails.


If you wish to use e-mail, here is a list of e-mail addresses. We have included other information you can use to make a complaint about the immigration issue:

(1) Canada’s Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau, can be contacted at

(2) Canada’s Minister of Citizenship, Immigration and Multiculturalism, Sean Fraser can be reached at or at

(3) The leaders of the other parties in Parliament are as follows : Conservative Party of Canada leader Erin O’Toole  (, Green leader (not available) Try this : NDP leader jagmeet Singh at,  BQ leader Yves Blanchet at



(4) The 11 MP’s who are on the Standing Committee on Citizenship and Immigration are supposed to spend most of their time discussing immigration and refugee issues. They make decisions on what immigration and refugee changes should be introduced to the House of Commons. Incredible as it may sound, they spend almost all of their time listening to Canada’s immigration industry (immigration lawyers, immigration consultants and ethnic groups whose votes they want). As a result, most, if not all of them are exceptionally unaware of anything critical of immigration. These MP’s need to hear from real Canadians. In alphabetical order, here are their names and e-mail addresses :

Use this formula to send an e-mail to the MP you want to contact :

Liberal Salma Zahid, Chair Scarborough Centre, ON
Liberal Sukh Dhaliwal Surrey—Newton, BC
Liberal Anju Dhillon Dorval—Lachine—LaSalle, QC
Liberal Soraya Martinez Ferrada Hochelaga, QC
Liberal Geoff Regan Halifax West, NS
Liberal Marc G. Serré Nickel Belt, ON
Conservative Raquel Dancho, Vice-Chair Kildonan—St. Paul, MB
Conservative Dean Allison Niagara West, ON
Conservative Jasraj Hallan Calgary Forest Lawn, AB
Conservative Bob Saroya Markham—Unionville, ON
New Democratic Jenny Kwan, Vice-Chair Vancouver East, BC
Bloc Québécois Christine Normandin, Vice-Chair Saint-Jean, QC



The CBC receives about $1 Billion a year of taxpayer money to be Canada’s national broadcaster. With that billion, it regularly abuses its role by acting as the propaganda arm for Canada’s immigration industry. The abuse comes daily in news coverage where the CBC gives an open microphone to members of the immigration industry to say what they want.

Simultaneously, it denies Canadians who have opposite views, the right to say anything. The CBC also uses the money it gets from Canadians to broadcast television  or radio programs that promote the hiring (at the expense of Canadian-born ) of immigrants that Canada never needed . When you hear the CBC give air time to Canada’s immigration industry, phone the CBC and complain. It is no exaggeration to say that the CBC is a quisling organization and is  betraying Canadians. In suppressing reliable research  that immigration was the major factor in unaffordable housing prices in Metro Vancouver andToronto, it is no exaggeration to say the CBC was a criminal accomplice of the real estate and developer industry. The CBC has to hear from thousands of us.

Here is the CBC rule (part of the rules that the CBC wrote and professes to follow), but which the CBC violates daily :

2.2.17 Political Activity–The CBC/Radio-Canada must remain and appear to remain impartial in carrying out its professional duties to the Canadian Public. It is essential that the CBC/Radio-Canada neither holds, nor appears to hold, a position on any matter of public concern or controversy.

Here are people you can complain to :

A. The CBC Ombudsman : This person (currently Esther Enkin) investigates complaints against the CBC. Complaints about the CBC should be sent to French complaints against Radio Canada should be sent to

The CBC Ombudsman for English broadcasting can be contacted by regular mail or by phone. Here is the appropriate contact information:

Esther Enkin, CBC Ombudsman
P.O. Box 500, Station A
Toronto, Ontario M5W 1E6

Fax: 416/205-2825
Tel.: 416/205-2978

The CBC Ombudsman for French broadcasting (Radio Canada) is Guy Gendron. Here is his e-mail contact address :

B. Canada’s Minister of Heritage oversees the CBC. Here is the e-mail address for the Minister, Melanie Joly, :



Each province or territory has a minister responsible for immigration. You can get that person’s name and e-mail address by phoning any provincial government office.

Here is a list of phone numbers by province and territory :

1. British Columbia : 250-356-2771
2. Alberta : 780-427-2711
3. Saskatchewan : 306-787-1117
4. Manitoba : 1-866-626-4862
5. Ontario : 1-800-267-8097
6. Quebec : 514-644-4545
7. New Brunswick : 1-888-762–8600
8. Nova Scotia : 1-800-670-4357
9. P.E.I. : 902-368-4000
10. Newfoundland and Labrador :1-709-729-3699
11. North West Territories : 1-867-873-7500
12. Yukon : 1-867-607-5811
13. Nunavut : 1-888-252-9869