It seems that I have nothing left to live for.

This morning I looked for Canadian news on you tube and discovered that there isI have lost my purpose because Justin Trudeau is failing. rebellion and upheaval in the federal NDP caucus. Three of leader Jagmeet Singh’s loyalists have announced that they are not running in the next election, one of them being—surprise, surprise—the seemingly invincible Rachel Blaney. Party strategists are looking at poll numbers and they have come to the conclusion that Singh and his party will go down with the Trudeau ship he kept afloat. Locally, Blaney is trailing the Conservative candidate by 10 percentage points, a massive turnaround from her previous three elections. You know a politician sees the writing on the wall when she declares that she wants to spend more time with her family. In other words, “I didn’t get fired, I quit.” Yeah, right.

The news gets better.

Justin Trudeau’s political demise is inevitable. There is upheaval in his caucus too. Justin is coming apart. We are witnessing a mental breakdown. Tears were flowing down his cheeks in a recent press conference. He can’t go anywhere now without being heckled or shouted at, even by people in the Liberal caucus. It is lovely to see. Everyone is after his blood. No wonder the killer whales off Tofino are gunning for surfboarding narcissists and drama teachers. Good hunting Moby Dick!

At the same time, news items suggest that the Communist regime in Havana is in extreme danger. Complete economic collapse and political chaos are around the corner. Should that happen, Justin would have no safe sanctuary to run to. No more family reunions for you, comrade. The socialist model is on the brink of extinction! The trouble with censorship is that autocratic regimes and rulers don’t get the feedback they need to change policies that aren’t working.

It seems then that, as Pierre Trudeau famously said fifty years ago, “The universe is unfolding as it should”. If totalitarian leaders and parties are falling like bowling pins around me, then I have no work to do. No purpose. Socialist dictators and tyrants don’t need me to destroy them. They are obviously able to do that themselves. So call off the civil war. Maybe I can sell my AK-47 at a garage sale.

Now what I am going to do with myself? Chill out? I forgot how to do that. Reform my personality? Good luck on that! Apply for assisted suicide? Are you kidding me? We have socialized medicine so the wait list for assisted suicide is 2 years. I’ll be dead by that time…

Tim Murray
April 14, 2024

Play YouTube VideoJagmeet’s NDP is falling apart – three MPs won’t seek reelection

PS. The stunning implosion of the NDP and Liberal parties opens the door to Peoples Party of Canada supporters who were tempted to vote strategically. The situation in Canada is so dire that many of them were prepared to hold their nose and vote Conservative to keep the Liberal or NDP candidate from winning. But now the gap between the Conservatives and the Liberal-NDP is, in many constituencies, large enough to allow these PPC supporters to vote for the PPC candidate without fear of “splitting the vote” . A strong PPC performance would send a message to the Conservatives that if they renege on their key promises eg. defunding the CBC and rolling back censorship laws, a viable PPC will be able to siphon off enough disgruntled Conservatives to deprive future Prime Minister from winning a second term. So hang in there Maxime! News of your death was greatly exaggerated.