Be Humane With Genuine Refugees, But Do Not Put Up With Fraud

We believe in retaining some parts of Canada’s present refugee system. At present, Canada accepts around 10,000 refugees who are selected abroad from refugee camps. We believe in a wise continuation of this policy. More importantly, we believe in generous increases in Canadian government assistance to genuine refugees in refugee camps around the world. Currently, Canada throws away literally billions of dollars in catering to the needs of fake asylum seekers who arrive in Canada and claim to be refugees. Much of that money ends up in the hands of Canada’s parasitic immigration lobby. However, Canada gives only a pittance to genuine refugees overseas.

Most importantly, we agree with the United Nations policy of protecting refugees until they can be resettled in their own countries. In other words, we believe that refugees should return to their home countries once internal  military conflict or similar situations end. We advocate that the Canadian government do all that it can internationally to further this U.N. policy. Unlike Canada’s immigration industry, we do not believe that the world should be moved to Canada or that Canada’s asylum-seeker system should be sabotaged by the immigration lobby with so many delays that it fails to work in the interests of Canada. The immigration lobby has succeeded in so much of its sabotage that it has become very difficult to return asylum seekers to their countries.

We disagree with most of Canada’s current asylum-seeker policies. We believe that they have been grossly abused by people who are, in fact, economic immigrants and that Citizenship and Immigration has done little to correct the abuse of the system. In effect, Citizenship and Immigration, and the federal government in general, have allowed the asylum-seeker policy to become a second immigration door into Canada.

Since 1989, well over 800,000 asylum-seekers have used this door. According to James Bissett, a former Executive-Director of Canada’s Immigration Service for 5 years, the vast majority of people who have claimed asylum are not genuine refugees fleeing persecution. These fraudulent refugee claimants have virtually paralyzed the quasi-legal and legal systems made available to them. The system has become so overloaded that the federal government has been forced to grant them amnesties from time to time.

Citizenship and Immigration euphemistically refers to these amnesties as “Administrative Reviews”. This means that our federal government has forgiven many tens  of thousands of cheaters. The key point is that the act of forgiving these cheaters did not end the problem. These cheaters then went on to sponsor literally hundreds of thousands of people through the “Family Class” category. Furthermore, in these and other cases where these fraudulent claimants have been granted landed status, the practice of granting amnesty or “Administrative Reviews” has encouraged more cheaters to abuse the system. This abuse has to end. Ottawa has to develop the backbone to deal with the corrupt immigration lobby and hordes of asylum-seeking cheaters.