Recognize The Cultural Limits To The Number Of Immigrants We Can Take

We believe there are cultural limits to the number of people any country can absorb. Canada now accepts more immigrants per capita than any other developed country. The inflow of 7 to 8 million immigrants/refugees into Canada’s three urban areas since 1990 has had a dramatic effect on Canadian-born as well as on earlier immigrants in those areas. In a number of places, long-term residents have suddenly become a minority and virtual strangers in their communities.

Canada’s diversity promoters like to tell us to “Celebrate diversity”, but long-term residents of Canada believe this really means they are being told to celebrate their marginalization and colonization. Many Canadians ask : What would the people of Beijing, Calcutta or Manilla (to name a few) think if large numbers of Canada’s mainstream population were to arrive there and proclaim “We’re here to make you diverse.” We suspect that such Canadians would be dispatched very quickly to another destination—probably six feet under !!! If they were to escape such a fate, we suspect those dispatched would arrive at their new destinations without key organs.

Canada’s multiculturalists have welcomed the unprecedented rise in immigration levels and simultaneously implied that Canada was a cultural wasteland before “The Flood” began around 1989. Most Canadians, particularly those in Canada’s major urban areas, feel that they are being overwhelmed by the high numbers of recent immigrants. Canada is supposed to be a country with control over its borders, but it has been turned into a colony of countries wishing to export people. A goal of a significant number of these peopl (Muslims, Sikhs and Chinese particularly) is to have their groups outnumber the long-term population of Canada. All of this has been accomplished through the complicity of Canada’s immigration industry, Canada’s federal government, and elected politicians at all other levels.

The two landmark federal studies of the immigration issue (“Charting Canada’s Future” and “New Faces In The Crowd”) both cautioned about the social consequences of large and sudden demographic change. Most urban Canadians believe that sanity has to be restored to Canada’s present immigration policies. In other words, Canada’s immigration policies have to be taken out of the hands of Canada’s immigration industry and politicians and placed under the rightful, democratic control of the people of Canada. Canadians have to take back their country.