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Recent Petitions

  1. Do you think “mass immigration” is a real threat for Canada
  2. Get Maxime Bernier in the Federal Election Debates
  3. Say “NO” to a “Day Against Islamophobia” in Ontario
  4. Launch a public inquiry into money laundering and corruption in British Columbia
  5. No to the Islamic Centre’s Request for Prayer Spaces in Toronto Subways
  6. Stop! the Islamic Party of Ontario
  7. Say NO to a “Gay” Loonie!
  8. Call to Withdraw from Global Compact for Safe, Orderly and Regular Migration – initiated by Maxime Bernier
  9. Demand Consultations on Global Compact for Safe, Orderly and Regular Migration – an international M-103 on steroids 

Past petitions

  1. Demand the Return of the Statue of Sir John A
  2. Stand up for Sir John A Macdonald: stop the removal of his statue from Victoria, BC
  3. Free Tommy Robinson
  4. Say “NO” to Birth Tourism
  5. Sign the Petition titled, Say “NO” to a Day of Action on Islamophobia in Canada
  6. Charge the lying mother with public mischief for Hijab-cutting hoax
  7. Immediately detain and charge all known ISIS fighters in Canada
  8. Give Recall Power to the People: Petition E-980
  9. Protect Free Speech
  10. Ban Sharia Law From Canada