Every year, Canada’s population gives its national broadcaster, the CBC (the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation) at least $1 Billion. Justifiably, Canadians expect the CBC to provide unbiased coverage of important national issues. But what Canadians get is extremely biased, anti-nationalist reporting on all issues, especially senseless immigration. This amounts to criminal action against Canadians. Why? Because it has resulted in the denial of such a basic human need as affordable shelter to hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of Canadians. Consequently, to many Canadians, the abbreviation “CBC” now means “Criminals Betraying Canada”.

The public has long thought of real estate developers and much of the rest of that industry as a collection of society’s low life who deserve to be spurned. In fact, most Canadians would say that this low life should be the last to be considered to rule the country. Yet in the midst of the Metro Vancouver and Metro Toronto housing chaos which saw Vancouver housing costs soar to the second highest in the world, the CBC has virtually married the real estate industry. How? It has colluded with that industry in promoting a national housing policy.

In the view of a senior Canadian diplomat, that collusion has virtually raped hundreds of thousands of Canadians. The CBC has accomplished that by repeatedly broadcasting the real estate industry’s fraudulent claim that the easiest solution to housing unaffordability is to increase “SUPPLY”. That means increasing the number of housing units.

Simultaneously, the CBC has repeatedly suppressed a much more reliable and honest analysis of Metro Vancouver’s housing unaffordability. That analysis was done by UBC’s David Ley. Dr. Ley concluded that because relentless high immigration is the cause of Metro Vancouver’s stratospheric housing prices, the obvious solution therefore to the housing unaffordability crisis is a dramatic reduction in immigration. After all, the big question is this : How can Metro Vancouver and other areas of Canada such as Metro Toronto ever return to affordability as long as a relentless yearly inflow of hundreds of thousands of immigrants continues? In fact, insane as it sounds, every year, Canada is currently allowing about 1.5 million foreigners into its land area. Almost all will have the potential to apply for citizenship.

Common sense tells Canadians that a 1.5 million intake will prevent Canada from ever curing unaffordable housing. Common sense also tells Canadians that senseless high immigration will continue to cause enormous collateral economic, cultural and environmental damage.

The corrupt real estate industry knows that its claim about increasing “SUPPLY” is a lie. But it also knows that if it says its lie often enough, many people will actually believe the lie. The ally of the real estate industry is Canada’s Prime Minister Trudeau who embodies, in breathtaking magnitude, the qualities of a quisling. He has contempt for Canada’s French and English majority population. He has committed Canada to a pursuit of mindless “Diversity”. A few years ago, Trudeau foolishly declared that Canada was open to the world’s refugees. Border chaos from fake refugees followed immediately. Close to 150,000 fake refugees entered Canada. The rest of the country’s rulers (Other MP’s, Provincial and municipal governments) have groveled in lock step to get immigrant votes.

If the CBC had been doing its job, it would have challenged Trudeau, and other politicians in Canada, particularly those in the City of Vancouver and other cities, on their disgraceful “strategies” to cure Canada’s housing affordability problem. But it did and said nothing. What greater sin is there than betraying one’s country and the Canadian family in it? What but the lowest Circle of Hell would be suitable for Trudeau and the xenophilic horde of criminals in Canada’s Parliament, other political positions, the real estate industry, the CBC and elsewhere?

At the beginning of December every year, the CBC in many areas devotes one day to collecting money for food banks across the country. Again this year , the CBC in Vancouver has hypocritically implied that it deserves to be commended for raising close to $1 million for such a basic need as food. However, the damage the CBC has done to such a basic need as affordable shelter on the other 364 days of the year negates any good the CBC does on its Christmas Food Bank Day. There is absolutely no question that in Metro Vancouver and in many other parts of Canada, the CBC has demonstrated that it is a criminal organization and that it is a criminal accomplice to the corrupt real estate industry.

Where are our rocket launchers?


For the latest, see https://www.thepostmillennial.com/journalistic-malpractice-cbc-omits-refugee-claimant-surge-in-toronto-homeless-crisis-stories/