Immigration And Refugee Conspiracy—Why?

IMMIGRATION AND REFUGEE CONSPIRACY. WHY? … Speech delivered at Vancouver, Toronto, Ottawa. Spring, 1988 .
(Circa: Spring, 1988)

In 1987-88, ships were smuggling illegal aliens into Canada on a
regular basis. All of the illegals were claiming ‘refugee’ status in

Speaker: J. Michael

What is Canada?

If you look at Canada geographically, you will find the second largest country in the world, only surpassed in size the Soviet Union. But, we are not a
“big country’.

In contrast, if you look at Canada demographically, you will find that over 90% of it’s’ population lives on a developed, 100-mile sliver of land north of the United States border. So, we are not that large after all. We are a country of major pockets of population and enormous distances.

If you look at Canada culturally, with the exemption of Quebec, you will find that Canada was founded, primarily, on the values, ethics and morals of the
Anglo Saxons. Once here, previous immigrants, from all over, accepted
and embraced these principles. They were why they came here. That is our
foundation. We are an Anglo Saxon country and culture.

For demographics will show you that Canada has three major population
centres: Greater Vancouver Metro Toronto, and Metropolitan Montreal. I’m
going to leave Montreal out of today’s talk. Because of Quebec’s
provincial cultural protections, Montreal is not that attractive to
refugees and immigrants. What are extremely attractive to outsiders are
the cities of Toronto and Vancouver.

Very rarely will you find a refugee or immigrant gravitating to places with such strange names as: Terrace or Prince Rupert, B.C.; Edmonton or Calgary; Chicoutimi or Three Rivers, Quebec; or even St. John’s, Newfoundland. As with the Sikh’s invasion on our east coast, most immigrants and refugees want to take that now- famous “Taxi to Toronto”.

Now, I am not here to knock outsiders and their fellow ethnics roosting together in our major centres. It is quite natural.

If you and I and other Canadians were living in Japan, we would do exactly
the same. We would naturally gravitate towards people who shared our
own English language, Anglo Saxon culture and values. If permitted, we
would likely end up living in English-speaking communities, reading
Canadian newspapers and attempt to educate our children in Anglo Saxon
values and our “homeland” English language. Birds of a feather still
flock together. But, from the perspective of our host country’s’ people,
the Japanese, we would be considered to be living in a “Canadian

If we were permitted to go to Japan in droves, the Japanese would likely start to get worried. Here would be a non-Japanese people who didn’t speak Japanese, nor respected Japanese religion, customs or values. In short – the Japanese would feel like they were being invaded. But, there is one (major) difference between Canada and Japan. As I reaffirmed this week with the Consulate of Japan, we would never be allowed to become Japanese citizens because Japan accepts no immigrants. The reason given was that they “already have too many people”. Somehow, that’s beginning to sound a lot like our cities of Toronto and Vancouver.

Now, I’m not going to stand here and tell you that all of the ills of Canada can be placed on the backs of immigrants or refugees. That would be ludicrous. But, from the standpoint of the decaying and breaking down of our major centres’ social infrastructures, every additional person becomes a major
contributor to the breakdown. I’ll return to this later.

It is compassionate to lend a drowning man your hand and bring him into your boat. Equally, it is compassionate to lend a helping hand to a 2nd, 3rd
or 4th drowning man. But, now your problems begin. With each additional
person, the gun whales of your boat sink deeper and deeper. The water
line rises, not to mention the crowding of your other passengers. The
displacement of your boat is gradually being replaced by the sheer
weight of its additional people, until, finally, like your Third World
countries, all of your passengers, original and additional, are swimming
for their lives. Lending a “helping hand” to drowning people is
terrific, as long as it doesn’t sink your boat. “Compassion” is great –
when you can afford it.

That is my point. In our major centres of Vancouver and Toronto, the water line is rising. Our once-proud Canadian way of life is being gradually displaced by a mumbo-jumbo of failed foreign cultures and societies. If these were so good, to be revered, then why did these people leave them? Were our 1960 Canadian Anglo Saxon values, principles and culture that bad that we had toimport world wide help to transform them into something else? Or,
because of our high standard of living, did we suffer from such a
massive guilt complex, that we wanted to share in the misery of the
Third World by inviting in their failed cultures to drag our own down to
their level?

In the 60’s, we used to feel sorry for the new immigrant. He or she faced a major problem called “culture shock”. Today, the reverse is true. It is we in Toronto and Vancouver who face “culture shock” on a daily basis as more and more of the world’s cultures are shoved upon us. Our left-lib, bleeding-heart types will tell you that this input “enhances” Canada – that there is “unity in diversity”. These airheads never heard that diversity and division creates quite the opposite : Animosity, hatred, racism and bigotry.

In the late 50’s and early 60’s, it was John George Diefenbaker who had a
dream. His dream was for “One Canada”, an unhyphenated Canada, a
Canadian melting pot where, first and foremost, all Canadians would be
Canadians, proud Canadians. This was not to be.

The first spark of today’s immigration and multicultural explosion found its roots in the 1963 Royal Commission on Bilingualism and Biculturalism. Contrary to Diefenbaker’s dream, the Commission was to study, not only our two founding peoples, the English and the French, but was also to “examine
the contributions made by other ethnic groups”.

At the time, all of this seemed very fair and quite proper. Aside from the English and French, many other people had made huge contributions to the development of Canada. But, this Commission was an historical milestone in our development. For the first time, it recognized and institutionalized the
hyphenated Canadian…Dief’s dream was smothered.

Later, in the mid-60’s, an assistant to Lester B. Pearson, Tom Kent, allegedly was thought to have advised the Liberal leader on how to break-up the
Progressive Conservative’s political grip on “Tory Toronto”. The
solution was quite simple. Open up the immigration flood gates to
non-traditional immigrants.

Even though, at the time, their Toronto population pockets were small, as in our example of Canadians in Japan, the newcomers would naturally gravitate to their own people and become isolated and, therefore, politically controllable. Their numbers would grow and all of the Great White Gods of the Liberal Party had to do was “remind” them of who let them into Canada. This could be achieved by funding their leaders and expanding their ethnic press through Liberal government funding.

The ethnic press couldn’t very well bite the hand that fed it, so their output would be guaranteed to be pro-Liberal. This was a very simple recipe . . . a very brilliant, long term strategy for the Liberal Party. It was a Canadian sellout, but, politically it worked.

The gates were flung open and non-traditional immigrants came in – not to take his or her place in our Anglo Saxon Canadian culture and society, no. No, rather to install and impose the values and customs of their own failed society, good or bad, on our Canadian society. Subsequently, elections, until Joe Clark’s burp government in 1979, proved that Kent’s plan, of dividing and
conquering, worked.

To reinforce these divisions, it was Pierre Trudeau who, through several speeches, committed Canada to a new concept: a permanent division of Canada’s people, a new thing, a new word, called “Multiculturalism”. Now, the hyphenated ethnic had been put on the national agenda. On the agenda to such a degree that, in 1972, a Minister of Multiculturalism was appointed and a Multicultural Directorate was formed in the Department of the Secretary of State – a mechanism to force the imposition of alien cultures into our Canadian Anglo Saxon society had been written in stone.

Up to that point, most of us were unaware of what was happening to our country. If you raised a question about protecting your culture, you were labeled as a “racist”, a “bigot” or “red-neck”. Our left-lib media, as is now,
championed the cause by continually supporting and disseminating stories
of the tremendous “compassion” and tolerance” that Canadians had.

Meanwhile, that water level on the gun whales of our Ship of State kept rising.
Our spineless politicians ran for cover every time the subject of this
planned and manipulated conspiracy would come up. We were told to accept
this incredible national evolution without a whimper. Being good,
passive Canadians, good human beings afraid of being labeled otherwise,
we accepted this monumental change to our Canadian way of life.

1977 saw the addition of the power of law behind this cultural betrayal. The
Canadian Human Rights Act was passed and the Human Rights Commission
was created. Your freedom to chose and hire people of your own cultural
and ethnic background, if you so desired, had been cancelled.

While the new immigrants could openly discriminate against you in their
hiring practices, you couldn’t show any sign of selectivity against
them, without cause and potential visits from the Commission’s thought
cops. Not only would you be labeled as a “racist bigot”, but now, you
could be fined as well. Divisive Multiculturalism and taken on a life of
its own.

Today, we have Forced Reverse Discrimination in the hiring of visible minorities for CBC TV, many of our banks in high ethnic areas, our police forces and our government jobs. Even, a backdoor “Affirmative Action” is being practiced on all government contracts. Forget ‘talent’ or ‘skill’, you must hire minorities.

In 1982, a parliamentary committee produced a report called “Equality
Now”. This was the beginning of a legislative framework to stop any
detractors from saying anything about the monumental changes in our
Canadian culture. That was the same year; “Multiculturalism” was
enshrined into Trudeau’s freedom-killing Constitution and Charter of
(Limiting) Rights and Freedoms.

Since then, nothing has come to the rescue of restoring or maintaining some semblance of our Anglo Saxon culture. Quite the contrary. In 1985, Mulroney’s House of Commons established the “Standing Committee on Multiculturalism”. This was to “act as a forum for ethnic community representatives and to review the government’s progress in implementing multicultural policies with a tradition of and active, not passive, multicultural policy”. Somehow, this 13-year-old cultural betrayal, called “Multiculturalism”, had become a “tradition”, at least in the warped, do-gooder minds of Mulroney and his clapping seals.

Today, we have no way of defending the former cultural fabric of our own county. ‘Wide-open’ vs. ‘selective’ immigration is the name of the game with an addition – the “compassionate” practice of “Family Reunification”.

So, welcome to Canada, 1988.

Welcome to a population who have allowed a concatenation of events to,
literally, sell-out their Canadian birthright, their Anglo Saxon
heritage and culture.

Welcome to a country that, even in the last few weeks, has enjoyed and, I’m sure, appreciated the beautiful, glorious spectacle of Palestinians demonstrating against Israelis in Toronto; members of the Sikh community, the largest in the world outside of India, demonstrating against India for a new homeland and illegal aliens from Turkey, not refugees, demonstrating on our hallowed Parliament Hill. (Would these liars and cheats have been allowed the same privilege in Moscow, Paris, London or Washington?)

It’s a pretty picture, isn’t it? Because we are a divided, hyphenated society,
one of the few in the Free World, we now have the opportunity to become
involved in our new immigrants’ homeland wars and disputes. In the Name
of God, why didn’t they stay there in the first place and fight these
things themselves, instead of importing them to Canada?

In addition to the demonstrations, we have thousands of these people
regularly sending tons of Canadian money to such reputable groups as the
IRA, PLO, ANC, and Tamil Tigers and heaven knows who else. In the short
of it, Canadian money has become a continuous supporter of revolution
through out the world.

Can we blame Pearson, Trudeau or Mulroney? They only promoted this garbage for political control. It was we, the sons and daughters of today’s and yesterday’s immigrants – people who accepted the Anglo Saxon ethic – who have let down our guard, become passive, become complacent, and elected, and elected, time after time again, the cultural sellout artists of Parliament.

In the Gallup Poll, released on March 31, 1988, 14% of Canadians said that they wanted our immigration numbers increased. But a whopping 41% wanted it decreased. Small wonder. Ottawa’s initial forecast for immigrants in 1987 was between 115 and 125 thousand. Final figures show that nearly
134,000 new immigrants were accepted into Canada. That is not counting
the 25 or 30 thousand aliens who claimed refugee status. Will it ever
end? The “people pressure’ in our three centres is increasing by the

Let’s talk about “refugees’. The U.S. Committee on Refugees reported that there were 13.3 million bono fide refugees in the world in 1987. We haven’t even started to see these vast numbers on our shores…yet.

The two Bills before parliament, 554 and 84, are but Band-Aids to cover up a much larger problem. The Bills will not decrease our population by one person. They will not stop the hordes of people coming here and saying those four magic words “I am a refugee”. They will not remove us from the current sources of our bad refugeepolicy. That source is Canada’s being a member of the UN Convention on Refugees.

In short, what this bleeding-heart document says is that if you can get to the country of your choice, put your feet on their soil, and say the “four magic words’, BINGO, that sucker country must accept you.

West Germany is another member of the convention. They are, currently and literally, being flooded with hundreds of thousands of Third Worlders. Our own current backlog of aliens “for processing’ has been reported at 48,000.

According to Parliament’s Immigration Committee Vice-Chairman, John Oostrom, so far a whopping 90% of those who have claimed refugee status and have been processed have been turned down. They are not “refugees’ in any way, shape or form. They are simply liars and cheats. But, the UN Convention still represents a green light to people of the Third World to invade our country of Canada. The numbers of refugee claimants are estimated to rise to between 30 and 35 thousand this year alone. That’s almost 100 a day.

You will never hear about most of the alien infiltrators unless, of course, they can row boats. Most sneak in at our international airports, say those “four magic words’, and are put in the queue behind the other 48,000 already here, yet to be processed. The are given housing and welfare payments. In the tax-subsidized or fully tax-paid housing area, they go right to the top of the list. Why?Because our social welfare do-gooders figure that the alien is the
neediest. So, you can forget it if you are a Canadian down on your luck,
your need is not as great as theirs.

Some weeks ago, The Toronto Star had a story about five illegal aliens from Turkey entitled “Shattered Dreams”. Here’s an excerpt:

“The five men were desperate. For four months they had be receiving $476.00 monthly welfare (In Montreal), surviving on dried beans, onions, tomato paste and bread and were sending the rest of the money home to their families”.

That’s a total of $9,520.00 that Montreal shelled out to liars and cheats and
their families back home. That’s only five people. What about the cost
of the other 47,995?

You may think that I am being callous. I’m not. The Canadian lifeboat in our major centres of Toronto, (Montreal) and Vancouver is sinking.

But we can’t blame it all on bogus refugees. No. No. A few weeks ago on CBC’s “This Week In Parliament”, Immigration Minister Barbara McDougall said “85% of new immigrants are from Family Reunification Programmes.” Here’s how this programme, a ‘compassionate’ action for immigrants, yet hideous scam for Canadians and their culture, works. It works by geometric, not arithmetic progression.

“John” qualifies as a landed Immigrant. He leaves his homeland and comes to Canada alone. At this point he can bring his father, mother and all brothers and sisters under 18 years of age. John returns to his homeland, marries “Jane” and returns to Canada. Now, Jane’s mother, father and all siblings under 18 can be brought to Canada. Obviously, the many brothers and sisters of John and Jane can each return to the homeland and have real or arranged marriages and each one can bring in completely new family trees. This insidious practice, according to McDougall, is what makes up the 85% figure.

MP Donld me personally that for every single person allowed into
Canada, who used Family Reunification, so far, there are 34 people now
here. One becomes 34. Hard to believe, but Don knows his stuff.

What types are we allowing in? Here are some excerpts for Bob MacDonald of The Toronto Sun.

“Often their stories are utterly ridiculous – but anything and everything are
accepted as a refugee claim. One Ghanaian asked for refugee status on
the basis that “the meat eaters are after me”. He was a vegetarian.
Officers had to allow him to stay to wait processing of his case.”…

“One man arrived from Lima with papers as a landed immigrant. Arriving with him were a loaded revolver, a loaded shotgun and a couple of bayonets.
He’s still here.”…

Quebec Immigration Minister Loose Robin was quite correct when she said “Canada is one of the countries of the world where border controls are least stringent.”

What does this all mean? As I mentioned all of this wouldn’t be all that bad if immigrants settled in places like Terrace, B.C. or St. Catherine’s, Ontario. But, no, no, they don’t. They settle in Toronto. They settle in Vancouver.

The Globe and Mail reported “Ontario and British Columbia are the provinces with the highest concentrations of immigrants at almost one-quarter of their total populations.” (A-2, G&M 4/21/88)

* Fact: In Vancouver, there are 14 policeman permanently assigned to the city’s schools because of racial gang-wars.

* Fact: In Toronto, 60,000 people are eating out of food banks on a daily basis. And more people keep arriving.

Fact: Because of the demand and supply of rental accommodation,
Toronto’s vacancy rate is .01%. Certainly, government rent controls
haven’t helped, but the additional thousands upon thousands of
immigrants and refugees just turn that ‘demand’ pressure up.

Fact: If you are lucky enough to compete for a home, it will cost you
because of the extraordinary pressures of demand and supply – too many
looking for too little. The average Toronto home now sells for about

* Fact: We have people living in tents and, even one family was living in a bus shelter. They are not immigrants or lying refugees. No, no. Canadians of many generations. And the immigrants keep coming.

* Fact: Crime is on the rise, much being committed by members of our minorities. In many cases, we have ethnic fighting and sometimes killing ethnics.

* Fact: Because of the lack on inoculations, cases of polio are increasing. Doctors are even finding it necessary to take courses in before-unheard-of Tropical Diseases.

Fact: Services and spaces in our hospitals are being stretched to the
limit. And Mulroney keeps the doors open for more immigrants.

Fact: Our major roads and transit systems are being pushed to their
limit. The pressures on our two cities of Toronto and Vancouver are

*Fact: Our cultural ghettos are producing political imbalances. Ask the long term Liberal MP Roland de Corniere who, two weeks ago, lost his nomination to a leader of Toronto’s Italian community. He is only one example. Our Canadian political way of life is beginning to be dictated by the manipulated leaders of our cultural ghettos.

* Fact: Two weeks ago, Queen’s Park pumped out $380 million to build more schools, mainly in the Toronto area, to serve all of those additional children. Heaven knows, enough people from across Canada move to Toronto without the pressure of additional hundreds of thousands from around the world.

*Fact: Now, the crunch. Our Canadian students are failing to get into the higher limited courses in our colleges and universities. They are in direct competition with immigrants and their children. And Mulroney keeps pouring more in.

The bottom line is that our social infrastructures are breaking down. And Mulroney keeps pumping in more and more people.

Our Anglo Saxon, Canadian lifeboat is sinking. Canadians, who embrace the
Anglo Saxon values that built this country, are committing cultural,
social and economic suicide.

John Meyer, past president of Zero Population Growth, entitled his November ’87 Globe and Mail article “Should Canada get Bigger or Better?” Mr. Meyer’s article dealt with the  subject from an economic and environmental stance. But, he concluded “There has never been a more opportune time for a government to offer  leadership with a comprehensive national plan of economic modernization (and the necessity) of population stabilization and environmental renewal.”

The answer, from a social, structural standpoint in our two cities, is that “lesser is better.”

To conclude…

I am for all Canadians, old and new, to embrace our natural or chosen
Canadian culture that evolved from our Anglo Saxon heritage. “When In
Rome, Do As The Romans Do.”

* I am for the destruction of that ‘divide and conquer’ government tool called “Multiculturalism”.

I am for the immediate halt to tax funding of anything that looks like
“Multiculturalism”. For once, let’s get those damned hyphens out of our
names. For once, let’s be called “Canadians”. Period.

* Let’s stop being the sucker nation of the world. I am for the immediate
junking of our participation in the UN Convention of Refugees…immediate.

I am for a “zero” immigration policy. White, black, pink brown or with
blue polka-dots – visible or invisible – I don’t care – nobody get in.
No more refugees. No more family reunifications. Let’s stop this
insanity. Let’s try a 10-year moratorium on more people invading our

* I am for giving ourselves a ‘breather’, a chance to recover, repair and rebuild the broken-down social infrastructures in our major centres.

* As in Germany and Japan, I am for the issuing of ‘limited’ work visas for specialized trades and professions that Canada needs – but, when the work is completed – kick them out.

It has been said that “at the rate that we are heading now, by the year
2075, the population of the western democracies will be only 4.5% of the
people of the world”.

Our planet’s population just passed the five billion mark. Demographers had projected that our planet with grow  to a population of 12 to 14 billion by the year 2100 and there are 13 million supposed refugees out there already. It will never end. With our cities social infrastructures reaching their limits, what can our children, their children and grandchildren look forward to? That’s where the Mulroney-type do-gooders of Canada should be placing their bleeding-heart, so-called “compassion” … using it for our future

Let’s go to The Good Book… TIMOTHY 5:8

“But if any provide not for his own, and specially for those in his own
house, he hath denied the faith and is worse than an infidel.”

Thank, you.