Weekly Bulletin – 2004, February 19

The $100 Million Over 4 years Sponsorship Scandal vs. The $ Multiple Billion Continuing Annual Immigration/Refugee Disaster

Dear Prime Minister Martin and Fellow MP's:

Canadians have watched with great interest the sponsorship scandal that the government has faced over the past week. They have been particularly interested in the Prime Minister's assertion that he will get to the bottom of this mess and that he will see that those responsible are punished.

Here are a few major points that all MP's should consider as the public inquiry and the House of Commons examines this rifling of the public treasury:

(1) The sponsorship scandal pales in comparison with the ongoing disaster in Citizenship and Immigration. Although others have pointed out that $100 million is small beside the $1 billion cost of Canada's gun registry, the blunt truth is that both of those fiscal scandals are tiny in comparison with the $ multiple billions that Canada has thrown away on its immigration/refugee policies since it instituted its mass immigration strategy around 1990. As a number of MP's have asked many times before, why is nothing being done about this national disgrace? When will Canadians see an open inquiry into this mess? When will Canadians see the people responsible for this massive annual throw-away of public money, brought to account for what they have done and continue to do?

(2) Lest you think that the people who have raised this issue are unworthy of attention, let us remind you who some of these people are:
A. Mr. Jack Manion, Retired Former Deputy Minister of Immigration and Secretary of Canada's Treasury Board
B. Mr. James Bissett, Former Executive Director of The Canadian Immigration Service and Retired Canadian Ambassador
C. Mr. Charles Campbell, Retired Vice-Chairman of the former Immigration Appeal Board

They and thousands of others have seen the mess from the inside and have repeatedly told the government that major corrective measures, not the usual tinkerings, have to be taken to stop this enormous waste. When will Canadians see the people who have ignored the throw-away, brought to account? Most importantly, when will Canadians see the throw-away stop?

(3) Just before Canada's mass immigration immigration policy started in 1989, Health and Welfare completed a massive national study (Charting Canada's Future) which involved 200 university researchers from across Canada. It concluded that, in dealing with the future aging population issue, encouraging an increase in Canada's fertility rate and increasing the female labour force participation rate and the 45+ male labour force participation rate were statistically and morally superior to the use of immigration. In other words, Canada's own citizens should be the ones first considered in dealing with this future national issue.

When will Canadians see an accounting done of the multiculturalists, open borders advocates and other immigration industry supporters, especially those within government, who have treated their own citizens as disposables and have helped to destroy the lives of , at the very least, tens of thousands of Canadian citizens?

(4) Contrary to what Canada's equity-employment lobby argues, statistical evidence shows that visible minorities did as well or better than the majority Canadian group before mass immigration began in 1990 and that visible minorities have done very well since mass immigration started. In other words, there was no need for most equity-employment measures. Yet a large federal equity employment apparatus has been established at great expense and fabricates evidence today to ensure its continued existence.
This apparatus has been imitated at the provincial and municipal levels and amounts to institutionalized discrimination against the majority Canadian population.

When will Canadians see a public inquiry into this ongoing disaster?
Tens, at the very least, of thousands of Canadians have been treated as disposables by this programme. When will Canadians see this apparatus and the waste it has engendered dismantled?

Immigration Watch Canada knows that Canadians want answers to these much bigger questions now. We all look forward to hearing what you will do about these much more important issues.

Best wishes,
Dan Murray
Immigration Watch Canada