September 28, 2004 : How To Correct The Latest Canadian Illegal Immigration Scandals: Lower the High Immigration Intake

Some Canadians are aware of the fact that around 100 people make refugee claims every day in Canada. Some also know that the majority of these claimants have no legitimate right to refugee status.

But most Canadians are unaware of the daily arrival of tens of thousands of visitors/students whose trails are not checked. The questions that have to be asked are these: Has the Department of Citizenship and Immigration any idea how many of these people have overstayed their visas and are living and working here illegally? Is Citizenship and Immigration doing anything about this situation? Our newspapers regularly tell us that some of these people use Canada as a route to enter the U.S. illegally, but Citizenship and Immigration never tells us how many people are taking jobs from Canadians and claiming services they are not entitled to.

The issue that many Canadians are very unaware of is the illegality that is going on in many Canadian embassies. A major case has just been uncovered in Beijing, but similar cases have also been lately uncovered in Tehran and New Delhi. Here are some important points made about the Beijing case.
(Articles about all the cases are attached below the list of points.)

(1) A Chinese-Canadian diplomat employed in the Canadian embassy in Beijing has just resigned “amid reports that he is being investigated for taking bribes to help Chinese nationals enter Canada illegally”. (The Vancouver Sun)

(2) The key suspect was “originally posted to the Canadian trade office in Shanghai in 1999 and later to the immigration section of the Canadian embassy in Beijing in 2001.” (The Vancouver Sun)

(3) “The former employee is suspected of tracking down applicants who had already been refused entry into Canada, meeting with them privately and offering to rubber-stamp their file in exchange for $10,000 to $20,000, the Asian Pacific Post reported.” (The Vancouver Sun)

(4) The employee “is thought to have made well over a million dollars before he bolted a few days before his posting expired”, the Asian Pacific Post quoted one source as saying.

(5) “Preliminary investigations have linked the suspect to at least one school specializing in teaching English to foreign students in Vancouver, the Post reported.”

(6) ” ‘Business delegations are the most lucrative because a business delegation is obviously worth more than a single tourist visa’, said the source, adding that Ottawa needs to do an audit of visas over the last five years in Beijing to determine the scope of the scandal.” (The Asian Pacific

(7) “A source familiar with fake student visa applications in China said nearly 50 per cent of them have bogus information on them. There are an estimated 130,000 foreign students in Canada, with the bulk of them coming from China.” (The Asian Pacific Post)

(8) “Bryan McAdam, who worked as an Immigration Control Officer in Hong Kong in the nineties was among the first to alert Ottawa to insiders with high security access helping unqualified applicants enter Canada.” (TAPP)

(9) “McAdam was commended for his work on identifying Triad members and Chinese spies entering Canada and later ostracized when he questioned mandarins in Ottawa about their lack of action.” (TAPP)

(10) “The core allegations involved rich Chinese families trying to buy influence with members of the Canadian diplomatic corps, organized crime infiltration of immigration computers and the corrupt activities of an immigration consultant with strong connections who had brought over 3000 Chinese immigrants into Canada.” (TAPP)

(11) ” ‘It looks like what happened in the 90’s in Hong Kong is happening again in China,’ said McAdam.”

The key question that has to be asked is this: Why is Canada encouraging so many people to flock to our borders? These cases reek, and something strong has to be done about them. But the entire policy of bringing 250,000 to 300,000 immigrants per year reeks the most and it has to be thrown out immediately. If this is done, it will pour cold water on much of the illegality.