December 22, 2004 : Judy Sgro’s Christmas Question: When Will Canada’s Immigration Minister and Her Department Get Some “Peace On Earth”?


Once again, Canada’s Department of Citizenship and Immigration is under fire.
The question the minister and her thousands of employees may be asking is this: “When will we get some ‘peace on earth’?” Unfortunately, the probable answer is “Never”.

According to The Ottawa Citizen, “The RCMP has charged a senior Immigration Canada official and four others in what police are calling the largest bribery scandal in the city’s history.

“It took police 11 months to unravel the case that involved bribes ranging from $4000 to $25,000 against people in the Ottawa Arabic commnity to secure their permanent residence status in Canada.”

Co-incidentally, three of the five officials charged (like the victims) have Arabic first names or surnames, something on which The Ottawa Citizen made no comment.

“This is a case of obvious internal corruption and illegality,” says Dan Murray of Immigration Watch Canada, a national organization advocating major reductions to Canada’s current annual immigration intake of 250,000.

“We already know that Citizenship and Immigration causes billions to be spent annually on bringing in very large numbers of people whose entry it has never justified or on accepting refugee claims that most countries in the world would scoff at. What is not obvious to Canadians is the undisclosed amount of money that is being spent by other federal departments to promote the aims of the Department of Citizenship and Immigration.

“For example, the Department of Canadian Heritage, with a budget of $1.1 billion, gives over $13 million to a sub-department called Multiculturalism which funds a large number of programmes all across Canada. (What is Canadian Heritage giving to other similar sub-departments?) The Multiculturalism Department really acts like the artillery section in an army. It softens Canadians up for the floods of people that Canadians have had to face over the past 15 years. It tells Canadians what a good thing multiculturalism is and what a bad thing racism is. But its real message is that Citizenship and Immigration’s current intake of around 250,000 is legitimate, the rest of its policies are based on evidence and that the Department has matters under control. If some Canadians question what the Immigration Minister and her department are doing, then the Minister claims that there is something wrong with those Canadians. As all Canadians know from the unending immigration department scandals that have filled the media lately, Citizenship and Immigration and its leader are the ones who do not have matters under control.

“The Ministry of Multiculturalism is not the only non-immigration department that is funding immigration organizations. Last year, the Department of Western Economic Diversification gave hundreds of thousands to SUCCESS, a Greater Vancouver immigration advocacy group.

“SUCCESS (an immigration-advocacy empire with a budget of around $16 million which comes mostly from government sources) is only one of hundreds of other non-governmental immigration-related organizations all across Canada. All of them, as well as entire federal departments, know that their existence depends on a continued inflow of large numbers of immigrants per year. (The current intake is around 250,000). They do everything they can to maintain that inflow or to raise it—regardless of whether their efforts are in the best interests of Canada.

“So the big questions to be asked are these:

“(1) Exactly how much money from other federal departments (even federal organizations such as the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council which funds $230 Million of research, some of which may be described as ‘hired-gun research’ ) is being quietly funnelled to non-governmental organizations (even research groups) which directly or indirectly promote the questionable policies of the Department of Citizenship and Immigration?

“(2) Exactly how much money is being openly given to other federal departments (one of which is Equity Employment) whose existences depend on maintaining the current unremittingly-high immigration intake?

“Until Canada’s Immigration Minister gives Canadians truthful answers to these and hundreds of other related questions, Canadians will give her a lump of coal. She, unfortunately, doesn’t deserve any ‘peace on earth’. ”