A Letter From U.S. Congressman J. D. Hayworth To Mexico’s Ambassador To The U.S. Regarding Illegal Mexican Immigration

January 5, 2005: A Letter From U.S. Congressman J. D. Hayworth To Mexico's Ambassador To The U.S. Regarding Mexican Government's Encouragement Of Illegal Immigration To The U.S.

The Honorable Carlos de Icaza
Ambassador of Mexico
1911 Pennsylvania, N.W.
Washington, D.C. 20006

Dear Ambassador de Icaza:

I am writing to protest and condemn the Mexican government's continued encouragement of Mexican citizens to come to the U.S. in violation of our immigration laws. Mexico's state-sponsorship of illegal immigration is nothing less than an act of deliberate hostility against the United States – an attack on our sovereignty – and it must cease before it does permanent damage to our relationship.

As an act of good faith, I call on your government to immediately cease the distribution of the “Guide of the Mexican Migrant,” which is only the latest flagrant example of the Mexican government's lack of respect for U.S. laws. The booklet is essentially a “how to” guide for illegal entry into the U.S. But it goes even further by providing recommendations for illegal aliens in evading detection of federal authorities once in the U.S. (“Avoid attracting attention,” etc.) Not once does the guide mention how a Mexican migrant can come the U.S. legally!

The U.S. welcomes over 1 million legal permanent residents each year, 20 percent of those from your country, an amount three times greater than any other country. It is also worth remembering that the 1986 amnesty conferred green cards on 2.8 million illegal aliens, about 2.5 million of whom were Mexican. That represents about 12 years worth of Mexico's current annual immigration quota. America has been a tolerant and generous good neighbor in its reception of illegal Mexicans into our midst. But enough is enough.

It is disgraceful that the Mexican government openly encourages its citizens to head north, not only breaking our immigration laws, but also trampling the spirit of citizenship and assimilation those laws were meant to foster. Illegal immigration weakens our welfare, judicial, and educational systems, and costs Americans jobs. And it endangers our national security.

I know that your government will insist that this guide is nothing more than an effort to keep safe those committed to making the journey north anyway. But given your government's history of openly encouraging more Mexican citizens to head north, it is simply not believable.

The Mexican government has expressed support for an accountable guest-worker program. However, such a program is simply not possible as long as the illegal invasion of America's borders continues with the active encouragement of the Mexican government. If the Mexican government wants to work constructively for immigration reform in general and a guest-worker system in particular, it needs to start becoming a partner in securing our border instead of an accomplice in overrunning it. Ending the distribution of the guide would be a good place to start.

Thank you for your consideration. I look forward to hearing from you.

Best regards,

J.D. Hayworth
Member of Congress