Bush Administration Pushes For Illegal Alien Amnesty Again (Carrying Capacity Network E-Alert)

January 12, 2005: Bush Administration Pushes For Illegal Alien Amnesty Again (Carrying Capacity Network E-Alert)

Carrying Capacity Network E-ALERT

Bush Administration Pushes for Illegal Alien Amnesty Again!

Devastating Effects for American Workers, Taxpayers and Citizens

The new session of Congress is barely underway and the Bush Administration is already pushing once again for a so-called “Guest-Worker” plan with the Mexican government. This euphemistically titled plan would reward immigrants who have broken the law and entered our country illegally, by giving an estimated 18 million or more illegal aliens amnesty.

The administration says 10 million illegal aliens are in the country. Robert Justich, a senior managing director at Bear Stearns Asset Management says 18 to 20 million. Extrapolating from undercounts by the Census Bureau in cities where numbers of illegal aliens are known, the total could be as high as 30 million.

Under the current proposed plan, illegal immigrants now living in the U.S. would be given a three-year temporary work VISA, which could be extended indefinitely, and would lead to permanent resident alien status. There is no way to ensure that participants in this program will merely be guests of our country and then leave. The Bush “guest-worker” proposal is nothing but a thinly-disguised amnesty which , if passed, [[]] will have devastating impact on our country.

Effects on American Workers:

– An estimated 15 million United States citizens are currently unemployed and millions more have given up searching for jobs altogether.

– American workers lose a staggering $190 billion annually in wage depression due to mass immigration, with an average reduction of $1,700 annually for native-born workers. (Borjas, Harvard University)

– All of the decline in net employment over the 2000-2003 period was borne by native-born workers. Native-born men were found to face the greatest job competition. (Sum et al., Center for Labor Studies at Northeastern University)

– Since January of 2001, Hispanic employment is up 13.3 percent while non-Hispanic employment has only risen 0.2 percent. (American Worker Index, VDARE.COM)

Fiscal Costs of Immigration to American Taxpayers:

– Net cumulative costs from immigration for the 1998-2007 decade are projected to reach $932 billion (after subtracting taxes paid by immigrants), an average of about $93.2 billion per year. (Huddle, Rice University)

– Analysis of the latest Census data indicates that Californias illegal immigrant population is costing the states taxpayers more than $10.5 billion per year for education, medical care and incarceration. (Camarota, Center for Immigration Studies)

Immigration, Border Security and Terrorism:

– Every day 10,000 illegal aliens cross our border with Mexico.

“Think about it. If an impoverished, uneducated Mexican can come wandering across the border unchallenged, consider how much easier it is for a well-financed, well trained terrorist to do exactly the same thing.” (T.J. Bonner, National Border Patrol Council)

– ” If someone wants to come here to cause harm or terrorism, he can , said a 10-year inspector who insisted on anonymity for fear of agency retaliation.” (Orlando Sentinal, “Security at airports sees slow change”)

– “The massive flow of people across U.S. Borders makes exclusion of all foreign terrorists impossible.” (The National Commission on Terrorism, June, 2000)

Population Explosion if Amnesty Passes

– Since 2000, at least 6.1 million new immigrants have arrived, compared to the 5.5 million who arrived between 1996-2000, during the economic expansion. (Center for Immigration Studies)

– ” . . . between March 2000 and March 2004, the Mexican immigrant population in the USA increased by 2.1 million. Over the last four years only 708,000 green cards went to Mexican immigrants.”(Center for Immigration Studies)

– Illegal immigrants in the United States actually number between 18 million and 20 million. (Robert Justich, Bear Stearns Asset Management)

– If amnesty is given, those numbers do not account for the number of family members that would follow suit and come to live and work in the U.S. as they would already have a place to stay. It would mean adding 54-60 million immigrants to the number of immigrants already illegally here in the country, given that the average Mexican has a family of 4.

– Ample and alarming evidence shows that generous legal immigration policies encourage illegal immigration. With President Bush virtually making legal all the illegal residents in the United States, there will be an even larger influx of illegal immigration into the country than there has been in recent years.

What you can do:

1) Call, write and fax your senators and representatives today and tell them that you do not want “earned legalization,” “guest worker program” or any other disguised amnesty for illegals in any form. Tell them that the solution to the illegal immigration problem is strict enforcement of our laws against illegal immigration and a moritorium on legal immigration This is true because: advocacy for a moratorium on legal immigration creates leverage that allows other good bills to pass and is a solid, consistent defense against the bad immigration bills that are routinely floated — for example, versions of amnesty for illegal aliens.

2) Tell them that a moratorium on all immigration in excess of 100,000 per year is essential to reducing illegal immigration and stabilizing the U.S. population.

You can reach your senators and representative by calling the Congressional switchboard at (202)224-3121 or by writing:

The Honorable (full Name)

United States Senate

Washington, DC 20515

The Honorable (full name)

House of Representatives

Washington, DC 20515

FAX and E-mail contact information for your legislators can be found at www.congress.org.

3) Help us multiply our clout by making a safe, secure on-line donation at www.carryingcapacity.org.

4) Educate and mobilize a friend or family member who may not be familiar with the with variety of “costs” of legal and illegal immigration by giving a gift membership.

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