National Consumer Boycott: Has It Failed (Some Critical Comments About FAIR–Federation Of Americans For Immigration Reform)

March 22, 2005: National Consumer Boycott: Has It Failed (Some Critical Comments About FAIR–Federation Of Americans For Immigration Reform)


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The U.S. Census Bureau announced today that advance estimates of U.S. retail and food services sales for February, adjusted for seasonal variation and holiday and trading-day differences, but not for price changes, were $352.1 billion, an increase of 0.5 percent (0.7%)* from the previous month and up 7.7 percent (0.8%) from February 2004.


As noted above, the National Consumer Boycott did not appear to have an impact for it's initial month of February 2005. March 2005 results will be published on April 15th. While it might be premature to label the effort a failure on it's primary goal, the campaign appears doomed to fade into the sunset.

On a brighter note, the “cause” gained notoriety nationwide on several radio talk shows and was posted on dozens of web sites around the country. This accomplishment is hardly worthless, as it brought attention to the desperation of the American people governed by a treasonous, criminal group of profiteering elites.

From my vantage point, there is no one that worked harder on the effort than our own Phxnews member AZGROWN. Her spirit from the outset motivated the rest of us to push the campaign to the limit, and she worked tirelessly forwarding the “writ” of the boycott to literally hundreds of media venues.

Sherri Correll of Las Vegas came to our rescue and gave the effort creditability by providing a “home” on her popular web site, spending hours of her personal time responding to inquiries from around the country. Sherri also pushed the campaign at rallies and on numerous talk shows including Frosty Wooldridge's “Broken Borders”. This lady, unlike other popular web sites groping for donations from desperate Americans, did all of this out of pure patriotism.

Also notable for true patriotism is radio talk show host Terry Anderson. He was the ONLY person in the media to provide ongoing and continuous air time to promote N.C.B. without fear (or concern) of reprisal from sponsors or others. He is the genuine article.

There was also substantial effort made by fellow Phxnews members KMH, Hunters, CC, Dalgast, and countless others to perpetuate the effort. Win or lose, an impact WAS made in drawing the country's attention to the root causes for the sell-off of America to Mexico by the filth in the White House, Congress, and corporate board rooms.

If one factor could be pinpointed which led the N.C.B. to predetermined failure, it would be the intentional shunning by many of the country's illegal immigration political action committees. I knew this would occur going in.

Specifically, the “godfather” of these PACs, the “Federation of Americans for Immigration Reform” (F.A.I.R), gets the “oscar” for disingenuous behavior. This PAC “operates” under a dozen or more names around the country, including California's C.C.I.R. (Coalition of Californians for Immigration Reform). Had F.A.I.R. taken the “lead” and promoted N.C.B., their loyal (funded with F.A.I.R. dollars) subsidiaries would have followed suit and likely advertised the effort to success.

F.A.I.R. was started almost twenty-five years ago, and today, like the A.C.L.U., hold themselves out to be the fourth branch of government. They fund and “own” multiple venues fighting illegal immigration, such as Glenn Spencer's “American Patrol”, who recently touted a drippy “man of the year” tribute to F.A.I.R.'s head dog, Daniel Stein. Mr. Stein yanks down a salary of nearly $350K a year from the “donations” of desperate Americans and multiple F.A.I.R. “employees” draw salaries well over $100K per year. For what? Writing articles, making speeches, scheduling rallies, and lobbying congress; something most of us do pro-bono out of dedication to saving America.

What has F.A.I.R. really accomplished in twenty-five years? Look around you. We are standing on the edge of the cliff with illegal aliens ready to crowd us off. In the final few months of Protect Arizona Now's (PAN) campaign to get Proposition 200 on the ballot, F.A.I.R. blew into the state waiving dollars and attempting to “buy out” PAN, something they have done repeatedly around the country. The hard-as-nails PAN chairman, the incredible Kathy McKee, refused to be sucked into a “fight illegal immigration for profit” scenario and maintained the PAN PAC un-betrothed and entirely “grass roots” until the victory in November 2004, even at the cost of acquiring huge personal debt.

When three of four PAN administrators caved-in to F.A.I.R.'s court and spark fueled by dollars, F.A.I.R. began to suck donations into their coffers under the cause of Arizona's “Citizens and Taxpayers Protection Act”. Along with self-promoting publicity, this was their primary goal; this ongoing “stealing thunder and donations” practice amounts to nothing more than racketeering.

Some would argue that without F.A.I.R.'s assistance, Proposition 200 would have never made it to the Arizona ballot. But the fact is, F.A.I.R. PURCHASED already-collected and signed petitions from PAN volunteers that had been acquired FREE in the spirit of “grass roots”. While F.A.I.R. hired paid signature gathers to acquire additional petitions, to date no one knows whether volunteer efforts would have put Prop 200 over the top without F.A.I.R.'s slush fund. What many consider an “admirable” effort by F.A.I.R. was simply an act of returning money they had collected through nationwide donations. Give me millions of your dollars, and I'll be a good mentor too.

F.A.I.R. revealed their “self-promoting” agenda when they HELD Prop 200 petitions and turned them over to PAN at a press conference at the Arizona state capital a short 48 hours before the Secretary of State's initiative deadline. This allowed absolutely no time for the signatures to be validated by PAN's volunteers, and put the entire effort in jeopardy – for the sake of a PHOTO OP.

F.A.I.R.'s next move to discredit Protect Arizona Now and attract even more donations into their pockets involved PAN's appointment of Virginia Abernathy to their national advisory board. Teaming with the filthy scum at the Arizona Republic, an article quoting F.A.I.R. spokes-mouth's blasted McKee and Abernathy in an attempt to label the grass roots effort as “racist”. This effort to discredit McKee and PAN was based on pure lies and provided fuel for likes of convicted immigration law violator (criminal) and former Arizona Attorney General Grant Woods, who spear-headed Prop 200's opposition. Yet again, F.A.I.R. put the Prop 200 campaign in dire jeopardy for the sake of furthering their own agenda and sucking in donations to their fat wallets.

When Donald A. Collins, a Yale professor, quoted several paragraphs from a piece I wrote on the Bush amnesty in his article several weeks ago on the web site VDARE, I thought he would be a fine addition to our National Consumer Boycott team. I emailed him and requested his help to promote and perpetuate the campaign. After not receiving any response, I did a little research and found out he is on the BOARD OF DIRECTORS OF F.A.I.R.

One has only to use simple logic to understand why F.A.I.R. and their franchises did not and would not promote the National Consumer Boycott. Had the boycott forced Jorge Bush and congress to seal the border and effectively end illegal immigration, F.A.I.R. and money-laundering subsidiaries would now be toast. No more $100-$350 thousand dollar salaries. No more power. The people subsiding off the fight against illegal immigration would all have to get REAL jobs just like the rest of us.

Illegal immigration PACs have become a “cottage industry” around the country. You might deduce a lot of people have found a clever path to profit from the “opposite side” of the nation-killing invasion.

If you give one more dollar to F.A.I.R. or any of their propped-up “ORGS”, you're a fool.