Stats Can Visible Minority Population Projections For 2017 Are Not Inevitable

Stats Can Visible Minority Population Projections For 2017 Are Not Inevitable


Recent Stats Can projections of major increases in Canada's visible minority population have sent Canada's immigration industry and its flock of hangers-on a-clucking. But the projections are not inevitable, and, if some elementary democracy gets practiced on the immigration issue, they can easily be returned to sane levels, says Immigration Watch Canada.

As is obvious to many, Canada's immigration policies are not in good hands. This is contrary to the impression that the Minister of Immigration and his government wish to convey.

Here are a number of important questions whose answers are very clear to most Canadians:

(1) Do the majority of Canadians want to have major visible minority increases in this country's population? Most Canadians accept some change, but where is the sensible discussion of whether Canadian-Born really want to have a country exceptionally different from the one they grew up in?

Visible minority population increase projections are driven almost completely by immigration. Current immigration levels exist because of a combination of intimidation, deceit and The Trojan Horse Effect. Immigration lawyers and advocates have consistently intimidated government and others into doing what is in the interests of themselves and outsiders. A number of urban MP's have deceptively used immigration issues to cater to recent immigrants and to get elected. Although a number of immigrants have made honest attempts to adapt to Canada, a number have used weak and obsequious elected officials to engage in games of ethnic catch-up. Canada's immigration industry, a number of urban MP's and Canada's Trojan Horse have joined forces to deceive a number of Canadians into believing that Canada needs high immigration levels.

(2) Why is Canada bringing in all these people? The blunt truth is that the federal government has never provided any rational arguments for its high immigration levels. If Canada is going to have an immigration policy, shouldn't it make some sense? If immigration policies do not make sense, why is Canada implementing these policies?

(3) Migrants are going to other countries, but Canada is taking more immigrants per capita of its population than any other country. Consequently, the effects of immigration are especially felt here. Do Canadians look forward to the time when the western European traditions that most of us would call Canadian are merely another little piece of what an Ottawa Citizen columnist has called an “ethnic patchwork quilt”?

(4) Canada's Francophone population (and our Natives) have well-established status as founding groups. New groups are demanding recognition of their languages and cultures. What will happen to Franco-phones and Natives if they are dwarfed by others?

(5) Why do other immigrant-receiving countries have lower per capita levels? Do other countries see something Canada doesn't? If the roles with our two largest immigrant-sending countries (China and India),were reversed, what would their reaction be to the sudden arrival of a few million Canadians in three of their centres?

(6) Should Canada's immigration levels and subsequent dramatic increases in visible minorities be based on a search for absolution? Much of the talk about the Chinese Head Tax compensation assumes that Canada has sinned and needs to absolve itself of guilt. The Head Tax supporters imply that one way to absolution is a complete stifling of any discussion of current immigration levels (especially from China) and a complete acceptance of increasing immigration levels in perpetuity.

(7) Who should decide who gets in to Canada? Are non-Canadians “entitled” to come here, as the immigration industry implies they should, or should the majority of Canadians make this decision? Current immigration policy has bred an “entitlement” mentality. In other words, anyone who wants to come here is “entitled” to do so and Canadians should keep quiet. The recent immigrant “entitlement” mentality is an absurd extension of the “Mine is mine and yours is mine” mentality.

(8) Why is Canada increasing its population at this time? What has happened to the “World Scientists' Warning To Humanity” that unrestrained population growth puts demands on the natural world that can overwhelm any efforts to achieve a sustainable future”? Some Canadians continue to think that Canada is virtually bottomless (almost another planet).

Everyone understands planes crashing into towers, but many cannot comprehend most environmental destruction because much of it occurs slowly. Residents of Canada's three largest urban areas have seen accelerated degradation of their living space since the acceleration of immigration in 1989. Doubling the capacity of existing bridges and roads is only one of the effects of dramatic increases in immigration. Is this supposed to be one of the wonders of increasing the numbers of visible minorities? Are Canadians supposed to believe that a continuation of this policy will improve these urban areas?