VDARE (Immigration Reform Organization) Appeal Done With Humour

Give Me Your Money! (I Do Prefer The Direct Approach)
By Bryanna Bevens
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There are many activities that I consider preferable to fundraising.

For example: I would rather be super-glued to a chair made of ice, with toothpicks holding my eyes open, in a room where Al Gore is giving marathon lectures on the 2000 Florida re-count, while Tipper models the Victoria's Secret summer collection.

In short, I hate fundraising. But, alas, it is a necessary evil.

Before I continue, here is a little background just for the sake of

By June 2004, presidential candidates had raised $589 million dollars.
This was a 74 percent increase over the same reporting period from the
2000 Bush/Gore election.

Basically, Americans spent half a billion dollars to watch the Frat Boy Finals played out in three relatively uneventful debates. As a result, we have now entered the final years of Bush II, which I shall call The Age of Grammatical Enlightenment.

The Age has produced several oratorical gems, including this from W:

“This case has had full analyzation and has been looked at a lot. I
understand the emotionality of death penalty cases.” [Seattle
Post-Intelligencer, June 23, 2000]

Funny! But this from W was not quite so funny:

“Remember, we've got hardworking citizens who are willing to walk 400
miles of desert in blistering heat to find work.” (BBC, August 10,

Bryanna Note to W (and I like W very much-I like his emotionality):

With this in mind, I think we Americans should consider spending our
money, shall we say, a little more wisely.

If nothing else, I think we should donate our ducats to organizations
that promote ideas and produce real change rather than dropping them
into the bottomless pit of campaign finance.

Look at VDARE.com.

Earlier this year, the State of Colorado shamelessly displayed on the
website of its Department of Education a how-to guide designed to
further acclimate illegal aliens to American life.

That is, until we exposed this treachery on VDARE.com.

Within two days of our article appearing, Governor Bill Owens-a
Republican and rumored Presidential candidate-removed the guide, perhaps shamefacedly.

So why is this important?

Think about it. How often are you ranting with friends or colleagues
about some gross injustice at the hands of illegal aliens when one in
the party suddenly says despairingly: “This country is going to the dogs but there doesn't seem to be any way to stop it”?

Don't be cute…you know what I am talking about.

Those Sunday mornings having coffee (so much I can't blink) with your
nearest and dearest while reminiscing about the good old days when
America didn't pander to foreign nationals or cower before the Gods of
Political Correctness.

Wishing your children could know that world.

Those afternoons standing in the seemingly endless lines at the DMV,
delayed for hours because government employees are scrambling (albeit
slowly) to find test forms in Arabic, Spanish, Mandarin and Hindi. You know, every language except for English.

Oh, and for icing on the cake, the non-English speaking patrons are
never required to follow the same guidelines as the rest of us, like
having an appointment.

What about attending the school play of your five year-old child and,
while reading the program, realizing you can't even pronounce half of
the listed names (and I am including the teachers).

Which reminds me…

I was in the grocery store recently (which is something I try to avoid
at all costs) and, upon leaving the check-out line, noticed the clerk
and another patron having a heated discussion in discreet,
hand-covering-mouth hisses.

I overheard the words “illegal immigrants.” So I did what any proper,
well-bred California girl would do under the circumstances…I butted in and said: “Hi ladies, what's all the hush-hush whispering about?”

The clerk explained.

She said: “Eight out of ten people who come through my line do not speak a word of English-but they all have food stamps. I mean, this has all gone too far.”

The other lady chimed in: “It went too far ten years ago-but ain't
nothing to be done about it.”

This is what I mean.

I know I am not the only person who encounters Americans' backlash and
bitterness about illegal immigration while going about the mundane tasks of my everyday life.

So what can be done? What can we do? Seriously, are we truly helpless
to defend ourselves against the threat of cultural inundation?

Enter the VDARE.com supporter.

VDARE.com is a forum for those who seek to bring change and common sense to America's immigration policy. Several of those now involved with our organization began as grass-roots activists who were fed up with their own and everyone else's submissiveness.

They were fed up with the bland politicians in whom they had placed
their faith, and their money, to no avail.

Faced with a conflict where defeat seemed imminent, they chose to stand up and do something.

This is where you come in.

Your donations-tax-deductible!-keep us afloat. That is the simple truth. We are one of the few immigration reform groups producing the facts and analyses that are leading to tangible and measurable results.

You no longer have to content yourselves with the occasional complaint
session among friends, ending with throwing your hands up in defeat.
You can contribute to the efforts of VDARE.com and let us handle the
trench warfare for you.

Trust me: it's our pleasure to do it.

This is our working template:

* Illegal aliens are taking over Colorado
* Colorado publishes a guide to assist more illegal aliens with
their clandestine journey to America
* VDARE.com publishes an expose of the guide
* The guide is pulled from the shelves (so to speak)

VDARE.COM provided the facts. Coloradoans demanded accountability.

Another example:

How about our Steve Sailer?

Steve Sailer provided the very best voter analysis of this year's
election hands-down and without a soul even in contention for second

He single-handedly dispelled the myth of the Hispanic vote that
intimidates so many politicians. He forced the oh-so-Politically Correct New York Times to sit up and pay attention.

Steve Sailer's analyses were funded by and exclusive to VDARE.com.

Contemplate our template again:

* VDARE.com provides facts and analysis
* Facts and analysis produce reaction
* VDARE.com is funded by readers like you

Therefore, you produce results.

Every time you donate to VDARE.com, you take your defeated, exasperated hands out of the air and place them squarely around the neck of the problem…and then we squeeze for you.

But we can't do it without your help.

Oh, trust me, I hate making this appeal for funding.

But I hate what has happened to my country even more.

So this is what I ask of you:

The next time you hold the line on your cell phone, during peak hours,
while a pre-recorded voice plays the requisite “Para Ingles oprima el
numero uno; para Espanol oprima el numero dos” message, don't scream
into your phone where nobody is listening-make a tax-deductible donation to VDARE.com instead.

[Another tip: Don't throw your shoes. I have donated many Jimmy Choos
to the cause and, frankly, replacing them is bankrupting me. So there
you go-donate to the Bryanna Shoe Fund!]

You keep funding us and we will make your voice heard…on the front
line, where it counts.

P.S. When you click on the VDARE.COM Donate link, a message will
appear: Para Ingles oprima el numero uno, para Espanol oprima el numero dos. You can skip the language spiel by pressing “one” early.

Just kidding!

But maybe it will be there one day-if you don't help now.

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