Companies Defiantly Hire Millions Of Illegals: Carrying Capacity Network Pushes For Enforcement Of Law Against Hiring Of Illegals

June 25, 2005: Companies Defiantly Hire Millions Of Illegals: Carrying Capacity Network Pushes For Enforcement Of Law Against Hiring Of Illegals

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Companies Flout U.S. Law; Defiantly Hire Illegals by the Millions

Employer Sanction Law Largely Unenforced 19 Years after Passage

Non-enforcement has lured millions to United States

Help CCN Push for Enforcement of Laws Against Hiring Illegal Aliens!

In 1986, Congress passed the Immigration Reform and Control Act, which established penalties for employers who hire illegal aliens. The idea was that aliens would be discouraged from coming to the U.S. illegally if they knew that few jobs would be open to them.

19 years later, the law is largely unenforced. During the period 1994-1998, immigration officials issued an average of 1,660 warnings and fines. By 2002, that number had dwindled to 320. Thousands of unethical U.S. companies continue to rely on cheap illicit labor, hiring millions of illegal aliens and thus fueling continued mass illegal immigration, and continuing wage depression and job loss for American workers.

It is an outrage that a law already in existence, one that could do so much to stem the tide of illegal immigration, is not being enforced!

One constructive response to the unfortunately established practice of ignoring the 1986 law is civil suits brought against the employers of illegal aliens. Encouragingly, a RICO case against a Georgia carpet-maker scored a second victory when the Federal Appeals Court upheld a lower court, finding that the employer colluded to depress wages by recruiting illegal alien workers. The decision puts the 11th Circuit into conflict with another circuit, so movement of the case to the U.S. Supreme Court seems likely. [See ]

But even though the potential for discouraging illegal immigration through the use of RICO lawsuits is promising, it is far from a complete solution. Thus, U.S. immigration authorities must be compelled to enforce employer sanctions so that the major incentive for illegal border crossings – jobs – is substantially reduced.

Only a combination of active enforcement of our immigration laws AND a serious reduction in the number of legal immigrants coming into the U.S. is going to solve the problem of illegal immigration. As we know, legal and illegal immigration are inextricably linked. History has shown that, once established, legal immigrants become a magnet and a safe harbor for friends and family who want to move to the U.S. but dont want to wait for a green card.

Help CCN push for a solution:

1) Call, fax, write and E-mail your representative and senators and ask that they demand enforcement of the law providing sanctions for employers who hire illegals. And tell the Bush Administration the same thing.

Tell them that the solution to the problem of illegal immigration is active enforcement of our immigration laws AND pushing for a moratorium on all immigration in excess of 100,000 per year.

You can reach your congressional representatives by calling the Congressional switchboard at 202-224-3121. Fax and E-mail contact info can be found at

2) CCN will be busy on the Hill pushing for sanctions against employers who hire illegals. We need your help to pressure Congress to enforce U.S. immigration law! Please contact your legislators as requested above,

3) And you can greatly help us with our work by giving a safe, secure donation online today at

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