Border Patrol Report Proves Carrying Capacity Network Prediction

July 1, 2005: Border Patrol Report Proves Carrying Capacity Network Predicti

Carrying Capacity Network is a unique organization in the immigration reform movement because of its position that legal and illegal immigration must be addressed simultaneously in order to make any lasting and significant impact on policy or numbers.

Carrying Capacity Network E-Alert: Border Patrol Report Proves CCN Prediction!

Study confirms amnesty proposal caused spike in Illegal border crossings

Help CCN stop another amnesty-fueled flood of illegals!

Just released documents from the U.S. Border Control prove what CCN predicted a year ago to the month – that just the prospect of legalization would bring about a dramatic increase in the number of illegals scrambling over the border (See Proposed amnesty program fuels surge in illegal immigration, June 2004 CCN Action Alert).

Survey results obtained from the Department of Homeland Security through the Freedom of Information Act show that almost half of the illegal aliens stopped at the border during a three-week period in January, 2004, indicated that they were trying to enter the U.S. because they expected to be able to stay under the Bush Administrations guest-worker proposal.

Some sample responses to the question “Have you heard from your government or other sources (TV/radio) any mention of amnesty by the U.S. Government?”

(1)”Heard a speech by Fox and Bush about Amnesty”

(2)”On TV while in Houston, TX”

(3)”Yes, from the Mexican government”

(4)”Everyone is talking about it”

(Source: A Judicial Watch Special Report: U.S. Border Patrol Survey Analysis)

Whats worse, it appears that the White House attempted to conceal the spike in illegal border crossings, bringing the survey study to an abrupt halt when it became apparent that the results were not going to be favorable to the Administration. Congressman Tom Tancredo (R-CO) is demanding an investigation:

*This is a bombshell. The White House and DHS leadership must immediately address the survey and the way the information request was handled so that the American people know that their government isnt playing politics with national security data. (Tancredo press release, “Border Patrol Study Shows Bush Amnesty Attracts Illegals,” 6/28/05)

*For the full report, go to

Evidence of the amnesty/illegal immigration increase link doesnt come as a shock to CCN supporters, of course we made that connection a year ago!

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But passage of an amnesty bill this summer (probably disguised as a guest worker plan) IS A REAL THREAT.

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CCN has been hard at work on Capitol Hill gathering support for an immigration moratorium. The immigration moratorium and stopping the illegal invasion should be addressed SIMULTANEOUSLY because U.S. resident legal aliens can act as MAGNETS and FACILITATORS for illegal aliens.

We need funds NOW for a new push to defeat amnesty legislation that would bring a flood of additional illegal immigrants across our southern border.

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