House Passes The Border Protection, Anti-Terrorism And Illegal Immigration Act Of 2005 (Immigration Briefing From Bay Buchanan To Team America Supporters)

December 19, 2005: House Passes The Border Protection, Anti-Terrorism And Illegal Immigration Act Of 2005 (Immigration Briefing From Bay Buchanan To Team America Supporters)

December 19, 2005

Immigration Briefing
To: Team America Supporters
From: Bay Buchanan

Well, friends, while I am certain you have heard by now that we won an
absolutely amazing victory in the House of Representatives the other
evening I wanted to give you some of the details of how it all happened.

Last Friday the House passed The Border Protection, Anti-terrorism, and Illegal Immigration Act of 2005 (HR 4437). It is a sweeping enforcement bill that will, if it becomes law and is implemented, will dramatically reduce the illegal immigration population in this country and it will secure our borders from future invasions. It is more than any of us working in this movement could have imagined only weeks ago!

Equally important the House voted NO to any and all language that
would have suggested it supported guest worker or amnesty programs.

Here are a few highlights of the bill:

A Fence: The bill calls for building a security fence along the Mexican border in the most highly traveled sectors from the Pacific coast of California to the Gulf of Mexico beaches of Texas. This does not provide fencing for the entire length of the border, but it starts building more fences first where they are most needed.

Mandatory employee verification: The bill creates a phased-in schedule
over several years for all employers to use a proven electronic
verification system to check on all new hires to ensure that they have
the legal right to work in the U.S. As jobs become more difficult to
attain illegal aliens living here will start to return home on their own.

Authority for local law enforcement: The bill gives authority to local
police and sheriffs offices to arrest and detain illegal aliens. By
allowing additional law enforcement agencies to help the Border Patrol
the number of apprehensions and deportations will rise dramatically.

No amnesty/guest worker: There was an attempt to put language into this bill that, while not proposing a specific guest worker bill, would have suggested that Congress would look favorably upon one. This would have opened the door for the Senate to add a guest worker provision. The Congress rejected this amendment!

How did this all happen? Because of all our hard workyours and ours! We did it! We changed the minds of the Republicans in Congresswe forced them to go against their business interests and vote for enforcement and border security, because we convinced them it was essential if they wanted to keep their majority.

Let me explain and you will see that what I say is absolutely right!
Last Wednesday Tom Tancredo called a meeting of his immigration caucus. If the caucus worked together they could kill any immigration billso they decided what they would support and what they would not. Then Tom called the leadership and laid it out to them. Republican leadership was desperate for an immigration bill.

One Congressman emotionally told his colleagues that the most recently
elected CongressmanCampbell from California- would have lost his
election to the Minuteman leader earlier this month if it had not been
for the early absentee vote. He was beat on Election Day by the
independent Jim Gilchrist!! That in heavily Republican Orange County,
California! Team America and Tom Tancredo were very much involved in
helping Gilchrist.

Another Congressman asked Tom not to run an independent candidate
against them in the special election about to be called for Duke
Cunninghams San Diego seat!

Thanks to all your help we have been able to convince Republicans that
immigration reform was needed immediately and if we didnt get it we
would make them pay on Election Day. They got the message!

But, friends, the battle is not over. We have won the Congress and have an historic immigration bill, but we need to get the Senate to vote for it! The White House is planning on working with the Senate to add a guest worker provision to our bill. We have let it be known that no matter how good this immigration bill is the immigration caucus will vote against it if it has any guest worker provision in it. We will accept none!

This is going to be a blazing battle come February! In the next two
months we must put enough pressure on the Senate to pass an enforcement only bill and enough pressure on the House to reject any bill with guest worker (amnesty) language in it.

We are working on our national strategy now but in the meantime ask that you start now by making calls to the local offices of your
representatives and Senators and let them know you want the House bill, with fence and mandatory employee verification. And while you are at it give them a piece of your mind about amnesty/guest worker bills. Be directbut keep it clean!

Thanks for all you have done to give Tom Tancredo the clout he needed to get this great bill passed through Congress!

May your family have a Merry Christmas and the happiest of New Years!

Bay Buchanan

Thank you again for all of your support. Team America depends on you to make a difference in the fight for immigration reform. Your
contributions make all of this possible Go to the contribution page and help stop illegal immigration!

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