Canadian Labour Congress Responds To Martin Loney’s Criticism of CLC Study

February 24, 2006: Canadian Labour Congress Responds To Martin Loney's Criticism of CLC Study

February 23, 2006

Letter to the Editor:

When will the National Post stop printing the uninformed and inaccurate rants of Martin Loney about visible minorities in Canada?

Had Martin Loney read the full Canadian Labour Congress report of which he is so critical, he would have found that we are fully aware of the fact that workers of colour born in Canada are a younger than average age group.

Indeed, our study highlights this fact very clearly. He would also find that we did control for age throughout the analysis: looking at educational levels and unemployment rates by age group.

Mr. Loney is in serious denial. Ours is not the first study that establishes the key fact that young workers born in Canada and from racially-identifiable minorities, are doing worse than their white counterparts.

As a country we cannot afford to ignore that this will be a growing problem as this cohort enters the workforce in increasingly large numbers.

Andrew Jackson,
Chief Economist and Director of Social and Economic Policy Department,
Canadian Labour Congress