Deception In The Classroom: The Real Cesar Chavez

March 30, 2006: Deception In The Classroom: The Real Cesar Chavez

Deception in the Classroom: the Real Cesr Chavez
By Senator Bill Morrow

Did you know that Cesr Chavez was not a supporter of illegal immigration? Did you also know that history shows that Cesr Chavez, whose name has become synonymous with La Raza and other radical elements of the reconquista movement, was in fact effectively a Minuteman?

Our schools teach that Cesr Chavez spent a good portion of his life advocating for the rights of farm workers throughout California and the United States. But what they fail to mention is that Cesr Chavez was a vocal opponent of illegal immigration.

Think about ithe was trying to raise the benefits for farm workers in the United States. Simultaneously, there was a massive influx of virtual slave labor streaming across the southern border of the United States, thus undermining everything he fought to achieve.

When farm workers would strike as a method for achieving their goals, employers would simply recruit strikebreakers from south of the border. Illegal immigrants, by flooding the market with cheap labor, would lower the prevailing wage and thereby drain Cesr Chavez of his ability to advocate on behalf of the organized farm labor movement.

Evidence of this abounds in the historical record, such as in his testimony before Congress in 1979 when he blamed the federal government for failing to secure the border. Chavez testified that for over 30 years, the Immigration and Naturalization Service has looked the other way and assisted in the strikebreaking.

In fact, ten years earlier, Cesr Chavez protested illegal immigration at the Mexican border, reportedly accompanied by Senator Walter Mondale and Ralph Abernathy, head of the Southern Christian Leadership Conference. It has also been reported that Chavezs brother, Manuel, along with members of the United Farm Workers, patrolled the Arizona-Mexico border in a manner similar to that of our Minutemen of today.

He believed that illegal immigration would directly impact the prosperity of U.S. farm workers. He was right. Yet, his vision of the affects of illegal immigration didnt even scratch the surface of the dramatic social and economic impact it would have on America.

The massive influx of illegal immigrants into the United States has cost the American tax-payer billions of dollars in services to them and their children through healthcare and education. It has also been said that illegal immigrants make up well over twenty percent of those in federal penitentiariesanother major expenditure that we the people can scarcely afford.

I challenge our educators to recognize this reality and develop lesson plans that dont sugar coat history, but rather slay the sacred cows of political correctness by telling the truth about Cesr Chavez and the dangers of unbridled illegal immigration. Lets see them teach that in a classroom!