The Minuteman Caravan Project: Los Angeles, Phoenix and Crawford Rally Updates

May 1, 2006: The Minuteman Caravan Project: Los Angeles, Phoenix and Crawford Rally Updates

Los Angeles, Phoenix and Crawford Rally Updates!

Jim Gilchrists simple idea of a Minuteman Caravan from California to Washington has become a movement beyond that which we could have foreseen. America is beginning to realize that it has but one last chance to voice its anger and frustration over the Congresss inability to close the border and restore the rule of law. We the people are ready to caravan to our capital to force Congress to return the 30 pieces of silver they have accepted for our sovereignty. This is the last chance to save our Nation and the only way to show the world how the other 73% of America feels.

We will leave Los Angeles at 8:30 am on Wednesday, May 3rd from Leimert Park at Crenshaw and Vernon. It is important to be at the kickoff rally by 8:00 am if you wish to join the Minuteman Caravan. In the event you are late and miss us, you can meet up with us along Interstate 10 in Indio, East of Palm Springs at the T/A truck stop (exit 146) between noon and 1:00 pm.

We hope to be in Phoenix at the Capital building by the evening rally at 8:00pm, but if we are running behind schedule, we will send Mr. Gilchrist and our VIPs ahead to welcome us when we arrive. The Phoenix planning Committee Chairman, Mr. Phillip Ernst has done an outstanding job planning and implementing this important leg of our journey. We will not disappoint the people of Arizona. Stops between Phoenix, Arizona and Washington D.C. on May 12th will be posted on the website on May 1st. The cities and dates will remain the same, but we will withhold exact locations for security purposes. It will not be difficult, however, to spot us coming into town.

Many of you will meet us in Crawford, Texas to join in the massive protest scheduled for May 6th. We will join and scores of other organizations at the Presidents ranch with one common message: CLOSE THE BORDER NOW! We may double or triple our size in Crawford, and by then, Congress will know we are coming.

May 3rd – Los Angeles, CA
May 3rd – Phoenix, AZ
May 4th – Albuquerque, NM
May 5th – Abilene, TX
May 6th – Crawford, TX
May 7th – Little Rock, AR
May 8th – Memphis, TN
May 8th – Nashville, TN
May 9th – Birmingham, AL
May 9th – Atlanta, GA
May 10th – Greensboro, NC
May 11th – Richmond, VA
May 12th – Washington D.C.

We are inviting all patriotic Americans to travel with us as far as they are able to take part in this generation-defining, history-making moment. We are asking America to stand and deliver one more time for our sovereignty and the rule of law. The journey will be long and difficult, but together we will stop Congress from destroying Americas future.

We still need donations, gas cards, busses (for the entire trip) and people to join us on the road. If you have extra space in your vehicle, please consider carpooling or ride sharing.

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