Sham Marriage Cases Increase

Spouses are in weird situation when partners marry only for immigration purposes. Some divorce immediately, some land here without telling their spouses and try to settle

It is strongly recommended that Canadian Law must be changed immediately for grace period of 2-3 years

Your opinions and support will help to change this law

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What to do if spouse run away after getting immigration?

Greedy parents of indian girls

it is very painful to talk on this issue.The subject is on our culture and how indian girls are forgetting their responsibities and going off the track.It is rather more painful to see that the parents are also joining hands with them and donot want to show them the right path. Marriage is something very sacred bond and it is considered a spiritual union.The whole concept of marriage is changed these days.i am going to write my personal experience. I brought my daughter in law from khanna pb.She was from a poor family and always hungry for money.she was given all regard all comforts all time to study work and relax.She wanted to be a doctor in this country and it took ten years to meet her goal.Finally she got what she wanted and left child ,home and husband as now she waned to have a white husband. The marriage to a man of her choice was not easy ,so again she concentrated on us and started putting all types of false accusations ! and asking for crores of rupes.While living with us she used to yell at us but outside the she used to pretend like a devi. The whole idea of writing my experience is to tell the nri parents and their children not to go to india to bring spouses from there .because now they come with you not to become a part of your family but to use you and loot you with the help of their families. S.Sahota, USA,
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Fraudulent student visa girl married to my brother to become permanent:
I Canadian Citizen born and raised in Canada concerned of this issue of fraud marriages. I feel like that our Indian society is looking into abandoned Indian brides more than our abandoned grooms. My brother born and raised in Canada got married to a girl from India on September 10, 2005 is a victim himself as a abandoned groom. My brother lives in Calgary, AB got married to this girl from India and got betrayed, not just him but our whole family. His ex-wife came to Canada December 25, 2004 to Toronto, Ont on a student visa. She stayed there for about 1 month with her aunt and uncle, never once attended school, then she never got along with her aunt and uncle in Toronto, Ont, so she decided to come to Abbotsford, BC. She stayed in BC with her friend from India for 1 week but that didn't work out for her either. Then she moved to another family friends house in Abbotsford and lived there until she married my brother. Her purpose to come to Canada was for a groom search not ! to study. She has not attened a day of school in Canada since she's been here, but the government issued her a student visa. She got introduced to my brother in March 2005. My brother and our family thought that she was studying here to become a nurse we had no idea what her intentions were. Their wedding was a big wedding with 600 people in Calgary, AB. She got everything she wanted, a big wedding a canadain citizen boy, and my brother works for the government as well, so she lucked out.

But two weeks after the wedding she was on my brother and my parents case to do her sponsorship, we were kind of suspicious then because her student visa was for 3 years. She never stopped, everyday she only talked about one thing sponsorship, she threatened to kill herself to my brother if he didn't sponsor her. Then he thought that something was wrong with her, and he started to believe that maybe she only married me for citizenship. And she did tried to kill herself. She stabbed her arm! and we called the police and they took her to the hospital, that was 6 weeks after the wedding. My brother did not want her back then because we found out that she was here on a fraudulent student visa. Her family paid 900,000Rs in India for her visa. She was on a groom search. My brother also found emails that she had emailed to her boyfriend in India. It's to long of a story there is way more to this story, but it is not FAIR to victims that get stuck with these people and they get away with it. Marriage is not a game and not a way for someone to get a Canadian citizenship. These scams have to be stopped and these people need to be deported back to India where they came from. They are taking advantage of our government and breaking immigration laws. I strongly believe that it is a great idea of having a 3 year probation period. I really like to speak out to people and tell them that it's not just Indian brides that are being abandoned but our grooms are too. I am amazed a! t how these girls and their families plan these scams and ruin their lives and and our lives. Being born and raised here in Canada I have been taught by my parents that reputation is a huge for Sikhs but people that live in India don't care about anything, they are selling they're daughters and doing anything just to get them to Canada and it disgusts me. I will do anything I can to put a stop to all of these scams, so there will be no more victims that have to go through what my brother and our family is going through right now….Vancouver, R. Samran,


Victim of Marriage Fraud
My name is Qudsia Javed and I am the Victim of Marriage Fraud. I went to Pakistan last year and got married in March 2005. I came back to Canada and sponsored my husband. He got his Visa in November 2005 and he came to Canada without informing me. After about two weeks I found out that he is here in Canada. It has been five months now I am sitting at home depressed, Don't know what to do and where to go to get some help. Plz contact me at xxx–xxx, I would apreciate it.

I fully suport the Marriage Fraud Victim Force and I hope they would succeed soon. I would like the canadian government to take some serious action on this…..Toronto, .
x Qudsia Javed, 905-676-90

NRI Husband Trapped by Indian Bridge & her Family
Add your (cut & paste) opinions/ comments/: This was going as general tradition going in India of Arrange Marriage, the trend which is changing. I had travelled to India in June' 2002 and met Payal first time at his maternal uncle house through some channel from known sources. First meeting was not very comfortable as Payal smile was mysterious. Not a broad smile and nor reserved smile. Though their parents were present at her uncle house, it was her uncle who was the host and talked well. To me she and her family seem to be a simple family with some sort of trouble which I found on their face.

I was just looking for some simple girl and therefore giving thought twice got engaged and shortly left to Hong Kong. We got married after 6 months from engagement and I travelled immediately back to Hong Kong after marriage as I had to resume work and asked my wife to stay for couple of months with my parents in Akola (Maharastra) and join me as I have to look for new house in Hong Kong. She stayed only for 10-15 days and left to Bombay. Soon the ugly side came up in front of us, my mother was hospitalized for some major operation and payal refused to travel to take her care. On asking her why she replied as she would turn dark their and she will get bored alone. Unbelievable!!!! I fough with her and pursued her to atleast visit for 15 days and she visited for 7 days.

After this when she was travelling back to Hong Kong, I advised her to keep all big jewelleries with my parents as here there is no social gathering where she would be requiring. But she fought with me and my parents and brought all jewelleries to Hong Kong.

The scheme started than, when she deposited the jewellery in the locker in her sole name despite my instructions to open a join account and than also opened her bank account again in sole name. All our common savings were kept in that account say around HK$100,00/- I was under debts so I was maintaing this seperate account. Within period of 6 months she transferred from this common savings INR 150,000/- to her parents stating this transfer were towards her sister's college fees, her mother operation, the shortfall for buying a property by her brother. But the fact what that never her mother was operated, nor did her brother buy any property after such transfers. We had fights on it and thereafter I strictly told her to stop to send out any single penny.

My parents arrived first time in Hong Kong (after 1 yr of my marriage) and payal was not liking this and frequently she insulted them and fought with them. I had big fights with her and my parents had to leave early as they were treated like dog by payal, they were not in position to tolerate more. During this period we came to know she was pregnant, she felt shocked and fought with me for having baby. She after couple of months insisted to travel to India as she wanted to meet her parents. Despite my objection she travelled to India and thereafter meeting her parents they together went and aborted the chiild without my knowledge/ permission saying that the child was abnormal. I knew by than this was lie as my child was normal when the report carried out earlier were showing normal symptons.

Payal after 1 month from abortion came back to Hong Kong and now stays at her friends house. She is working here and currently we are going through Divorce case where she has demanded HK$8,000/- (INR 50,000/) Per month from me and expesnes of HK$150,000/- (INR 900,000/-) towards her (family's) contribution for marriage. This is beyond the savings she snatched from me of HK$100,000/- (INR600,000) and jewellery given to her during marraige of INR300,000/-.

Her father who was not stable in business earlier and always struggling in his life for Minimal earnings, is now having good business. Her brother who was out of business too now is into business. They have got enough money now, and I and my parents are struggling whatever savings/ jewelleries we had has been lost. Beyond that I face a trial which can go against me as court favours girls? Now I think is being Male an Crime itself ? I have lost child, money, savings, and peace but for all this loss also will I be punished more ?

I think I am not the only person being under such trap, but lot of NRI'S are into this! So my message is to all to be very careful before you get into life time committment……Hong Kong SAR, China, .Parekh,