Migration Watch UK Blames Immigration For Housing Shortfall

Migration Watch UK Blames
Immigration for housing shortfall
The Londra Gazette
22 Haziran 2006
25 defa okundu

THE housing shortfall in recent years has been entirely the result of immigration, says a report released Monday.

According to think-tank Migrationwatch, the scale of the increase in immigration was not factored into the governments house building programme on time, exacerbating housing shortages and creating “serious issues of affordability that may well continue for years”.

“It is yet another example of the practical consequences that flow from the governments reckless no limits immigration policy,” said Sir Andrew Green, Migrationwatch chairman.

The analysis, based on the governments own figures, claims their household projections were based on the false assumption that net immigration would be about 65,000 a year. In fact, net international migration from 1996 to 2004 averaged 140,000 a year.

The report concludes, 70% of this shortfall resulted from the fact that immigration was much higher than the government had assumed.

Sir Andrew said: “We have failed to build the houses that we need to keep pace with immigration and, looking ahead, we shall have to build about 11⁄2 million extra houses in the next two decades to house the immigration now officially expected. Incompetence on such a scale is hard to believe.”

The Tories on Monday joined in the attack on Labours immigration policy. Shadow Home Secretary, David Davis, said: “This shows the consequences which could be felt for a generation – of Labours wholly uncontrolled immigration policy.

“For immigration to act as a benefit to the nation, it is vital the Government carry it out in a controlled manner taking into account its impact on housing and public services.”