Birkenhead MP Calls For End To Mass Immigration

Birkenhead MP calls for end to mass immigration
July 31 2006

By Alan Weston Daily Post Staff
Liverpool Daily Post

BIRKENHEAD MP Frank Field has called for a halt to mass immigration to the United Kingdom.

He described the current movement of people to the country as a “revolution” and likened it to “Stalin's forced migration of Ukraine.”

The former minister called on the Government to establish a quota system for migrant workers and to impose a ban on movement from the new EU member states until all European partners agreed to open up their labour markets.

This is not the first time Mr Field has raised the immigration issue. Last month he warned that mainstream parties were “living on borrowed time” and said they were leaving the way open for the far-right British National Party to exploit voters' concerns.

However, his remarks have also provoked accusations of “scare-mongering” from the Liberal Democrats.

Mr Field said: “Britain is being transformed by the mass movement of people in and out of the country at a rate never before experienced in our history.

“In 2004 almost one million people came to live in Britain while 340,000 left to start a new life beyond our shores. If this trend continues, one tenth of the country's population will have been changed within the life of a five-year parliament.

“The revolution is on a par with Stalin's forced migration of Ukraine. He set out to transform Ukraine by forcing out the existing population and replacing it with citizens loyal to the Soviet Republic.

“The Ukrainians did not vote for Stalin's brutal policy. Nor have voters here agreed to the transformation of England.”

He went on: “The Government wants the population to rise through immigration by six million over 30 years, and for this six million to settle largely in England. At the current rate, that objective will be met in a third of the time.

“Why is the Government blindly leading the country to a disaster that will result if this open-door policy continues? The most charitable view is that it has no idea of the erupting scale of the movement of people.

“No country can maintain freedom and order under the pressure parts of Britain are now experiencing.

“It is not on race, but on the sheer scale of numbers, that it is proper to demand a halt.”