"Dante Alighieri" (Society) Presses For (Language Learning System) Law

(AGI News) –
Rome, Aug 9, 2006

“There is a need for a law rationalising the Italian language learning system”. This is the call launched by the “Societ Dante Alighieri”, moral entity for the dissemination of Italian language and culture, intervening in the discussion on a possible reform of the immigration law and in particular of the provisions concerning education and language.

General secretary Alessandro Masi stated: “Besides the fact that we are among the first institutions in Italy who felt the urgency of this problem when we started courses for immigrants in 1994 in Bari, Siracusa and Crotone, it is important to underline that “Dante Alighieri” operates in collaboration with the solidarity ministry since 2000, first under the Turco-Napolitano law and then under the current legislation, providing language education to immigrants in Italy and through the 400 offices around the world, e.g. in Tunisia, Sri Lanka, Bulgaria and Moldavia”.

With regard to citizenship Masi strongly stressed that applicants need to have “an adequate knowledge of the Italian language and culture”. Concerning language certificates, figures show that it will be an issue “difficult to handle”, unless resources are rationalised according to the EU provisions in terms of language learning.

“Dante Alighieri”, since some years, has its own certificate PLIDA (Progetto Lingua Italiana Dante Alighieri), recognised by the foreign ministry.

“Nonetheless the concern for the lack of a single certification for the different language competences of learners is increasing. Today in Italy there are four certificates released respectively by “Dante Alighieri”, the university “Roma Tre” and the universities for foreigners in Siean and Perugia. Our country, at difference from other countries, lives with an unjustified “mosaic” which is incomprehensible for language students having professional requirements. For this reason “Dante Alighieri” is of the opinion that a law regulating the language learning system for Italian is necessary”, he concluded. (agi) –

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