Take This Congress And Shove It!


By Frosty Wooldridge
October 9, 2006

With multiple scandals cascading through the United States Congress, when will the peoples business get done? How long before we see results that benefit our citizens?

Every time we turn around, we read about another indignity, another breakdown of integrity, another senator or House representative committing a crime or sexual indecency. They solicit 16 year old pages in the House chambers, take bribes and run off on paid weekends to Scotland. They launder money, drive drunk and make Pinocchio look like an angel. I wish I lived in Oregon I would vote for Mary Starrett. She's the only honest candidate running for governor.

Im sick of it! Im spittin angry! Im totally fed up! I want to bust a couple dozen of them in the chops to make them pay for their ineptitude and indecency stampeding through our Congress.

Representative Mark Foley of Florida, sick in the head and sick in his morals, got caught for his licentious behavior and indecency. For God sakes, the man solicited 16 year old pages working with all their idealism in the Halls of Congress. What did those kids discover? Weve elected some sexual perverts to serve the public trust in Washington, DC. How many like Foley havent been exposed?

Then, you discover that House Majority leader Congressman Hastert knew about that sicko Foley and did nothing for several years. What in the name of common sense that God gave a goose was Hastert thinking? Answer: he did not holding integrity.

How about Teddy Kennedy the drunken leviathan of the Senate? He ran Mary Jo Kopechne off a bridge, let her drown and told lies. An O.J. Simpson-like jury declared him innocent. Kennedy ambles around the Senate 30 years later still doing nothing for our country. He became a character witness for his nephew on a rape charge. Isnt that rich!

What about Congressman Duke Cunningham last year taking $2.4 million in bribes from contractors? This guy swore on a Bible to serve American citizens after defending this nation as a fighter pilot. Instead of being a public servant, he now serves eight years in federal prisonon our dime!

Texas Congressman Tom DeLay promised to uphold the U.S. Constitution, but instead–laundered money, lied, cheated and stole from the American taxpayer.

How about Jack Abramoff the million dollar lobbyist in Washington, DC? Do you have any idea of the amounts of money and the fraudulent influence pedaling that snake-in-the-grass wielded? That scoundrel pedaled his money and power to dozens of senators and congressman. When caught, all guilty parties in Congress protect each other. Well never know the depth of his crimes, but Im willing to bet the Pacific Ocean isnt as deep.

Has a single senator or congressman stepped up to write a law to stop lobbyists from plying their trade against the American taxpayer? You might as well wait until hell freezes over. Where is representation of American citizens instead of money interests?

How many lobbyists slithering around Congress gave us the H-1B, H-2B, H-2A, L-1 and other fraudulent (legal) visas that have flooded America with Third World employees that took jobs away from Americans? You can bet $50 billion from Bill Gates coffers made huge impact on those bills. Those visas have cost 1,000,000 American jobs!

What about the defense contracts given to Halliburton, but exposed for overcharging for goods not delivered? Do you remember $2 billion here and $10 million there lost by the Government Accounting Offices to Halliburton? Those are your hard-earned tax dollars lining some SOBs pocket.

In 1986, Senator John McCain promoted the Kennedy amnesty for 1.3 million illegal aliens. It mushroomed to 3.4 million. McCain promised to secure the borders. For 20 years he has not! After 77 hospitals neared bankruptcy in California and Arizona in the past two years, instead of stopping the flood of illegals, McCain procured $1.7 billion in your tax dollars to pay for the illegals hospital visits. Today, he pushes for another amnesty for up to 20 million illegals that will flush our nations finances into the toilet. McCain served in Vietnam, but today he serves the interests of Mexico and not America.

This Congress boils with arrogant, disgraceful power mongers. Its got old men, like Senator Robert Byrd, 80, shuffling around the Senate chambers, barely able to walk, yet wielding power way past his vital years. Strom Thurmond stayed for 50 years in the Congress, but kept his bi-racial daughter secret from the American public. What a complete fraud of a man! Do citizens elect non-servants because no viable candidates stand for America? Anyone is better than the current republicans and democrats that have done nothing in the past five years but give us a bogus war in Iraq. If ever a time for a third party, its now. Try www.constitutionparty.com

Nancy Pelosi, Diane Feinsten, Harry Reid, Ken Salazar and Barbara Boxer might as well be serving their terms of office in Mexico City. U.S. Congressman Joe Baca of California is an avowed La Raza advocate with allegiance to Mexico, not America. Yet, he keeps getting voted into office to serve Mexicans over Americans.

Every single one of the 62 pathetic U.S. Senators who voted for S.B.2611 voted against everything our U.S. Constitution represents: honesty, integrity, interests of American citizens and the rule of law.

Some of this Congress unacceptable actions include:

our $8.4 trillion debt
ignoring clear and multiple warnings of impending 9/11
agreed to a costly, arrogant attack on Iraq without an exit strategy
supporting hundreds of thousands of H-1B, H-2B, L-1 Visas, which debilitate our middle class
sitting while watching this massive illegal alien invasion on our borders
overseeing massive fraud of Americas money in too many areas to count
the slaughter of our English language
obliteration of our schools and medical systems
promoting an amnesty for 20 million illegals that will cost taxpayers and legal immigrants hundreds of billions of dollars we dont possess
a $700 billion annual trade deficit
dismantling our manufacturing base
being bought off by corporate America
allowing a crime wave by MS-13 gangs numbering 11,000 in 33 states
E.O. 13166 that forces us to pay millions of dollars for dozens of language interpretations by those legal immigrants too lazy to learn English
doing nothing to stop employers of illegal aliens

Congress stands as a prime example of the inmates running the asylum! Theyve created an entirely new sub-system that doesnt support integrity. They maintain no accountability to us, the American taxpayer. Additionally, in the 60s, they worked 161 days in session. Today, with $160,000.00 a year pay checks, they work 97 days.

Whatever you do on November 7, 2006, vote these snakes out of office. Get rid of them. Vote for any new name. Vote third party. Vote independent. Vote American. You can vote 33 senators out of office. You can replace the House of Representatives. Our country may not survive if the same snakes slither back into the Halls of Congress by your vote. If they are voted back into Congress, you can expect more of the same.

Our country is being busted and broken in half by our Congress. We must insist on their accountability to us. They must serve us. They must serve with integrity. Its a matter of life or death for our nation and our civilization. Voters: take this Congress and shove it!