Commemoration (Of) Schipol Fire (The Netherlands)

Commemoration Schiphol fire
Asylum seeker victims of Schipol fire remembered one year later with visits by politicians and the unveiling of a memorial.

Expatica News
27 October 2006

AMSTERDAM – Throughout the Netherlands the victims of the Schiphol fire have been commemorated. In Amsterdam a meeting took place in the Dominicuskerk church, where survivors spoke. At the cell complex at Schiphol Oost a night vigil was held, where dozens of people were present. Also in the rest of the Netherlands vigils took place, including among others in Eindhoven, Utrecht, Nijmegen, Leeuwarden en Zwolle.

At 08.45 hours a memorial monument was unveiled for the victims of the fire. Minister of Justice Ernst Hirsch Ballin and Minister for Alien Affairs Rita Verdonk along with some surviving dependants laid flowers at the monument. The deputy mayor of the Haarlemmermeer Tineke Netelenbos was also present.

It is a year ago that a fire broke out in the cell complex at Schiphol. Eleven people died and fifteen people were wounded. The victims were present in the alien detention cell awaiting their deportation.

Poet Huub Oosterhuis spoke during a wake to protest against the asylum and deportation policy of the Netherlands. We stand here out of shame; we have begun a protest that must not be silenced. A protest choir also sang phrases such as Verdonk do not dishonour your fellow man.