Investigation Launched Into Business-Visa Applications

Investigation launched into business-visa applications

New Zealand Herald
7.00am Friday November 10, 2006

The Department of Labour is investigating the Immigration Service's approval of 91 business-visa applications, Parliament was told yesterday.

National Party immigration spokesman Lockwood Smith asked Immigration Minister David Cunliffe about the inquiry in Parliament.

“Precisely what is being investigated in his department when on 10 August this year the deputy secretary (legal) of the Department of Labour wrote: 'I have begun an investigation into the circumstances in which the 91 business applications were approved'?”

Mr Cunliffe said he would “endeavour to check” and would get back to Dr Smith.

Dr Smith raised further questions about the applications, many of which came from China and some of which were processed in just 32 hours.

Mr Cunliffe again said he would check and get back to Dr Smith.