Comprehensive Immigration Legislation Means Amnesty

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Author: Barbara Anderson
Date: February 24, 2007


When legislators talk about comprehensive legislation in regards to illegal immigration, they are talking about giving amnesty to the estimated twelve to thirty-five millions of people who have broken our laws, the first one being that of entering the country without our permission.

Somehow, comprehensive legislation sounds better than amnesty. Most people know what amnesty means, and it is opposed by the majority of Americans who, when polled, by an approximately 80% factor do not want amnesty. Instead, they want our borders secure and employers of illegal aliens punished. They do, however, understand guest worker to mean that some workers may come here to work in available jobs, but must go back home, and do not enjoy the benefits that a citizen does. As used by some of our Senators and Congresspeople, however, guest worker is interchangeable with amnesty.

The new Democrat Congress, joined by some prominent RINOs, is poised to grant amnesty to the millions already here and grant full citizen benefits to them and to their families, making the estimated numbers grossly underestimated. This bill will be presented soon, as it is a priority with the Democrat Congress, led by Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid.

Republicans in the House of Representatives in the last Congress heard from their constituents and passed a commonsense law that put the safety of American citizens first, by requiring the building of a barrier on the southern border and the penalizing of employers who act as magnets for the illegal aliens coming across that border.

The Senate, working on its bill, was led by Senators Ted Kennedy and John McCain. They were joined by Senators Specter, Frist, Brownback, Hagel, Martinez and others usually considered RINOs (Republican in name only). Their bill, S2611, would have given every benefit this country has to offer to the illegal aliens who sneaked across our borders. Reports are that the previous Senate bill is being warmed over, and is even worse than the original. If this bill or anything like it is passed, it will mean those who broke our laws will be made legal, while those in other countries who are jumping through our bureaucratic hoops to honor our laws, will continue to wait, sometimes as long as several years, to enter legally. Not only are illegals going to be made legal with one law, their families will be allowed to join them here.

This means:

All illegal aliens would be eligible to gain citizenship. Once they become citizens, it also allows them to bring in parents and other relatives, by the millions.

U.S. taxpayers would be forced to fund a massive welfare system that would take in those who have invaded the country. It is akin to a robber stealing your money, but hiding out until a general amnesty is issued, then coming back and demanding to be put on your bank account.

The massive tax burden on citizens would include payment for medical care for out-of-wedlock births, subsidized school lunches, K-12 education, rent subsidies, unemployment compensation, food stamps, and in-state college tuition which is denied to citizens of 49 states. They will be considered minorities and will receive favored treatment in admission to colleges and universities operating under our too-prevalent affirmative action practices.

Another giveaway would be the Unearned Income Tax Credit, whereby low wage earners who make too little money to pay taxes nonetheless receive a sort of refund check, thanks to the taxpayers who do pay taxes. Some are no doubt taking advantage of this provision now, but an amnesty bill would make it entirely legal.

Social Security has been considered the untouchable third rail of politics. No politician dared suggest any changes to it for fear of being thrown out of office. However, Social Security Director Joann Barnhart in July of 2004 signed the U.S.-Mexico Totalization Treaty and built a SSA building in Mexico. She must think there will be a treaty signed, or something else will happen to make use of that building. That something could be the inclusion of the right of illegals made legal in the bills being considered by the new Congress and thereby making them eligible for Social Security benefits, along with their relatives.

An agreement reached between the Bush administration and the government of Mexico would allow illegal aliens who are granted amnesty to claim credit for the time they worked illegally in the U.S. when applying for Social Security benefits.. (Source: Middle American News)

Furthermore, Under the agreement with Mexico, Mexican workers would qualify for (Social Security) benefits with just six quarters-18 months-of earnings, compared to 40 months for U.S. workers. (Source: Middle American News)

This agreement with Mexico has been hanging around since July of 2004 and has not been submitted to the Congress for approval. An amnesty could include this provision, thereby making the need for the treaty moot.

Perhaps the most outrageous stipulation in S2611 was that before we build any barrier on the border we must have permission from Mexico. This is an assault on our sovereignty and our right to make decisions to protect our citizens. No local, state or federal government would be able to erect any deterrence to what amounts to an invasion without asking Mexico, enabler of most of the invaders.

A Republican led House passed a commonsense law that called for erecting a barrier on the border and penalizing employers of illegals. HB4437 was considered too harsh for the Senate, which came up with its own magnanimous bill for illegal aliens and their benefactors. Any business or even charitable institution would be given amnesty, also. Those who have been aiding and abetting these invaders would be let off the hook for past deeds and would be given carte blanche for any future assistance to former illegals. Illegal would be suddenly legal.

Those pushing for amnesty, (big business and Democrats who see millions more voting for their party), now see an easier path before them. Democrats will have no trouble voting for amnesty if their constituents dont tell them to forget about it.

However, those constituents may not know the full implications of giving amnesty to millions more mostly low wage earners. It will surely bring all wages down as employers have a vast pool of workers willing to work for even lower wages. An estimated ten percent of Mexican workers are already in this country. Some unions, who profess to protect their members jobs and wages, are also inexplicably in favor of an amnesty bill. It could be they think that millions, if made legal, would come into their ranks. Meanwhile, they disregard the interests of citizens now in their ranks; they choose sides.

President Bush has made this a top priority for his administration. He could stop the illegal crossing of our borders by sending troops there, instead of all over the world. Our troops guard the North Korea/South Korea border, for instance, while our own is left open to drug and people smugglers and potential terrorists. He has said that he looks forward to working with a Democrat Congress to effect a comprehensive immigration bill.

There is not more outrage from citizens because a complicit mainstream media is not interested in stopping the invasion. They are big business, too, and misinform by omission.

The average citizen is not included in the amnesty plans being made by legislators. However, the representatives of this country are being lobbied by such as the new Mexican ambassador, who has stated that he will lobby aggressively for a migration (read ILLEGAL immigration)accord. There are few matters so important to this country, he has said. Indeed. The reality will be that we keep taking Mexicos poor, largely unskilled labor and provide them with benefits, while those laborers manage to send to Mexico Billions of dollars every year, almost $25 Billion last year alone. That money represents Mexicos second highest source of income. Our failure to stop illegal immigration is a win-win situation for Mexico. They rid themselves of the mostly poor workers and get a windfall of millions of dollars those workers are sending back into the Mexican economy.

Also lobbying will be the U.S. Chamber of Commerce. Their interest is in seeing that their members enrich their bottom lines by employing, at the lowest wages possible, the illegals who come here.

Joining the lobbying will be such groups as the Essential Workers Immigration Coalition, National Immigration Law Center, the ACLU, La Raza (the Race) and the Service Employees International Union.Other unions will be lobbying. They want to swell their ranks and receive more dues, thereby making them richer and stronger. The workers who come in are in competition with the low paid American worker, but the unions are willing to undercut their present memberships wages to get the numbers.

Another lobbying group is represented by several religions, the Catholic Church being in the forefront. The Catholic Church has seen its pews emptying because of sexual scandals. Millions of those who might be perceived as Catholics will help fill those pews if an amnesty is granted. Los Angeles Cardinal Mahony has even stated in a very public way that he will disobey any law against illegal aliens and will further instruct his priests to do so.

Who is representing you? Will your representative be able to withstand the lobbying of these powerful entities? They certainly will not if they do not hear from their constituents.

It needs to be understood by every citizen that what the new Democrat Congress and some RINOs have planned for them is an amnesty package that would allow those who are illegally in this country to become legal, thereby entitling them to every benefit this country offers. What is planned is not a guest worker program, with its limited benefits, and which mandates the guests go home eventually.

Since most Democrats in the Congress voted for the amnesty provision in the Senate and against the restrictive House bill in the last congressional session, they can be expected to push through an amnesty bill unless their constituents yell as loud as Republican constituents yelled at their representatives, resulting in the restraint on giving away the store to illegal aliens. Republican candidates, sensing the danger of not being re-elected, knew they had to listen to the anti-illegal immigration sentiments of their voters. Democrats should have the same threat of defeat at the polls, especially House members, who have to run for election every two years.

Democrats who have a sentiment for illegal immigration need to remember that it could be their job next that will be taken by an illegal who just wants to feed his family, and who will take a lot less money to work here.

There is a much at stake for American taxpayers and those who might lose their livelihoods to illegal laborers. This is on the agenda of the Democrat Congress, whose leaders have said it will be among the top ten issues they will take up. Reports are that it is already being formed under the leadership of Senator Teddy Kennedy and will be taken up as early as next week. Unless they hear from their constituents an amnesty will be enacted into law.

Which way will your congressperson or senator vote? Many have already voted for amnesty, in the last congressional session. Was it one of yours? Will they do so again?

Barbara Anderson


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