Tests For Australian Foreign Students

Tests For Australian Foreign Students

Australian Broadcasting Corporation
Last Updated 06/04/2007, 15:48:32

Australia's immigration minister has announced changes, which he says will ensure higher standards of English are attained by those coming to Australia to study and work.

The Minister Kevin Andrews says students who want to apply for a visa under Australia's skilled migration program will be required to have a stronger understanding of the English language.

They will also have to undertake work experience in their chosen trade.

He says the changes will come into force in September, and have been prompted by concerns about the language skills of people being granted visas under the program.

“We need to improve that level of English if they're going to stay on and work in Australia,” he said.

“It's important from the position of the student who wants to stay here and have a job.

“It's also important from the posiiton of the employer to ensure that somebody coming here and staying on a skilled migration visa is able to understand English and therefore do the job.”