Brussels Barroso Calls For Members To Back New Treaty Deal

EU's Barroso calls for members to back new treaty deal

15 June 2007, 17:00 CET
EU Business Week

(VALETTA) – European Union Commission President Jose Barroso Friday urged member states to back a new treaty at their summit later this month.

“We need that settlement,” he said at the end of a visit to Malta, the EU's smallest state, with a population of 400,000.

“We really need it, and it is my message to all heads of state. What we need is a settlement; that we can have all member states agree, and I ask all member states to show a sign of compromise,” he said.

“Europe needs to reinforce its capacity to act, a Europe that is able to take decisions in an efficient manner, a Europe that is transparent.”

Barroso and Maltese Prime Minister Lawrence Gonzi said that the main issue dominating their talks was illegal immigration. Barroso stressed the need for a common policy.

“It is absurd that we have 27 immigration policies”, he added.

On the countries from where the illegal immigrants are coming, he said that “our general mind is to have re-admission agreements with them; but of course not all of them are showing the same level of cooperation.”

Barroso said that during the July ummit of the African Union, he will speak to those countries, including Libya.

“This (illegal immigration) is a European problem” he stressed.

On the criticism levelled on Malta over recent episodes in Libyan waters, where boats have capsized as arguments over responsibity continued, he said that certainly “we need more solidarity” and referred again to Malta's large search and rescue area.